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  1. Sure, there is a place for both to succeed, and they might both succeed... or fail. I just think Love is a better prospect by some margin.
  2. It ultimately doesn't matter for the Packers. If they are right, noone would care about the extra 5th they gave up. If they are wrong on Love, the bigger problem is not that they gave up a 5th, it's that they gave up their 1st for him. Greg Cosell actually had a very interesting take on it. He thinks LeFleur doesn't like Rodgers in his system and he thinks Love fits their system better, so he's preparing to make a switch in a year or two. I can see that... Listen to this:
  3. And BTW I hate that you are making me look like an Eason hater. I actually love the Colts taking a shot at him in the 4th. I think he has talent and I think some people outside the Colts underestimate the chance that Frank turns him into a starter in the league... of course - conditional on him actually being willing and even eager to work on some of his issues.
  4. I don't know how to answer to a hypothetical that didn't happen and we have no idea would have happened. We know what happened though... a team with a hall of famer on their roster felt good enough about Love to trade up for him and 32 teams felt good enough to let Eason go past them 3 times and 20 more passed on him a 4th time. This is what ACTUALLY HAPPENED. It's not about his mechanics. It's about his presence. About how he feels pressure and what he does when he sees/feels pressure - what he does is he panics and tries to spin his way away from it, when he's not nearly the athlete to have any success doing that. And again - they both don't have just as much upside. One very obviously has much higher upside.
  5. Eason is not better reading defenses and manipulating defenders with his eyes. He's not as mobile, he's not as loose of a passer and playmaker. He is horrible when pressured. His pocket presence is non-existent, his answer to pressure is to turn his back to the defense and try to spin away... while Love has the best pocket presence in this draft. (well, maybe except for Burrow) Love has better touch with the ball too... There are reasons one went R1 and the other one went R4. It's not because the one that went R4 is as good a prospect as the one that went in R1. I understand being a homer, but come on. You don't need switch your opinions on a dime and to stan for every single player we pick over every single player we miss on or choose not to draft. You were Love's biggest hype-girl around here before the draft. Nothing has changed since. Neither Love, nor Eason are different players now than 2 weeks ago.
  6. Eason doesn't have as much upside as Love.
  7. I think that's the answer. I think he knows Hooker cannot be maximized in that system and he doesn't seem willing to budge on that system so... the value of Hooker for the Colts suffers a blow here + Hooker didn't do himself any favors with his play that last season and especially the last month or so. Ultimately it feels like Ballard has just moved on already. He has cut ties with good players due to scheme fit several times already - Melvin, Hankins, Simon, Henry Anderson, etc. It feels like he's decided to use him for this year because he's super cheap, but is not willing to give anything more than the minimum for him and will just let him go.
  8. I hope it was a smokescreen. I can live with Ballard not liking Love. I would be irritated if he loved him and let another team grab him before us.
  9. Hooker is the player who has created the most turnovers on this team and he's missed about a season worth of games due to injururies. And this is while playing in a system that doesn't suit his talents. I agree here. Serious injury concerns are one of the reasons I would understand for not tying him up for long term contract... but here we're not talking about long-term contract. We are talking about a relatively cheap single year option. To be fair to Hooker, he's missed a lot of time, but he has also played every year. Even last year he chose to have the procedure that is WORSE for his personal long-term health so he can return and play the same season, instead of having the surgery that would have required him to sit out the rest of the season. Instead he returned after 4 weeks and finished the season. Those are really small samples and get skewed by one weird game(the Chiefs game for example) with injuries to opposing key offensive players. Those stats also don't answer the counter-factual.
  10. Over/under on how many more years Hooker will be in the league?
  11. He had 16% drop rate! This is not good! He dropped 8 out of 50 catchable targets. And this is predominantly on very easy passes - dump offs and similar short passes that are not contested. Yes the volume increased in his last year, but he was not particularly good at it.
  12. He doesn't run like Saquon. He runs like Ezekiel Elliott. He needs a ton of work on ball security and as a pass receiver to get to both their level though.
  13. Thanks for the link. Yeah it seems like they've reduced the number of picks. It seems like they are taking the minimum guaranteed amount for Funchess. He can get to about 6.25M with incentives so it's possible we still get something for him(6th). I doubt we will go with a rookie QB without an expensive'ish placeholder/bridge while we are in win now mode. Unless Eason really impresses and we are ready to give him the reins after this season. My point was they had tons of cap space and they burned through it in no time and we are not immune to it either. Then they had to start dissolving their defense partly because of bad contracts given and worries about how to pay everybody... And now a year after their run they are at the bottom again. Similar with the Rams... Look at what kind of position they are capwise. It is what it's for but that wasn't my point. We had that rollover because we pretty much cleaned and rebuilt the whole roster over 2 years and had no one new to pay this we were rolling over money. Now Ballard will have tons of players he supposedly likes that will need to be paid. We are in a different phase now and we will need to be prudent with the money we give. I am not saying this won't be the case. It's possible it is, but there are vere plausible scenarios that are much less optimistic. Yep, agree here... My point in this thread was that part of that discipline will require us to let some players we like go and I wouldn't be shocked if Ryan Kelly was one such player.
