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  1. Just watched Georgia vs Vanderbilt. Fromm is such a weird evaluation. He has supreme control over the offense, he seems like a very VERY smart QB. He changes plays and protections at the LoS all the time, he signals and audibles out of plays depending on what he sees from the opponent. He takes what the opponent is giving him every time. And the offense is running very smoothly. The problem is... the actual offense is kind of cringeworthy... it's heavily reliant on the run game and short passing game. It's hard to actually evaluate him on what he can do AFTER the ball is snapped. He is willing to take a hit while trying to deliver a pass, but I don't see great mobility and pocket awareness, there is virtually no subtle movement or attempts to avoid the rush in the pocket. I was writing about Jordan Love earlier and how he would boldly step into the pocket, move a little to avoid rushers, etc. This is not Fromm... On the flip-side, there is very few wth moments with Fromm... he's just consistently solid. Love would make some throws that make you scratch your head, Fromm seems to be much better and consistent with his reads... I wonder how he would look in a less conservative, more bold offensive system. The lack of movement in the pocket kind of bugs me. Maybe it's because I'm used to watching Luck maneuver in the pocket and it was such a beautiful sight... but Fromm's statuesque nature is really troubling to me. It's weird watching two so very different QBs in Love and Fromm... Both have their selling points and Fromm might actually have more to offer that is not shown in this Georgia offense, but right now I'm slightly favoring Love I think. I will watch Oregon and Auburn next and write some more about Herbert.
  2. Nothing shocking this time around. Lets go!
  3. Jacob Eason looking real good for Washington so far. He was a no. 1 recruit before he lost his spot to Fromm in Goergia and transferred to Washington.
  4. WOW! I don't know if they would have wanted to trade him to us but We could have given them like... Matthew Adams and Skai Moore + a 3d for Clowney... Also - about Hentges - still not sure he makes the roster, but if he does, this continues the long trend of the UDFA that gets paid the most to make the roster. Every year, when you look at the numbers for the UDFAs put an asterisk to the name that gets inordinately high signing bonus. It's very likely the FO/coaching staff are really high on him.
  5. Ends the game with an interception having to flee the pocket, tried to fit the ball between 2 levels of defenders and it got picked up by the first one. Not enough height. Overall, I like what I saw from Jordan Love. There is something to work with here. He's not a perfect prospect, but he does have some things that are intriguing for the NFL. Positives: +Good armstrength, quick release +Good pocket awareness and movement, can make throws both from the pocket and on the run +Variety of throws - there were sidearm throws, bullet throws, touch throws, lobs, backshoulder throws... he does have a repertoire of throws that not many prospects do. +Good touch on his throws - this was surprising to me +Not phased by mistakes - continues to make the throws he needs to make for his team to be in position to win. -Uptempo offense fits him well - I see why Reich and Ballard would like him for our offense(if the reports are correct) Negatives: -Footwork and mechanics on throws to the left is a bit iffy, and results in inconsistent accuracy and underthrown balls. -Inconsistent with his reads. He made some throws where I was wondering what he's seeing or rather... how he's not seeing the defender at the spot he's throwing to -Sometimes stares down his receiver
  6. 2 minute drill... lets see how he deals with this one... Another good step up in the pocket and very nice touch throw. down the middle of the field between 3 defenders. I think this is what has impressed me from Love the most so far - he does have very underrated touch on his throws. It's not all fastball with him, even though he does have the fastball when he needs it. The very next throw - sidearm throw to avoid contest from a defender. Nice. WOW! What a placement on the TD throw in the red zone! Placed it at the very corner of the red zone where only his guy could get it and the receiver did great job to get his foot inside the field on the landing! 6/6 on the drive for 70 yard drive. THis was a HIGH LEVEL stuff by Love. Kept his team composed and on pace, demonstrated variety of throws and dismantled Wake Forest's defense in a 2 minute drill to take the lead right before half-time. You can see why people like him. I'm still not sure he's a first rounder, but if he keeps this up throughout the whole year, he very well might be one worth looking at if Brissett doesn't work out. Second half under way... -very bad read down the middle on a slant... almost got picked up. I don't know how he didn't see the defender there. -he gets another TD but his receiver did most of the job here catching a screen and taking it to the end zone for 60 yards TD.... -interception in his own red zone. stared down the receiver and corner sat on the comeback route and got him. not a good throw... ball kind of lacked zip too. Weird. -first play after the interception - shows great movement in the pocket to avoid the rush and chucks it downfield for a runningback trying to exploit mismatch, good coverage by the linebacker... still should have been caught by a better receiver. Good to see that he's not phased by a bad play. -another good throw and ballplacement on the run to the right. Completes for 20 yards. -a 20 yard strike down the middle of the defense setting up an almost goalline 1st and goal. I love how he is responding to his mistake.
  7. Second quarter... what a beautiful throw. I love how the ball leaves his hand - shotgun snap... pressure from the sides, side-steps subtly into the pocket strikes the receiver right into the numbers on the go route 30 yards downfield. On throws like this you can see why he's getting some 1st round buzz. Pretty pretty ball.
  8. Second drive - first bad throw, very short to the left on the sideline... underthrew it by good 5 yards or so... similar to Luck's underthrows from the KC game in the playoffs this year. Another inaccurate throw to the left... interesting... he's completed everything he's thrown to the right and he's missed 2 bad ones throwing to the left so far. And here we go - a very nice throw on a corner route to the left 30 yards downfield, he put a bit of touch on it too.... few plays later... another inaccurate underthrow on the fade to the left in the endzone - intercepted. Have to look at his footwork on those throws to the left. Something doesn't seem right on them.
