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Do You Want Curtis Painter To Be Our Qb After Manning?


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I don't know yet, but I'm happy that he is doing good recently. He has all the physical tools a QB needs, strong arm, quick release, moves quite well, etc.. Those miserable performances he did in the past made me think that he simply doesn't have the necessary mental skills needed to be any good. But his recent performances made me change my mind completely. Now I think the kid definitely deserves a shot. Let him play the entire season, and see how he develops. He probably will have some bad games - heck, even Peyton needed a transition year -, I will not judge him until the season ends.

There is always a good in the bad after all. If Peyton hasn't been injured himself, Curtis would propably never had a shot at the starting position. And, based on his earlier perfomances, the Colts would've probably spent a 1st round pick on someone in the 2013/14/15 draft. Who knows, maybe Curtis will eventually save us that early round pick...

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Quarterback Curtis Paintericon-article-link.gif will be making his third start this Sunday. It will be his sixth career appearance. With 281 yards at Tampa Bay and 277 last week against Kansas City, he has become the first Colts quarterback in the Indianapolis era to throw for more than 250 yards in the first two starts of a career.

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Unless the overall quality of the team improves - ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Painter is mediocre at best on a good day. He is not good enough to carry a poorly talented/coached team.

then Painter would probably be adequate. Heck the Bears got to a Superbowl with GROSSMAN, after all.

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