  14. I think you are underestimating just how quick we can get in a position to have to let people we want to keep walk. For example if I told you we are spending 40M over the cap for this year, would you believe me? The only reason we can do that is because we have carryover from previous years. The good thing is that a lot of those expire next year... the bad thing is... a lot of those expire next year and you have to either replace them or retain them... thus you have to pay. Right now the best thing is we don't have long-term money locked in a QB(and we can clear 55M+ just from QBs next year). The bad news is - we don't have a long-term QB at all. We will have to either pay for one next year(Rivers? or another one?) or draft one... or both. Again - I'm not saying we are not in a good cap position - we definitely are. But you can get from good cap position to bad cap position real quick. Ask The Jags for example. I'm also not sure the cap will continue to grow with the coronavirus likely raging for at least one more year and games very likely not being played with fans in the stands. I guess in a way they might compensate for it with the TV product... but we really don't know how it will affect the cap right now. About the comp picks ... I just checked the projections for next year. The weird thing is... overthecap actually projects us to get a couple of picks despite the Rivers signing: https://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/ The year after we will probably get even more comp picks and better ones too so that should help with replacing the talent we lose.
  15. If he gets 8M we will get around 5th. He needs to get 10-11M for us to get a 4th and about 13-15M to get a 3d. With the scheme we are playing even if he plays very well, he probably won't go to the elite level payday... On the second part - yes - that's the other part of my point - if he plays well you could have had him for less than 7M.
  16. That's the point. He will play well and then leave to play well for another team for the next half a decade. I'm worried about losing a great player for close to nothing.
  17. Different players proabbly have different approach to it, but I bet a lot of them feel feel slighted(they don't get to that level by not believing in their own ability and skill). Especially the ones that are on margin(they've played good enough to at least have a case - I think Hooker is way past that point). I saw Hooker unfollowed the Colts on his instagram. I cannot imagine he likes it.
  18. Someone mentioned Pinter above. It's an interesting discussion. I wonder if they try him at C(because of short arms). I think Ballard mentioned him being possible C. He has some great athletic traits and he can learn behind Kelly for a year and if he looks good in practice they might decide to give him the starting spot and save the money.
  19. You can remove the qualifications. I think Hooker is a good player without any qualifications, I think he could be great if he just stays healthy. It's obvious Ballard thinks differently for one reason or another(I am not in his head so I don't know what his reasoning is... maybe it's a combination of things). Which is alright. I don't have to agree with Ballard on everything... and he doesn't know I even exist so it makes no difference for him either
  20. IMO this is exactly what he's doing this year. Just take a look at all the players in last year of their contract right now. There are a ton of them. Not sure anyone will get contract big enough for a 3d round comp pick, but I bet there will be several 4th and 5th round comp picks on the books for 2022. Brissett Rivers TY Hilton Justin Houston Denico Autry Malik Hooker Ryan Kelly Xavier Rhodes Marlon Mack Grover Steward Anthony Walker Sheldon Day Al-Quadin Muhammad George Odum Mo Alie-Cox Zach Pascal Le'Raven Clark Trey Burton Roosevelt Nix TJ Carrie Rolan Milligan Chad Kelly Just look at that list. There are like... 11-12 starters here with expiring contracts. Not all of them will leave but IMO enough will that we will get some comp picks.
  21. I don't really disagree, he's one of the better cerners in the league, but we will still have to pick and choose who to sign and who to let go as more and more players become extension eligible. Both Braden and Quenton become extension eligible after this year(if I'm not mistaken). AC is the highest paid OT in the league. It's possible Ballard just decides to let Kelly go and replace him with a much cheaper option from the draft.
  22. I agree it's kind of ironic that they will hold hopes of replacing Hooker because of his health concerns with another player coming off an ACL injury. Devils advocate here - no two injuries are the same. Maybe the Blackmon injury seem much more mild(he said it was only ACL tear and had no other ligaments affected). Also Hooker has had another serious knee injury after the ACL. It's possible they worry more about his injuries than they do about Blackmon's?
  23. They have already picked that option. The 5th year option is picked the year before it comes into effect. He will be playing on his 5th year option this year. The question is do they extend him now? Or let him play on that option? And then whether they let him walk or give him a new contract?
  24. Meh, Reich said they "expect big things from Hooker" 2 hours before they refused his option. I will take with a grain of salt whatever Reich is saying on his players. It's only natural for him to praise his players. I value Smith more than Kelly. But I agree on Glowinski.
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