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Andy's Colts Recap -- Week 5


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Chiefs 28 vs Colts 24

What the Colts did Right

The Colts did a lot of things right, especially in the first half. The Colts did well at passing the ball in the first half, and throughout the game the pass protection was very good. Curtis Painter had a quick release, which is crucial for succeeding. He played well, surprisingly well. Pierre Garcon had another great game, going over 120 yards receiving and Pierre had another 2 touchdown game. Reggie Wayne was also clutch on third downs and he had a couple of big plays. If the Colts played like they did in the first half, they would have won. On defense, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis had a sack each, and were very good. The absence of Drake Nevis was evident, as we didn't see great pressure from the defensive tackles, but Ricardo Matthews did a great job. He tipped some balls and got good pressure early, but that was about it. The linebacking core was pretty good too; Angerer had another big game, and Conner had a good game. Antoine Bethea had a good game. On special teams, Adam Vinatieri nailed a 53 yard field goal and Pat McAfee had a 65 yard punt, and he averaged 54 yards a punt. Good game from Pat.

What the the Colts did Wrong

The Colts main problem is consistency. They played very well in the first half, but horribly in the 2nd. The passing game was bad in the second half, and the running game was horrible in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter. Our best runner was a third stringer, which is not a good sign going forward. That's about it on offense. On defense, the main problem were the DBs. David Caldwell had a bad game, and Lacey just had a horrendous game. He let Dwayne Bowe beat him on every play. Jacob Lacey is just awful. Terrence Johnson had a pretty bad game, letting some big plays happen. Jerraud Powers had an okay game, but nothing to go crazy about. The Colts just relied on the defense too much in the 2nd half and that's why they lost. This game was a very winnable game, but the offense screwed it up. The relied on the defense, and the defense did not come through. The offense needed to score one touchdown in the 2nd half to win, just one, but they couldn't. The coaching is another big problem. Larry Coyer uses way too much Tampa 2, and Jim Caldwell isn't smart enough to realize it. The Colts have a lot of problems to fix, as they blew another game, and another halftime lead.

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After being at the game and watching it at Lucas Oil Field live SUnday i wanted to say how well the Colts played on both sides of the ball on Sunday.

The 2nd half a totally different story. COACHING is lacking at INDY !!!! i hope they make some changes before season is a total loss. First off BENCH LACEY he does nothing to help the D and The D-Line can work their buts off for 2 downs and LACEY gives up a 3rd down completition or a TD. What a WASTE of a roster spot. Maybe try to convert a WR to defense or someone who knows something about defending Also punting WR route running cant do any worse then LACEY. Aldo punting ball with 3 mintues left and 4th and 11 ARE YOU KIDDING ME !! Caldwell needs to thank KC for being offsides and giving them 5 yards and saving face for Caldwell. You could see Manning was wondering what Caldwell was doing and could really hear the fans disagree with the call. CALDWELL NEEDS TO GO !! and maybe the O CORD soon after. Why abandon the pass liek they did the 2nd half when it was working and Painter 1st half # showed that.

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Keep in mind how much coaching was going on when the offense was on the field with #18. "Coaching" was more of a suggestion box. This magnifies how much one team depended on one player to a fault. If the Colts organization was one of the The Three Little Pigs the house in Indianapolis was built out of hay......as we watch it slowly burn to the ground.

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Have to disagree with it being an offense problem in the 2nd half. To me, it seemed like the defense allowing Kc to convert so much on 3rd down. The Chiefs had the D figured out by the mid-way through the second quarter. Corners weren't good enough to be in man coverage against Breaston and Bowe. Bethea had a big whif which allowed Bowe to basically walk in on the second(?) TD.

Sorry, but for the defense to blow a 17 pt. lead like that is all on them. The offense did their part with the execption of Clark dropping 2 gimmes early on and 1 pretty catchable ball in the 4th.

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K.C. made some adjustments at half time and it showed in the results in the 2d half. They got back to running the ball. Colts are so thin on the D line that the players got worn down. When the D put 8 men in the box to stop the run, K.C. threw the ball. The secondary is too inexperienced to get the job done. Bowe is a specimen and we couldn't cover him.

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    • 3-14 mostly cause AR is still a question mark. I do like what I did see but until he proves he can make it a season, no one knows. So I’m setting bar low
    • They didn't win a game that AR played the majority of snaps. I am not even factoring in his injury risk. Even assuming he's healthy, he's basically repeating his rookie year. While everybody would agree his upside is higher than Minshew's, there's still nothing definitive to point to AR automatically equaling more wins.    Also, as you mentioned, the Colts fundamentally stayed the same, meanwhile, AFCS teams got stronger, especially HOU and TEN. TLaw beat both Minshew and AR last year. Stroud is now in year 2. Levis will be in year 2 (and if we think AR will make a jump, we have to consider that Levis could as well).   Yes, they won 9 games last year with Minshew. But their schedule isn't the same nor is it easier. So it's weighing the impact of AR returning + some young player development) vs. a much tougher schedule of QBs + offseason improvements for other teams (in most cases) + some young player development.   When I compare what happened last year to what they are facing this year, I don't see where they are supposed to make up the ground in the win column. I suppose there could be a rash of QB injuries again. But barring that, the win improvement has to come against good-great teams, which is a tall order.  
    • History says you win with a great qb or a great defense.  A great d hasn't won in a long time.   What does that leave??
    • https://www.pwmania.com/wrestlemania-summerslam-royal-rumble-coming-to-lucas-oil-stadium-in-indianapolis   This is AWESOME for the city and state. 
    • Oh brother. Bill won championships when Brady was a game manager in the early years. They had a drought of not winning and those were Brady's best year's statistically. People just cant admit that it comes down to more than just one piece. You most likely win a Superbowl due to great coaching, drafting, free agency, and great qb play that all come together in that one year. It is all of those things coming together to win the championship
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