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  1. This is not the question. Every single QB will miss a receiver here or there. Every single QB will place the ball in harms way every now and then. Just like every QB will make some great aggressive throws(look at Brissett's throw to Ebron in the Chargers game... that was a beauty). The question is about the frequency and consistency of those throws. The great ones miss receivers less frequenty and make big time plays more frequently. So far the book on Brissett is that he is relatively passive with his throws and that he misses receivers relatively frequently. Part of it might be the way Reich is calling the offense right now... we will see if anything changes by the end of the season... but even if you put the blame on Reich for the relatively passive passing game, then it again boils down to having a QB that your playcaller doesn't trust to make the big plays. It ends up with the offense being crippled in similar ways whether it's the QB not being able to make the throws or the coach not willing to give him that responsibility.
  2. Mariota does the exact same thing - he had wide open outlet receivers on a couple of his sacks and he just didn't see them and let himself get sacked. This is the comparison I've found myself making more and more with Brissett. Doesn't see receivers, is not aggressive with his throws, lacks anticipation... problems with ball placement.
  3. ^in case people have not noticed... Last year the Colts were top 3 in pace in game-neutral situations, this year we are bottom 5... at least so far.
  4. Only if he can play QB better than Brissett....
  5. This is exactly what I'm seeing with Brissett. He's too hesitant and slow with his decisions and not aggressive enough or lacks vision/anticipation to make aggressive throws.
  6. To me he looked hesitant and not sure in what he was seeing yesterday. The Titans did the same to Mayfield last week. They present some exotic front formations and coverage setups that seem to confuse inexperienced QBs. It's possible part of it was due to what the defense was showing him yesterday.
  7. IMO they will let him him the waiver wire and hope he clears waivers to put him on practice squad.
  8. I'm taking a very patient approach this year with most things on our roster. This includes Brissett. I don't mind giving him all the chances to prove himself. I want Reich to encourage him to look downfield more frequently. This should be evaluation year for the QB position. From what I've seen so far, I don't think Brissett should be the long-term solution for us, but I don't exclude him changing my mind. To me he looks like a game manager who is either hesitant to pull the trigger on big time throws or lacks the vision and anticipation to make the throws. The announcers yesterday made some good points about him lacking the patience in certain situations where a big time throw was there for him to make to TY but he left that read prematurely. IMO things like this happen all the time and would be seen very clearly if we had the all 22 tape. You can see them even on the regular TV tape in a lot of situations. Maybe with more experience in the system and against less confusing defenses(the Titans actually do some wild things with their fronts and coverage setup that confuse QBs - for example even Mayfield fell prey to it last week), Brissett will look better and will start to let it loose, so... I am good waiting for it and seeing how the season develops. I think Brissett deserves the chance to prove us right or wrong for most if not all the season.
  9. Call stands. Once they call it, there is no way to overturn it unless there is zero contact between them.
  10. I don't want to be too effusive with my praises because Mariota is god awful, but most of our young DBs did really well today. Both Willis and especially Hooker in coverage were tremendous. Wilson was great too. He got flagged for a play he shouldn't have been... he had 2 great coverage snaps at the end of the game. I loved what I saw from him.
  11. Too bad we didn't keep the one from last year. He was a really good one.
  12. Damn... that will be a sad day. Not the way I wanted to see him go, if he does go, at least he did it with a win.
  13. IMO it's not just by design. In 2017 when the offense was designed for big shots downfield he was still one of the QBs with fewest big-time throws. Some QBs are just like that by nature - they don't turn it loose or they hesitate or don't see the throws(at least not consistently enough). Which with Jacoby is a shame because he has hell of an arm.
  14. He's exactly what I thought he was. He's good enough to get us in trouble long-term. I hope Ballard and Reich are doing unbiased evaluation of the situation. We can be a winning team with him in the regular season, but IMO we will be in serious disadvantage in most playoff battles.
  15. Probably unpopular opinion, but I would give him one more week.
  16. Well that was.... buttclenching victory. Phew!
  17. I'm on the record that I think it would be shortsighted to spend any premium asset for non-long-term QB while there is a question about our QB position. We might need those picks to trade up in the draft for a QB Ballard and Reich love. Until we are certain one way or another in our long-term QB position we should not be trading those picks for players. And even then we should still be prudent in how we spend our picks. Multiple round 1 and round 2 picks for strong safety/slot CB is not my idea of prudent use of our picks.
  18. Yeah.... Herbert LOOKS like everything you would want from a QB and he can make all the throws and playmake on the move and out of the pocket too. The question with him is can he be consistently accurate + there are some leadership questions it seems(not that he's a bad apple or something but rather that he's somewhat quiet and not very vocal).
  19. Come on, don't look at thing in this shallow and reactionary of a manner. This is a single game in which Mayfield lost both his tackles in already horrible OLine. Unless something funky happens Mayfield will be a good QB in this league. I agree Jacoby was NOT the reason we lost this game and this was NOT what I was saying. Not even close. But if Reich keeps calling the game for him like that and if he keeps playing this type of game he will be the reason we lose games in the future, first because we won't have this good of a game on multiple different other levels and because he won't always complete close to 80% of his passes... Also... Brady and Belichick and the Pats are a different animal, even in his early days Brady was making big time throws with big time accuracy. We haven't seen that with consistency from Brissett yet. We might see it this season. I am not ruling it out... but I want to see it before I believe it. Also I have a thing about drawing conclusions from Brady and the Pats - don't... you just won't be able to replicate what they are doing... there is so much more going into what the Pats are doing that IMO it is futile trying to replicate it and foolish expecting you will be able to replicate it.
  20. Something that's bugging me and I don't really want to draw attention to, but it's really eating at me is Brissett's stats with Pagano/Chudzinski's Air Coryell inspired system. This is a system that begs for big time plays. Sure it also begs for sacks too, but in principle it should bump up your averages per completion/attempt. And Brissett's were(out of 37 QBs): - 32nd in Y/A+ - 35th in nY/A+ - 36th in TD%+ - 33rd in rating+ - 37th in sack%+ - 32nd in adjusted NY/A+ In essence we got all the negatives of the system with none of the benefits. Now, the reason I didn't want to draw attention to those is because I realize this was a QB thrown into the deep end of the pool without much preparation in the system and because I hated with passion that coaching and playcalling staff and I'm perfectly content dropping the huge majority of the blame on them.... but... what if it really is something about Brissett;s decisionmaking and vision that makes implementing more adventurous game plan and playcalling close to impossible? None of those numbers are good. He has some exceptional flashes from that 2017 season. As Greg Cosell says he has some throws that if they were made by Mahomes people would still be talking about them. But they are so few and far between. I can't wait to see what happens in the next 3-4 months. The development of this storyline is going to be fascinating.
  21. He needs to be more secure with his hands. This would have been called whatever they saw it as live. There was not enough evidence on tape to either overturn or confirm. With that said... it felt like every call was going against us... every spot was just a little in favor of the Chargers, etc... Oh well... nothing we can do about it now... we should have scored our field goals.
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