  9. I'm just starting the Utah State vs Wake Forest game right now. Will write my first impressions of Jordan Love here... First thing that is obvious without him even taking a snap - he looks very well built physically, tall but not too tall((6'4"), looks to have athletic body type - has some weight on his body, not skinny, but also not stocky or having any extra weight. Plays from shotgun... I don't know if his first x-number of throws are scripted or what but they are playing hurry up offense. Second throw - bootleg to the right, throws on the move and completes 15 yards down the field right next to the sideline. Nice throw, ball snaps off his hand smoothly with good velocity. OK, so after the first 5 or 6 plays he's looking toward the sideline for his coach's input and playcalls... another good throw to the sideline only where his receiver can get it. Utah state scores on the first drive. He's looking good so far, nothing exceptional, but looks like a very competent QB, a lot of short'ish passes so far.
  10. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/greg-cosell/id638447093?i=1000448166697 Cosell is very high on Jacoby Brissett: "I think [Frank Reich] will really help Jacoby Brissett. I thought, given the circumstances in 2017, with arguably the worst offensive line in football, Jacoby Brissett acquitted himself well. He's got a lot of talent. He can throw it from the pocket, he can move. I thought we saw in his preseason game that he's much better with his pocket movement to avoid pressure, reset and deliver, showing better poise and composure. Probably needs to be little more consistently precise with his ball placement, but he's certainly not scattershot. You know there was a play when he started in 2017 against the 49ers, where he was forced to move outside of the pocket to his right, and he threw the ball almost 60 yards down the field to TY Hilton on the run for a completion and he threw it as if he was throwing a 5 yard ball. And if that throw was made by Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers, we'd still be talking about it, but because it was Jacoby Brissett and the Colts and 49ers, it got forgotten the second it happened. So he's got a lot of talent. There's a lot of clay to mold. And I think Frank Reich will speed him up, he will design things better for him and I will expect Jacoby Brissett to be a very solid NFL starter with the chance to be a little more than that." Here's what he said on Chad Kelly and his pre-season: "Watching him in the pre-season and watching when he came out of college... in that offense again, because Frank Reich does a very good job, Kelly was decisive with his reads and throws in a pass game that does define things very clearly. He was consistently accurate, he has a solid arm. One thing that is bothersome to me as a QB purist and it probably won't change - he tends to bend his knees a lot when he throws and he ends up dropping himself down and throwing from low angle. Now, when you are clean in the pocket that's no problem, so we'll see how that plays out. I don't think his throwing motion will change at this point of his career, but I think there are traits there to work with. He's got very good functional mobility to make plays with his legs, he's a good thrower, has good arm... Assuming no off-field issues... maybe that's a big assumption... he could very well be a very solid backup. "
  11. Twitter. https://twitter.com/JoelAErickson is a good source.
  12. Yeah, some names are starting to trickle out for waived Colts players. Jordan Veasey Antonio Garcia Caraun Reid Nate Theaker Isaiah Langley is what I've seen so far. edit(adding more waived players): Kai Nacua
  13. It's not the same. The previous captain had much better aim and poise on the battlefield. Although, his sidearm would occasionally require repairs that went on for too long to the dismay of both the captain and the battle onlookers who were repeatedly assured this won't happen. I guess as they used to say - omnipresence is the best presence. Lets hope the Lieutenant can bring us the ultimate victory in this campaign. Either that or bring us the ultimate defeat so we can replace him with a younger more adroit commander in next year's conscription efforts.
  14. Yep... that's my take too... and that's the thing I fear the most too. I would prefer him to be either much better or much worse than this so we don't make the mistake of tying ourselves to a mediocre QB who gives you just enough glimpses to fool you into wasting several seasons with him.
  15. You don't need anything to discount ANYTHING Dakich ever says. He doesn't have sources. He's never broken ANY news about the Colts EVER. He picks up the most outrageous rumors from the internet(something that was actually on this board 2 days ago) and runs with it because the outrageous gives him attention. He's the local version of Skip Bayless. He's NOT a serious journalist. Don't pay him the attention he craves! Just ignore him and don't give him the traffic he's looking for. You will save yourself a lot of frustrations and a lot of time wasted in the wastelands of garbage hot-takery.
  16. To me it seems like this is the way Ballard does business. He doesn't rush. He gets players in for workouts and several days or weeks or even months later(Inman) when we need them he offers them a contract.
  17. Do NOT listen to Dakich! He's a freaking *. He does NOT have sources! He has NOT broken ANY Colts news EVER! He's another know-nothing who pretends to know stuff and sensationalizes unsubstantiated rumors and spits hot takes to gain attention. He's the local version of Skip Bayless. Don't give him the attention!
  18. Don't let the perfect/generational be the enemy of the good/franchise QB. Expecting a generational type of talent is not realistic. For the last 3 days I've been repeating this sentiment here - first it's not realistic, and second it's not necessary for the team to be very successful with just a regular franchise type QB... the types that every year teams find in the draft and trade up in the draft for - Mahomes, Watson, Darnold, etc. None of those were considered generational types, and all of them were traded up for and IMO they all give their teams the chance to be very successful and potentially win titles with if they are surrounded by good enough talent. This is what we should be aiming for... identify a talented QB with high end traits and/or skill, a QB who is not flawless and not generational(why you would be able to trade up for him in the draft) but one that with some work and refinement by your coaching staff will be able to run a highly efficient offense, will be able to playmake and win games for you consistently. This should be the goal... (if Brissett is not what we are looking for)...
  19. There are about 70 QBs who will be on NFL rosters at the start of the season. That's 70 QBs we will not be able to have. You need to seriously lower your expectations if you don't think Osweiler is a reasonable player to kick the tires on. No matter who you get, the reality is you will likely be getting something in the range of the 70th best QB in the NFL. You won't get anyone great to be backup for 2 games.
  20. Good return for a player who probably wouldn't have made the roster.
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