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  1. Depending on just how bad the Eagles and Wentz perform, I can see them being willing to start over and trading him and with Frank's connection to him and the Eagles in general I can see us being interested. Would you give up our 1st for Wentz? Can Frank get him back to his form before ACL injury?
  2. Small sample and all but Buckner is currently rated as the 4th highest graded DT in the league by PFF with 88.6 grade. We've never had a defensive lineman(starter) rated this high since PFF became a thing if I'm not mistaken.
  3. With the exception of game 1 he's been very good. Hope he keeps it up.
  4. I'm not too worried right now. Samples are really small and few plays have big effect on the %s. Lets see how we do by the second half of the season.
  5. A very professional win! The team did its job. Won't get too carried away by this performance because the Jets are an abomination of a team and have been decimated by injuries to add to it. But yeah... overall I like that we took care of business, didn't underestimate them and didn't let up. Good job, Colts... On to the next one.
  6. Summary on Desmond Ridder from this one game: -lean, lanky build, good mobility -has good enough arm strengths - good zip on the ball -he's solid in the quick short game... -gets a lot of passes batted at the LoS -poor accuracy in the intermediate-long range. -has some ability to extend plays, but doesn't seem to have great pocket awareness, late to escape collapsing pocket, runs into pressure sometimes. From this one game, I'm not really compelled to watch more of him. I don't see it with him. Some intriguing physical traits but nothing special reall
  7. Just watched Costello vs LSU. I don't see it with him. He's a good college QB and he had tons of stats yesterday(and will continue to have tons of yards in this offense) but he doesn't look like an NFL QB to me. Way too many mistakes, bad ball security, underthrown balls. Watching Desmond Ridder(Cincinnatti) vs Army now... will be updating my post as I watch here: -Has good size and mobility... quick pass game so far, plays exclusively from shotgun. 2 passes batted down at the LOS in his first drive... a bit weird. Worth following up on that... -eww, ugly miss on a pass
  8. I didn't watch, what happened? In any case, one questionable game in his 3d game as a freshman at 19 is not really what will make me change my view on him. It's more about traits and talent. It's only normal for him to have some inconsistencies this early in his college career.
  9. Rondale Moore opting back in to college football season: https://www.si.com/college/video/2020/09/25/purdue-rondale-moore-opts-back-in#:~:text=Purdue wide receiver Rondale Moore,surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. It's not just WR that Ballard needs a win. His secondary has been very underwhelming the whole time he's been here and the picks in the secondary have been questionable. I loved the Hooker pick if we played single high, but if Ballard really wanted to play cover-2, that pick was a waste and by refusing his cheap 5th year option he pretty much admitted defeat there. Then Quincy Wilson turned out a horrible pick. Hairston was OK, but let go and no longer with the team. Rock still hasn't shown he can be a long-term stable presence, Khari and Blackmon look promising but again - still question mark
  11. But seriously... hope we don't take this one for granted... my prediction is 35-14 Colts.
  12. Pretty good guesses(for the players) above. If I had to guess I'd guess Parsons over Lance(limited tape on Lance). I think 1 and 2 go Lawrence - Fields, then it will be dependent on who needs what because all of Sewell, Parsons and Chase are great talents at their positions. Even Trey Lance... if one of the 3-5 teams needs a QB, he can easily go there too.. I wonder if there will be some new rising star this year that can get into the conversatiion. Greg Rousseau?
  13. Yep, you know my opinion on QB and your QB in particular. I think he's the precise type that makes you lose tons of time trying to chase after unreachable target because he's at the same time too good to be cheap and too bad to give you competitive advantage in the playoffs. He needs a ton of things to be right for him to play really well and he takes a lot of capspace that in time will make you lose some of the talent elsewhere that makes him and/or the team look better. This is part of what seems to be happening now. You lose some talent(Diggs, Lindval Joseph, Griffen, Waynes, etc.)... IMO y
  14. Unfortunately there hasn't been much meaningful college football so far so my watching has been limited too. From limited watching this year and some from last year, here are the QBs: - Trevor Lawrence is looking like a complete beast early in the season... true, it's against bad competition, but even then you can see him making some awesome NFL type throws with accuracy, anticipation and great arm talent. I think he will be amazing in the league. - Trey Lance - very intriguing dual-threat QB from North Dakota State. Had 28 passing TDs and 0INT last year in his redshirt
  15. Pelissero is saying it's both too.
  16. My understanding is that sprains are essentially tears in the ligaments... it's just partial and not complete tear.
  17. And now Pelissero is saying it's BOTH MCL and PCL:
  18. Ayello is saying it's MCL now: Also he says low chance he comes back this season: Keefer with similar report:
  19. I'm really bad with all those injury lists, PUPs and various other. Which one was the list where you put the player and he can return?
  20. Unless it's a very mild tear, from what I'm reading it will be somewhere between 2-3 months(if rehabbed without surgery) and 9-12 months if it's really bad and needs a surgery. IMO we will know pretty quickly which one it is depending whether they put him on IR with return or without potential return by the end of the season.
  21. This is one damn unlucky guy. What a shame... so many serious injuries for such a young player. His career has completely gone off the rails thanks to those constant injuries. He was one of my favorite prospects in his draft class and started his career so promising... and then...
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