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  1. There are all those bold prediction threads for cuts on the forums and this is mine. I won't make a thread about it but IMO there is a very real chance Wilson gets cut.
  2. The calls were wildly incompetent/horrible. And Eberflus was one of the better coordinators in the whole league last year. This should tell you enough. They just didn't want to show ANYTHING new or anything interesting from the things they've been working on. I wouldn't take anything away from those pre-season games schematics-wise. Just look at individual performances for the roles and schemes the players are given, don't look at schemes and playcalls themselves.
  3. I can't see them trading him unless someone blows us away with a wild offer. He has good enough value for us as a backup that we would probably just try to get the 3d round compensatory pick for him the following off-season...
  4. Might be a sign of what's to come, just like Ballard has hinted before and what we guessed here when he was talking about playing more man and then drafted a man corner in Rock Ya-Sin.
  5. There is a significant difference in the tone of the reporting by Colts media between this joint practice session and some of the previous years' sessions(Detroit for example). In previous years it seemed to me like that team was not ready and was getting bullied on all levels by the opponents. This time around we are getting news about our lines holding their own at the very least and some even suggest the Colts are clearly winning the D-Line vs O-Line drills for example and Jacoby is torching the Browns secondary. I can't wait to see this team in action at full strength. Hopefully with Luck week 1. I'm having high expectations for this year. Higher than any year with Luck I think. This is the best team we've had in a while...
  6. Yeah, they have a filthy defensive line too... and some talent at CB too... This is a very good Browns team and those joint practices IMO will be a good litmus test about where we are in our roster development at some key spots.
  7. This will be a nice test for the defense which according to multiple reports has had its way with our own offense so far in camp. Lets see if they can be this disruptive against some high caliber offensive talent on the Browns.
  8. Maybe I'm naive, but I think it will help overall with the fanbase and not just with me. I think it will alleviate the anxiety and frustration by the fans in multiple of ways. Also, it would be trivial for Reich to just say - 'our doctor gave you the latest update, we don't have new information". Now because he's the main person who gives updates for injuries he feels obliged to say stuff about an injury he almost certainly doesn't understand to the level required to give the type of pronouncements he's been giving all off-season(he's the author of both "if he the game was tomorrow he will play" and "he will be ready for week 1" or something to that affect).
  9. @SupermanI guess we have to agree to disagree about just how much Irsay misled the fans in 2017. I know about a week before game 1 he was projecting confidence he will play, which in retrospect was ridiculous since Luck didn't even try to return until more than a month after game 1. Ultimately whatever we say here the results would be the same. This is not a forum to change the course of history for the team and noone has those illusions. We are here to discuss stuff around the team. I personally don't expect Luck to play in preseason at all. And I don't expect us to know whether he will be ready to play week 1 until the injury report comes the week of the game. There isn't much to discuss about that injury since none of us are doctors and none of us have any information about what the injury actually is. This is part of the reason I want a Colts doctor to give that information rather than having diagnoses of 'minor calf strain' and 'ankle pain' and 'little bone issue' by a football player, a football coach and a businessman with a degree in broadcast journalism...
  10. For about 5th time in this thread - I don't think they are actively trying to hide or mislead. I do think they have a deeply flawed system and relationship to reporting important injuries, which leads to misleading/incomplete/contradictory information being pushed by different levels of the team and the result even if not something they were trying to do is to have a situation where the fans don't feel like they are getting good information by the team. Huh? Stop supporting the team because their PR process is screwed up? Yeah... there are about a dozen more serious reasons I can think of for not supporting the team and they haven't made me not support it... so yeah... how about I just point out what I see wrong with it and hope at some point they will learn their lesson and correct the way they deal with those situations?
  11. So... it wasn't actually "flat out wrong. It's inaccurate, incorrect, false." Was it? Did our team's owner say Luck will be ready for game 1 or not? Do you count that as misleading the fanbase? Come on. Lets stop playing that nonsense game. It's OK to point out the few things the owner and new management are doing wrong. Here's what I want from the team in order to avoid future embarrassments(because the Luck situation was embarrassing for the team on national level in 2017)... Stop saying things like "if the game was tomorrow he would play"... stop saying "he will be ready for game 1". Let the doctors talk about the major(be it severity or major as in QB or probowlers getting injured) injuries at every stage of recovery(that would include when the player gets injured, when he gets cleared to play, when there is a setback or new/changing information about the development of those injuries, etc). You don't have to have them there every day or even every week. Luck gets injured in April - let the doctor say his 2 cents. Luck develops this current condition, get the doctor in front of the media to give update with what the expected change of course is. Luck gets cleared for practice - let the doctor announce it and answer questions about it. Again... you are missing the point here. This is not about Luck's injury. Nothing here is about Luck's injury. It will be whatever it is whether the media and fans are informed about it or not and he will play or not whether the fans are informed about it or not. This is not about THIS! This is about the trust you are losing by not having a clear and consistent message about your franchise QB's injury only one year after he missed a full season with another injury you failed to be clear and consistent about. And yes - EVERYONE IS SPECULATING. Can you guess WHY? The media and forums are filled with couch doctors and twitter doctors because THE COLTS DOCTORS are nowhere to be found and noone FROM THE COLTS is giving you good information you can trust. This is why everyone is speculating. I am shocked how this is surprising to anyone - when there is no good information from the team that's supposed to have the good information, there will be plenty of speculation from people who have no or bad information. The problem is the Colts seem content with that situation.
