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  1. I've been avoiding being nostalgic about Luck, especially in this thread, because I don't want to make this a Brissett vs Luck comparison, but yeah... the really good QBs dismantle blitzes.
  2. Yeah, there were multiple issues with blitz pickups by the RBs yesterday and Brissett had trouble identifying those too and seeking his outlet pass. I don't think Brissett is top 20. I've been pretty firm on that even from the time we were still winning. IMO the defense did well enough to win yesterday and they've been doing really well for the last 2 months or thereabout. Ultimately the offense and especially the special teams made too many mistakes to hope to win any game really.
  3. I still think giving him the full year was/is the right thing to do. He deserved a chance, his teammates love him and he has their respect. It would have been great for this team if he could be our QB of the future. Wouldn't need to waste picks trying to chase the elusive franchise QB in the draft, wouldn't need to skip a beat in our contention ambitions and we could have made reinforcements of the roster elsewhere instead of now looking at having to give up multiple high picks to get a QB. Unfortunately, right now it doesn't look like he will be the answer long term. With that said, I still think keeping him for next year is probably a smart thing to do, even if we draft a rookie QB. If injuries hit some team, we could probably still trade him and extract some value from him if our rookie is ready to play. I don't mind us pushing to win out. I just don't think we are good enough for it at some key positions(QB and kicker being the main two). From the very beginning my thought about this season has been that this for me would be a season to evaluate Brissett first and foremost, so I didn't really have some grand expectations for deep playoff run once Luck retired. So my point is - I wouldn't mind it going either way - best possible draft position or winning out and playoff berth. I guess the worst kind of finish is the one that's most likely - 8-8 and none of the above achieved.
  4. I have to agree with that one. Mack has been tremendous with his blitz pick ups and yesterday all of our backs had trouble with it. They didn't know when to stay and when to release, they were taking the wrong blitz, Williams got benched IMO more because of protection issues than because of his running.
  5. That's the thing... Brissett needs everything around him to be ideal. He needs multiple receivers to get tons of separation, he needs the protection to be perfect... AND LONG. (on the first interception he got 5 seconds to throw the ball and on the 6th he was under pressure. Sure, the protection broke and there was pressure... but he also stayed there for damn long).I thought he was doing well in the 1st half yesterday... but then in the second they were giving him the same looks and he couldn't figure them out. So I don't know what to make of it. IMO there is a real chance he's doing great in scripted plays and once those are gone, you can really see his limitations in processing the game.
  6. I mean... to some extent I understand it - even if the WRs are getting open, QBs still need time with the receivers to know how they run their routes, their tendencies, etc. When Jacoby hasn't thrown much to those reserve receivers, it's only natural that he won't always be on point, but there are just some throws where this should not be part of the equation at all. Also... he was still missing receivers open even when we had most of our receivers healthy.
  7. I think we keep him either way. Hell I'm almost certain we keep him even if Luck is back. Or they might decide to trade him to a team that needs a bridge QB... But if we draft a rookie QB IMO there is not an insignificant chance that he starts next year too. Unless the rookie is really good and shows he's ready game 1.
  8. That's the thing. I don't mind giving even major criticism for a rookie. I don't think merely noticing a player's faults and areas he needs to improve and putting it on an internet forum is controversial. Even with a rookie. The difference is... I will give it time for those weaknesses to improve and won't chalk it all up to something that's unlikely to ever get better(for example, I think Brissett's anticipation and timing are a lost cause... I don't think they will ever be even average in the league... similar with progression reads... he's just had way too good coaching over way too many years to think that something will suddenly click for him and fundamentally change what he is when it comes to processing the game with live action). For a rookie, if he has similar issues(some of the QBs in the draft have similar issues right now), I would still will point out the weaknesses, but I will be more mindful that the guy is experiencing the NFL for first time and he hasn't had the coaching and time to work through some of those things. BTW Luck did play bad against KC. I don't see a problem in pointing that out either. It doesn't mean you go and scratch his whole career or draw undue conclusions or overreact(that he cannot do it in the playoffs for example) on the basis of 1 game.
