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  1. If this forum is going to automatic edit, it could at least capitalize "darn."
  2. Bert is my alltime "favorite Colt" as well. Damn those Steelers and Raiders in '75, '76, and '77.
  3. Technically, there are some that claim 1968 as another Championship year.(I am not one of them) The Colts won the NFL Championship before being beaten by the Jets and Earl Morrall in SB5. (pre merger)
  4. LOL! There isn't much that has been written about 'Big Daddy' that I haven't read. I was stunned as a boy,,,,not anymore.
  5. Most from Baltimore think Baltimore. Most Colts fans from the rest of the country, I am convinced, think Colts no matter what city they reside. Johnny Unitas was my boyhood hero. His attitude after 1984 dropped him a notch or two regarding my admiration for him.
  6. In 1958, there were 2 divisions in the NFL. The Eastern and Western. Baltimore, oddly enough was in the Western. The AFC didn't come into play until after the merger of the AFL and NFL which took place the year after SB4. By the way King Colt, I still think SB3 was rigged.
  7. I'm a 60 year old lifelong Colts fan. Now, when 'you' hear the name Unitas, you may think of Baltimore but I think of the Colts! Now, go away!
  8. I vividly remember when the Colts traded "Big Daddy" as well as when he died. My older brother and I were stunned.
  9. I'm not ready to give up on Avery. I think it was Anthony Gonzalez rookie season he was 6th in the leauge in dropped passes. Guess who was no.1 in drops that year?....Dallas Clark.
  10. I agree. I can't remember once when he turned his head to look for the ball all season. I hope that one pick six isn't enough to keep him around.
  11. You expected some help from Zybii? Hope you're ok.
  12. Butler stumbled a little on the break, otherwise I think he would have been in position to break it up or even pick it.
  13. You're right, Callie. Some friends of mine bought their field level tics at KC for $20.00 and at the start of the game, they walked over to open seats in the 4th row at the 40 yd. line, right behind the Colts bench.
  14. I would have thrown Charles and the guy with the shoe back onto the field. Grrrrrrrr.
  15. We only had to drive 5 hours from South Dakota. I couldn't believe how many made the longer drive from Indy. When there was something to cheer about, it almost seemed like a home game.
  16. I couldn't agree more about Harbaugh. I was simply listing "all" the QB's.
  17. Just for the fun of it, I googled the list of Colts QB's since the Bert Jones era to Peyton Manning. The following is the list in addition to those above, that have started at least one game for the Colts......Bill Troup, Mike Kirkland, Greg Landry, David Humm, Mark Herrmann, Matt Kofler, Gary Hogeboom, Blair Kiel, Tom Ramsey, Jim Harbaugh, Don Majkowski, Browning Nagle, Craig Erickson, Paul Justin, Kelly Holcomb.
  18. You're right. Does anyone remember what game that was when Painter missed Garcon running free down the right side?
  19. We had them beat last year in NE! Painter missed a wide open Garcon for a TD that would have won it. In retrospect, I'm glad he did.
  20. Hmmm. Not sure who you think should be insulted. Do you remember the last minute of the last Jags game?
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