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  1. I love, and applaud your optimism...1-5 says different....
  2. I had low expectations too….but this is nonesense!
  3. This is going to be a long season....I am one of the most optimistic posters on here and I see no relief in sight....please feel free to shred me, as some will. This team, regardless of injuries, is a pile of crap!
  4. IMO, I believe they are better than their record but not much, mostly due to key injuries. This team is in transition on both sides of the ball and there are some nice pieces in place but more is needed. One thing that I am seeing, and I like, is that Clark is getting a run at LT in AC's absence.....while he may never be starter material, he seems a good fit as a "swing tackle" off the bench moving forward. Also, I don't think Hooker is 100 percent...
  5. I am looking forward to watching him, and others, next Thursday against the Pats....It really sucks that they won't play Colts games down here...uggghhhh.
  6. Youngblood....when I was your age I took on three Steeler's fans in a bar after the 1996 AFC Title Game...I came out unscathed and was luckily not arrested. I paid for the stools I broke over their bodies and left. We all have passion in our life, meaning that we can either use it to our advantage or use it to our demise.....please choose the first. As you age you will see that in the greater scheme in life, that silly things like arguing over sports means nothing. Peace and love man...
  7. This is why depth is so critical.....I didn't watch the game, as down here they felt the Dolphins-Raiders and the Packers-Skins games were more relevant. Two tough losses this year....
  8. A song that I have always loved....just wanted to share with my Brother...



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    2. southwest1


      Checkout Amanda Brown laying down a Chris Cornell classic @RustonRifle#7:



      This cover gives me goosebumps man. The brass section, the beautiful tribute to the legend, & women getting their grove on always makes me smile. :D


      Plus, I was in both band & chorus in school so, I know how hard it is to pull this track off & sound polished. Amazing!

    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      The Who, whom are my favorite, always tested the waters with different musical genres.....I like this!  I appreciate uniqueness and originality....it is so lost on today's micro feed world.  I appreciate you Brother as you are unique....hence, why you are my friend!

    4. southwest1


      I wasn't sure where to put this so, I decided to drop it here. Some rockin' with Dokken classic "Unchain the Night" high caliber cover material...



      For @TheRustonRifle#7, @Lollygagger8, @malakai432 or anyone else who grew up on this band. The guitarist Rocco Pezzin replicates George Lynch's tones to perfection IMHO. Superb job!


  9. This will set the franchise back for years.....
  10. A little off topic, but I would have loved to see Freeney and Mathis with this current group of NT's and UT's....just sayin'....
  11. Close it down! You Sir win the internet for the day!
  12. I hope this is nationally televised game, would love to watch it. That said, Wentz gives Philly a different dimension than Foles does, and they are home. This would be a very good win for Indy and I am rooting for them to pull it off!
  13. IF he wanted out, which I don't believe, he can leave via Free Agency after next season....IF anything happens to Luck, he can only increase his value on the open market after next season....not sure why this is even thread worthy????
  14. If they don't win, there is a rough stretch ahead that could define the rest of the season.... Go Colts!
  15. @crazycolt1@BR-549@lollygagger8@southwest1


    Please critique.....



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    2. lollygagger8


      The 3rd video says Jimi, but it's actually the SRV version. That person who said it was Jimi should be ashamed! 

    3. lollygagger8


      I agree with y'all. 


      Jimi was the innovator, and SRV was influenced heavily by him. Not sure the student can be better than the master, but he's damn close! 


      I think Jimi was waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of his time. He was the reason I started playing, so I have to tip my hat to him. The sheer power/volume, effects, the way he played, was all a first of it's kind. He's getting those high notes on a right handed guitar upside down which is absolutely astonishing. Plus to do what he did while being on the drugs he was on while playing is a feat in itself! lol 


      That said, SRV was a much cleaner player, and I feel more blues based. His tone was perfectly honed and people strive for it to this day. I think he took the blues/rock/Jimi thing to the next level as far as sound/ability/tone. He was next level as a player, and a great showman in his own right. 


    4. lollygagger8


      I agree with crazycolt.....so many excellent guitar players out there. All different styles. 

      Jimi, SRV, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Joe Stariani, Steve Vai, Dimebag Darrell (Pantera) ....I could be here all day!  


      I've seen Bonamassa live, and he's absolutely amazing. I taped this front row of his concert here in Fort Wayne....he was somehow better live than on studio recordings! 


      Dude did all that on an acoustic! lol 


      I've been getting into Doyle Bramhall II lately. He's written alot for Eric Clapton. He's not amazing guitar player, but he's good and a heckuva a song writer. 

      He's got a new album coming out, and Clapton is on this song: 


      Here's some of his older stuff (Jimi inspired!) : 


      This is one of my favorite's of his: 


  16. I doubt it will have much effect on the game....now last year we had some MAJOR hurricanes, I lived through one of them, and I am praying there will be none like those anytime soon. All the best to those in its path!
  17. @lollygagger8 @BR-549 as well...I just can't get this song out of my head...how did I not appreciate it more back in the day????????


    The intro just kicks butt...………..and then gets better!



    1. southwest1


      SRV is bleeping superb no matter what the man does. Why must legends die early well before the world is willing to let them go? It always bothers me. At any rate, tremendous selection RR7! :thmup:


      Appreciate the insights from CC1 & Lolly8 as always too. 


      Thanks Lolly8 for the Bonamassa live clip BTW. Jesus! He's magical when he teams up with Beth Hart on stage as well. That's a long time to hold your cell phone up. Thanks for the sacrifice so the rest of us can marvel at his musicianship. :banana:

  18. I didn't see the game, except on 'NFL Gameday" but in the preseason this kid was all over the place....the WLB'er position is critical in this defense, we have one?
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