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Doing a comparison on our position by position talent vs. the opponents, It is painfully obvious that we have superior personnel --- I'm talking about Pro-Bowlers and overall talent (even if they haven't made the Pro-Bowl). Especially on offensive where we should shine.... realizing our O-line is struggling and young/inexperienced. I did a breakdown player by player and compared. I won't include that, it would make this post huge (i'll spare you).

So, my question/concern is ====> We are clearly the lesser quality team in both of our first two games, it becomes pretty obvious on our major struggle to move the ball to or in the red-zone. We use to be the best red-zone team and 3rd down conversion team and we are atrocious now.

So is this a matter of our coaches being "Peyton Christensen", and "Peyton Caldwell" or is Collins and o-line that bad? McCoy had a good game so i think defense gets a passing grade (with exception of Lacey).

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