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  1. Definitely no. Many here straight up openly tell you that all they care about is the W/L record. I've had no trouble criticizing Jacoby after wins and praising him after losses depending on how he played. Many close their eyes to the worrying signs as long as we win. The problem is that those worrying signs come home to roost sooner or later if not corrected and Jacoby hasn't really corrected much of anything over the season. Actually, I think he's getting worse, which can be seen by the ever increasing time to throw, while the Y/A keep being low, which means that he's not waiting for deep routes to develop, it means he has trouble reading the field and going through progressions so he just holds the ball and holds it and holds it until either sacked or forced out of the pocket or he dumps it to his back. Yep, it is flat, because we are lacking any advanced passing completions by our QB. Nothing long, nothing that requires anticipation, not much where he's required to put it only where the WR can get it in tight windows, etc.
  2. I kind of think game plans vary game by game and we shouldn't take too much from a single game plan. For example I can see us using this type of game plan even with Luck in certain situations or if he thinks there is a specific matchup we have overwhelming advantage with(example - game with KC). The game vs HOU was weird not because we employed any specific game plan, it was weird because it was the polar opposite of the game plan that worked last time against the same team. What is more note-worthy is the season-long tendency to take the ball away from the QB's hands. This has been the identity of this team over the season, not just a single game blip on the radar.
  3. Yeah, I don't think he did either.
  4. Yep. And in 2017 Wentz got injured and didn't play the last 3 games in which they passed 51% of the time(which drags the overall stat for the season down too). You want a conspiracy theory? (Disclaimer: THIS IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY AND I AM DOING IT MORE AS A FUN HYPOTHETICAL THAN THINKING IT'S TRUE AND I HAVE ZERO EVIDENCE IT'S TRUE) So... what if Reich knew Luck is retiring after the season and started preparing the team and the fans for run heavy team next season through his media statements? There were so many weird statements about the run game in the off-season from him... you can browse old threads here and see me expressing concern for those statements even at the time.
  5. I don't think he meant taking the ball out of Luck's hand to THIS degree. This is suicidal for a coach to do. It's fireable offense if he indeed did it with Luck as the QB.
  6. No idea. In 2014 as OC with the Chargers they passed 59% of the time In 2015 as OC with the Chargers they passed 63% of the time In 2018 as HC and playcaller for the Colts they passed 61% of the time In 2019 as HC and playcaller for the Colts they are passing 50% of the time.... One of those is not like the others.
  7. Let this one sink in: If you remove the Rosen start, Miami won't be on that list either...
  8. It was a follow up from earlier exchange with @ColtsBlueFL where I said I will have to take second a look at the play to comment on it. So I did. It wasn't meant as some general assessment of Smith or Brissett. If you've followed the numerous Brissett evaluation threads, you've probably.seen me bring up him holding the ball and having trouble going through progressions all the time. So yeah, I would agree, you probably can find multiple plays where Brissett holds the ball and is slow to read his progressions, etc.
  9. Imma tell you Utah state has this awesome linebacker... we might be watching him. Jordan Love and... Laviska Shenault(he's not a burner though)? If you want a burner... Jalen Raegor or Henry Ruggs ... maybe Devonta Smith...
  10. On the replay from the back camera(what Brissett is seeing) it shows TY getting open in the middle of the zone, but Braden gets beat WAY too quickly. If he holds the block for like... 0.2 second more... and if Brissett had the anticipation(not sure he could make that throw as quickly as that because he needs to throw it before TY is open) that's a 15 yards gain and 1st down. https://www.nfl.com/videos?id=10103061-7033-0000-0107-9237a969484b This is not on Brissett, but IMO some elite QBs make that play - first step into the pocket to get yourself those extra 0.2 seconds and then throw with anticipation to the spot TY is going to end up at. It's really hard to blame it on Brissett though... he shouldn't expect Braden to get beat this badly and this quickly. Look at this: this is about when he needs to throw it... but he is busy trying to avoid Martin. Maybe the elite of the elite with pocket presence would start stepping up into the pocket a fraction of a second earlier and create themselves a throwing window, but IMO it's not fair to ask that of any QB, this is just a really bad play by Braden.