  12. You are missing the point. I'm not laying blame at at the PR person's feet. I'm laying the blame at whoever has built that structure of communication with multiple different people at different levels of the team conveying seemingly conflicting and incomplete information. The whole PR process(starting with Irsay and finishing with whoever the foot soldiers are) regarding injuries with the Colts has been very flawed for a while now.
  13. It's shocking how much our LB core has changed in just 2 years. Big props to Ballard. I love what he's done with that unit. Speed, size, length! No plodders.
  14. True... unless you consistently mislead your fanbase about the injuries of your most important player and continue to tell them he will be ready for game 1(just like your did the previous time... ) and don't deliver on those promises. This is not a disaster indeed. At least not, yet. I get it that you are not phased by those injuries and how information about them is relayed, but the media and most fans are... just watch the %storm if Luck doesn't start game 1. This has the potential to be a complete PR disaster.
  15. So how many of those do they need to botch(i.e. misslead the public about) for it to become unprofessional at the very least? I'm very far from being conspiratorial here. All I'm saying is that their process is obviously flawed. You have a player, a coach, a GM and the owner all giving seemingly conflicting information about Luck's injury. I'm very far from thinking they go out with the purpose of misleading the public. No, they don't... they just don't know enough to be able to relay a consistent and coherent message without contradicting... or at the very least sounding like they are contradicting each other.
  16. This would be all good if the Colts were a some amateur JV league team whose games were only watched by friends and family. But it's not. This is a multibillion franchise with millions of fans who give 100s of millions of dollars to that team and drama hungry media waiting to blow things out of proportions. This is why they have PR department and media outreach, etc. They just need to do it better and it's shocking they still haven't learned their lesson from previous injuries. Having non-professionals talk about injuries of your players is a recipe for disaster. This is how you get 4 different versions of the injury circulating in the media throughout the off-season and this is how you lose trust from your fanbase. No the reason for the panic is because you have an injury that was supposed to be a minor calf strain, then Reich said they were worried for it to not become a Kevin Durant situation(Achilles), then Luck apparently told Pelissero he had pain in the ankle... and now we have the owner say there is 'little bone thing' with Luck's injury. No coordination, no consistent message, no clarity and seemingly new symptoms and problems every week and they all come from different levels of the team and none of them are medical staff. THIS is the reason for the distrust and panic.
  17. Because they are instilling panic in the media and thus in the fanbase. Just go through this forum's threads and through the Indy media sites. First it was calf, then they were worried for it to not become a KD situation(Achilles), then it was something else down the ankle... then it's a 'little bone thing'. This is not a way to conduct business and be respectful to your fanbase. Look at how the Chiefs do it for example. Let the medical staff talk about it and don't drop bits and pieces of information like this is some Hansel and Gretel story and the fans and media should be able to find their way through the woods of misleading and incomplete information that just bumps up the anxiety levels of a team that already botched the communication about a previous injury of the same franchise QB.
  18. KC does that - they trust their medical staff enough to let their doctors talk to media about the injuries of their players and they do it with plenty of transparency. It's so much more professional than what the Colts are doing. You still can have some level of privacy they won't go past, but at least they let the information be conveyed by a professional who knows what he's talking about and won't leak new and new details bit by bit about a 'calf injury' that is going on for 4 months already... Here's an example: https://www.chiefs.com/video/rick-burkholder-gives-an-injury-update This is the Chiefs VP of Sports Medicine and Sports performance giving update for their injuries
  19. Our PR department is doing horribly with those injuries.
  20. The more interesting thing in this video was the DBs coach jumping on Ballard on the sidelines at about 0:12... seems like Frank's coaching staff love themselves some Chris Ballard.
  21. I hate doing this but the Colts need to take a serious look into those soft tissue injuries and the recovery from them. Luck, Campbell, AC last year(I would bet there are a lot more that I just cannot remember right now). This continues happening. Players try to return after injury only to suffer setbacks and make things worse. I heard some injury expert say we are bottom third in the league in injuries 10 years running. Every single year! This is coming to the point where it cannot be just dumb luck. Is it trainers/medical staff... is it the artificial turf at Lucas Oil Stadium? Is it the coaching? Is is the nutrition/food? Whatever it is, they need to figure it out. This can't keep happening again and again and again and again... I realize that this is contact sport and physical sport and some injuries are expected but the level and consistency of it happening to Colts players is very much out of the ordinary.
  22. I mean... it wouldn't be shocking if he was cut. This grade is on very limited number of snaps and mainly against backups. We have some good depth at corner. IMO he needs to show up in special teams snaps. If you are 4-5-6th corner you need to be able to contribute in other ways. The thing is... I'm not sure he would clear waivers for us to stash him on the practice squad. I still think he's a project well worth developing and putting resources in if not for this year, for the next.
  23. https://www.pff.com/news/pro-pffs-nfl-team-of-the-week-2019-nfl-preseason-week-1 Impressive for a safety switching to cornerback.
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