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  1. I didn't like them at all. They led to 2 fg. If you're going to throw one up, (arm punt) don't throw it 40 yds., throw it 50 or 60 and hope Moncrief can catch up to it or maybe a PI.
  2. I believe that might be tougher than getting the Colts out of Baltimore! ;)
  3. As an 'old' Colts fan, I unrealistically hope Denver never wins another game.
  4. Why would Luck say; "Oh stop it?" That sounds like something a D-lineman might have said.
  5. Strock was a rookie in '73 under Griese.
  6. The Old Crow isn't on right now so I'll guess for him and see if I'm right when he comes back. They hate the Steelers more and would rather play the Steelers than the Pats.
  7. A division winner will always get in. I believe I recall a year when the Colts were 13-3 but the Titans were 14-2 so the Colts had to go to the 8-8 Chargers and play. Based on the record, we were a far superior team but we lost to them. That day, the best team advanced.
  8. I just spent an enjoyable couple of hours reading last nights Game thread on the Steelers forum. I thought the Colts forum was a lesson in negativity (including me), but the Steelers forum makes us look like hundreds of devotees of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale!!
  9. So far, so good! You're half-way there!
  10. We have a lot of fun with those bets. 4 old Colts fans (163 combined yrs.) all throw a little money in the pot at the beginning of the season and have our own little game. We use the Vegas odds. After 10 yrs., nobody has lost more than $100.00 in the whole season. We then throw in a little more if we have to and lose it all on one bet in the playoffs. Maybe tomorrow we'll get lucky and lose it all! ;)
  11. This one didn't but I'm not hedging my bet either.
  12. I look at a great many angles each week but I didn't realize this one! I may have to hedge!!
  13. Always will if I feel it's a good bet. Besides, if the Colts win by 3 or less, I'm happy both ways. If the Colts win by more than 3, I'll still be happy and just chalk it up to a lost bet. If the Bengals beat us, well, the pain will be a little less. ;)
  14. You hit that squarely on the head. We all know the Colts. The Bengals are even more strange. They get hammered at home against Cleveland early on...beat the Ravens twice...get slaughtered by the Colts, Pats, and Pitt. Now, they finish the season by *-pounding the Browns at Cleveland....beat the Broncos by 9.....and gave the Steelers more than they wanted last week in Pitt. with Green fumbling at the Pitt. 32 with under 4:00 to play, only down by three.
  15. Colts are favored -3.5 I took the Bengals.
  16. Moncrief might argue that there are 4 teams.
  17. Tenn. and the Bucs will be battling to see who can play the %tiest to get the # 1 pick. I don't think Tenn. has any idea just how cruddy they're going to have to play.
  18. Hammer

    Week 17

    With the exceptions of Luck, Davis, and TY, I don't know if it makes much difference who we put on the field.
  19. 3rd seed..4th seed...doesn't matter. This team sucks and will not go anywhere.
  20. Hammer

    2 pt.

    I hated the blankety-blank call. It cost me some money on the over!!!
  21. I had him at 5 drops, too. It wouldn't bother me if retired tonight.
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