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    Colts Football, New York Yankees Baseball, Syracuse Orange Basketball, weight lifting and enjoying my beautiful Daughter as she grows into a pre teen :).

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  1. You once told me that you liked this song. I heard it yesterday and found this live version of it. It is a great song.


    Btw, hope you had a Happy Father's Day with your lovely daughter.



    And how about this one?



    I love 70s music. 

    1. TheRustonRifle#7


      Awesome thank you for rembering and sharing.  We had a great Father's Day together 

      , thanks so much!

    2. southwest1


      Good call on the soothing sounds of the 70's NFLfan. I couldn't agree more.


      Happy belated Fathers Day Out There to all the dads. Here's hoping you all got something more than a tie, toolbox, grill, or set of golf clubs. Unless you actually wanted those things. LOL!

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