  11. I was talking in general, not about this situation in particular. There are sacks that are unavoidable and not the fault of the QB. I have to see the play again, but it's possible this is one of them.
  12. If the receiver is looking back at you and you still have not released the ball (on most routes) chances are you've already missed your passing window within the progression.
  13. @Superman you are correct. He does it all the time on 4th down...He would line up the offense and try to draw them offside and if they don't bite he would take a time out and then send the offense out again for the 4th down again and run a play. He has done that multiple times. Not 100% certain, but I think he did the exact same thing on the failed 4th down in the first game vs HOU this year too...
  14. More like down the field QB is needed.
  15. You don't spare resources for a QB IMO. If you love a player and think he can be your franchise QB, you trade up to get him. I don't know if Ballard loves any of the QBs, I don't know if he's watching them even right now, but yeah... this is my position - we have some good picks in excess of our own to use to trade up. Go get the QB you love.
  16. I slightly disagree here. It depends on who the QB is we draft and how ready he is to play immediately. For example, if we draft Jordan Love it's very possible he won't be ready and would greatly benefit from learning from the coaching staff the sidelines without pressure to perform right away. This way you will have 2 off-seasons and 1 in-season period to develop him and smooth over his weaknesses, which if not addressed my doom his career before it even starts. In all cases I want Jacoby to finish this season, because I think he's still the best option for us to win games now... and even if there is a small chance that he takes a leap in the last third of the season, I want to see it. But... if we draft a QB high I want open competition for the starting job next summer. That means - if Frank and Ballard think he's ready before the season starts, then give him the job. If not - keep Brissett as the starter and develop the new guy for the following year...
  17. I don't like Colin and it hurts me posting a video of his... but... oh well... it's on topic.
  18. Like I said in the other thread IMO he doesn't trust Brissett as much as he's letting on. Judge him by his deeds, not by his words. Look at what plays he calls and what type of offense he's running. Compare to what he said he wants to run when he came to the Colts. To me it's obvious he's trying to protect Brissett and trying to take the ball out of his hands. And to compound that because of his distrust in Brissett he starts making suboptimal playcalls. even for a QB of Brissett's caliber.
  19. With me the biggest problem with Brissett is not with the throws he makes and targets he has. It's with the ones he needs to make but doesn't because he doesn't see them or sees them and decides they are too risky, or the ones that he doesn't even get to in his progression because he gets stuck on a primary read and can't let go of it for ages... etc.
  20. 1. Load up Frank Reich's introductory press-conference. 2. Listen to what type of offense he wants to run. 3. Compare to what offense he's running now. Here... I will help:
  21. I think Reich doesn't trust JB as much as people think and as much as he's letting on in the media. Just watch what he's doing rather than what he's saying. His playcalls and the type of offense he's running will tell you everything you need to know about what he thinks Brissett's strengths are and what his weaknesses are. He's obviously calling the game trying to protect him and take the ball out of his hands. IMO another layer on top of that problem is that IMO Brissett's limitations are making Reich make non-optimal decisions with his playcalling so it becomes a perfect storm - you have a hyper-conservative QB and as a response your playcaller decides to mask some of those deficiencies by.... calling even more conservative game. It builds up. Right now we are pretty much relying on the offensive line to steamroll opponents in the run game and the defense to stop the opponent and when one of those two don't work we lose... and because of the relatively low efficiency of the run game in general even that's not a guarantee you win. This is our game plan. With that said... I'm NOT one of the people who think Kelly will be better. There is a reason he's never stuck anywhere and is currently a practice squad player. IMO it's very possible he turns in performances similar to Hoyer for example.
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