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  1. If you don't Distinguish yourself, the world will make that distinction for you

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    2. alawai


      That's exactly what I'm saying, you made a decision now go for it! You weighed the pros and cons, the ball is in your hands.

    3. southwest1


      " if you don't distinguish yourself someone will do it for you." 100GFB: Getting bogged down in debt via student loan with high interest rates is no way to set yourself apart. It's a prison sentence to economic slavery plain & simple. If you can't afford to go to a specific school, you simply choose a more affordable 1 within your means. There's no shame in TK85 changing his mind at all IMO.

    4. alawai


      That's what I'm saying SW1. Weigh your pros and cons and make your decision. You come to a fork in the road, there may be 3 roads, if you take a step back you may see 4 roads, take a step forward there may be only 2. Call in your firepower, shoot your azimuth and make the best decision with what you've got. Like SW1 said there's no shame in changing your mind but move forward and be prepared for speed bumps and detours.

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