  9. 1. The farm for Burrow, not gonna happen IMO 2. Not sure about Tua(needs medicals, etc) 3. Reasonable asset for Herbert 4. Our own 1st +/- a reasonable asset for Love (depending on what we think other teams interest in him is and whether he declares or not)
  10. Brissett had 1 season learning behind Brady from Belichick and starting a couple of games for the Pats. Then he had a full season starting in less than ideal conditions... but it's still experience. Then he had 1 year learning behind Luck under Reich. And now he's starting for Reich after full off-season with the 1s. So he's had 2 seasons learning behind 2 of the best QBs in the league with 2 of the best coaches in the league. He's started close to 2 seasons. But somehow we still want to treat him like a 27 year old rookie. Whoever the next QB for the Colts is should go through a similar evaluation. I won't mind being critical with him either, because again... just like with Brissett... what he shows will be very important for the short-to-intermediate future of the team and if he's not the answer, whoever he is, it's better to know early than late. With that said, the reason young QBs get latitude and leniency and patience is because - they lack pro coaching and they lack experience and the thought process is - with more good coaching and experience they will improve and get better at the things they are not as good at right now. Jacoby has had 4 years behind some of the best QBs the league has to offer. He has had almost 2 years starting now(this is true NFL experience), he's had 3 years of great coaching and 1 year... of whatever Chud and Chuck were doing... Jacoby is well past the time when we forgive struggles with the basics like reading coverage and going through a progression.
  11. Can you please stop with this "every QB does this"? Yes, every QB in the league has every kind of play from the most brilliant to the most mind-boggling stupid. This is about frequency and consistency. Jacoby has those plays every game and multitude of them.
  12. In NFL this is wide open. You don't get much better windows than this in the league, especially on 3d and long. And 1 second is plenty enough. That's the thing... he needs to anticipate a lot of those things... he needs to be throwing guys open, and he not only isn't... he needs more than 1 second AFTER they are open to make the throw.
  13. I don't think he's good enough either. He's actually somewhat similar to Brissett. He needs highly schemed offense and even that probably won't be enough when playoff time comes.
  14. I'm not a special teams expert but according to Hunt it was his responsibility:
  15. I think people are way too apocalyptic right now. I don't think this team needs a ton to be at a great position. The problem is that one of the few things we need is the most important thing a team needs - a good starting QB. The two biggest holes are QB and kicker. Even if we draft a QB next year, chances are he won't be ready to be high level winning QB day 1... still this should be priority no. 1 I think it would be a waste if we didn't come out of this draft with a WR from the first two days. This is one of the strongest WR classes I've seen recently. I wouldn't mind drafting a TE, BUT... I also wouldn't mind if we instead got one in FA and kept Doyle. I kind of like our DLine... maybe we could get a DT, but only if it makes sense price-wise. I wouldn't go out of my way to get one. Sneaky big need is CB IMO. Teams play 3 CBs as starters nowadays. We still don't have those spots secured long-term. I would spend a mid-late round pick on a kicker if one is available? 5th-6th round... sure... get the one you really like. But yeah... priority no. 1 is still QB... even if you don't expect him to start game 1... you have to get him in the building and start developing him ASAP IMO.
  16. I actually thought he was doing well in the first half. He was hitting his receivers in the soft areas of the zone, something he didn't do last week. He was moving the ball and making some good throws on 3d down, but the second half was just horrendous - troubles with accuracy, troubles with his touch(rather - lack of touch), trouble processing blitzes(the protection didn't help), some horrendous decisionmaking(both INTs)... it's just all came crashing down... Usually when I say he lacks anticipation I mean it when he doesn't make throws that he needs to make and throw receivers open. The second INT is a clear example of lack of anticipation and timing in the reverse sense - he couldn't see both safeties zeroing in on the deep route and he threw it when he shouldn't have. Oh well... I don't know what to say anymore. IMO the case for drafting a QB becomes stronger every game. Jacoby is failing in variety of ways right now. We wanted to see him with more responsibility in our offense and the result wasn't great past the scripted plays in the first half.
  17. Those 30 seconds were soul crushing... From kicking for the lead to being down 7 and getting intercepted. WOW!
  18. Brissett has ZERO touch... he just rifles it there and hopes it gets caught.
  19. I don't think the team was flat actually. The defense was tremendous. Sure they could have done better in the run game, but they had multiple turnovers and like... 7 sacks or something? They made stops... The offense was trash in the second half.
  20. We should just go with a "no kick" strategy... either go for it or punt it.
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