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  1. Put Luck on IR and bring back Stephen Morris as Brissett's backup. Brissett isn't going to spend his career as a backup for Luck. Morris might be happy to.
  2. I'll keep watching only because I'm going to bet against them every time, regardless of the point spread.
  3. What?? You don't like getting trounced in front of the whole country?
  4. I don't think Ballard will have a damned thing to say about it. Until Irsay falls out of love with Pagano, nothing much will change. I'm pretty sure Ballard would have fired him before the season started, if he could have.
  5. I think it may be impossible to underestimate us.
  6. The Browns gave the Steelers a good game but didn't beat them.
  7. There will be no Wild Card coming out of the pathetic AFC South.
  8. I honestly don't know if sitting out until next year will make any difference. Each year we all have high hopes that things will be different but each year nothing seems to change. Incredibly frustrating.
  9. After watching every play of pre-season and the release of Morris, I decided to put my money on the Rams (-4). Didn't take long to cover that. Probably do the same next week.
  10. If we show up with a Colts jersey on, it could be just about any of us.
  11. I don't like the idea of a world-class sprinter running around deep in our secondary while Brady stands there like a statue for 7 seconds waiting for him to lose his cover.
  12. I agree with the "train wreck" assessment.
  13. Exactly. Remember "week to week Bob/Marv/Peyton."
  14. You got that right!...I did hear through my grapevine that he's coming off tomorrow. We'll see.
  15. Luck will be coming off the PUP tomorrow.
  16. ...One second before they put him on the DL.
  17. Dang it, King! You have me beat by one year! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  18. No, everyone knows that Morten Ander'SON' was Norwegian!! ;)
  19. How the hell did Morrall not see Orr on that one. The play was a flea-flicker. How do you possibly miss or forget to look for your primary receiver??? Then attempt an easy throw to FB Jerry Hill and miss him a mile and have it intercepted. I'm with Bubba and always have been and will be. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
  20. I think you meant, NFL and AFL. Even though the merger was signed a few years before, the merger didn't officially take place until 1970 when the NFC and AFC went into place.
  21. I've lived in South Dakota my whole life and I've been a Colts fan since 1958. I was furious when they left Baltimore and swore I would find another team. However, the first time the Indy Colts were on TV, I had to watch. The minute I saw the Blue and the Shoe, I knew in an instant it wasn't the City, it was the Franchise. For the thousands and thousands of Colts fans who didn't or don't live in either city, we are Colts fans no matter what City they call home.
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