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  1. You gotta be able to establish the run against teams in order to use the play-action to your benefit.
  2. You too, man! Should be a fun one to watch!
  3. Move on from Doyle. Re-sign Burton. Draft or sign a TE in the off-season.
  4. Pat would fit in perfectly in Reich's offense. I'm from PA and watch a lot of Penn State games because my dad loves them. Pat could do it all and reminds me of a mix between Gronk and Kelce. I think Pitts might be the first TE to get drafted, but Pat should be not too far behind him. Would love this pick.
  5. I love being the underdogs. These are the type of games that motivate the team.
  6. As much as I would love it to be Hilton or Pittman, I think the obvious choice right now is Marcus Johnson.
  7. Gotta stop running it every second and long. So predictable.
  8. Wilkins has one good game and now everyone thinks he should start over Hines and Taylor. He should have the have the most yards, he carried the ball twice as many times than JT did.
  9. I would love to land Zach Wilson or Trey Lance in the first round.
  10. The offense has been a lot better with what Philip Rivers has to work with at the WR position. Clearly, the Colts need to run the ball better, and Reich needs to step up the play-calling, and stop being so predictable and vanilla. I'm hoping Hilton can breakout at some point, and hopefully Parris will be back at some point.
  11. People need to relax on the JT being a bust talk.
  12. Gotta re-sign both Autry and Stewart ASAP. Hopefully we can bring Houston back on a one year deal as well.
  13. I have a feeling Hilton's going to explode soon and I hope he does, because I'm sick of seeing these ridiculous posts.
  14. Ray Lewis was also surrounded with a ton of Pro Bowl talent during his career. Leonard's stats thus far are more impressive than Lewis, he's definitely on a HOF pace if he can keep this up for another decade.
  15. They seriously need to sign one next off-season or draft one high.
  16. This is the most balanced Colts team since I became a fan in 94.
  17. No one should be shocked by this.
  18. Probably one of the most underrated players because of the knee injury he suffered in 2001. Edge could do it all. I couldn't believe how quick and explosive he was and how effortlessly he was able to juke defenders out of their cleats. He could pass block and had some of the best not only on the team, but one of the best pass catching running backs of all time.
  19. Not even terrible players want to play for the Jets. Lol
  20. Could you imagine Michael Thomas in this offense? We can dream, right? Will it happen? Probably not.
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