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    Colts Football, New York Yankees Baseball, Syracuse Orange Basketball, weight lifting and enjoying my beautiful Daughter as she grows into a pre teen :).

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    I have been a diehard Colts fan for over 40 years and hopefully have at least another 30 in me? I am a native New Yorker who moved to Florida in 2008 and never looked back. My Father was a diehard Colts fan and he passed it on to me and I am grateful for that, may he rest in peace....

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  1. Just felt like listening to Linkin Park....as always, feel free to add whatever you want.  Music keeps us sane.....



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      Poets need pain to write....sometimes that pain becomes too much, sadly.   It robs the World of beauty.

    4. southwest1


      Well said RR7. The best inspiration comes from tragedy & pain. It is horrible though when it robs the rest of us of a remarkable talent like Chris Cornell though. No disrespect intended toward his wife, children, family, & friends of course. 

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