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  1. Yeah. I'm still pretty enamored with Barkley. I like our spot no matter what, tho. I'd be happy with Chubb, Barkely OR trading back a few spots and still getting Chubb or one of the OL. Nice position to be in
  2. Sorry. it was the 85 Bears. Yeah, they were led by their defense, but Payton still rushed for more than 1,500 yards and nine TDs --- had more than 2,000 yards from scrimmage.
  3. And John Riggins was the sixth pick in the draft. It's a quarterbacks league, but great running backs can still carry you. Especially if they can catch the ball. Oh yeah, I think Marshall Faulk was the 4th overall pick.
  4. Irsay hinting at picking Barkley

    I like Chubb a lot. But here's something to think about. a great DL gets you maybe 1 sack a game (16 in a season, right?) a great running back can get you at least 1 TD a game. AND he makes the passing game more potent. opens lanes for receivers, creates play action, can catch the ball out of the backfield. MORE production
  5. you've got two definite and a third probable first rounders. how we gonna get three first round picks? if we landed a stud LT I like moving Castanzo to RT. that fixes two positions I don't like Sammy Watkins
  6. Here's the only thing about all of this that worries me. I've been a fan for 50 years. I REALLY liked what Irsay did in the Manning era. that is, he went out and got one of the best (if not THE best), PROVEN GM in Polian. and when he hired head coaches, he hired PROVEN, experienced HEAD coaches in Mora, then Dungy. I love the fact that McDaniels has been a head coach and a PROVEN offensive coordinator, and that Vrabel seems to be highly regarded as an up and comer. i just miss taking the "sure" thing, rather than betting on the come. i feel like Jim, after Polian, decided he wanted to "find" the next great guy, rather than trust tenured guys. I think being a head coach is really different than being a coordinator. with all that said, I'm happy that the guys they're looking at are at the top of people's lists.
  7. I agree. Unless Bradley Chubb tests off the charts, I don't see how they could go in another direction. Almost everyone has Barkely as the best, or one of the two three players in the entire draft.
  8. You win with stars. Swing for the fences. If Barkley is the best player available you take him.
  9. HOLY snikey!!!! those are the best tapes of anyone I've watched this year. that dude is a freakin monster it was like he was in on every dang play. he's only 225 pounds, but he's playing DL and shooting gaps before anyone can lay a HAND on him. geeeez
  10. film breakdown of Malik Hooker

    I just worry about him staying healthy. He has had a number of injuries.
  11. We have SEVEN picks. You pick the generational RB in round one (if we ultimately believe he's the BEST player available) and you pick OL with two or three of the next picks. C'mon.
  12. Matt Nagy to interview with Colts on Sunday

    ever feel like you just flunked your final exam?
  13. Bill Polian on Dan Dakich

    Not sure it's that simple. He drafted defenders in the first and second rounds --- Freeney, Jackson, Morris, Sanders, Hayden, Angerer, etc. --- i just think he realized that with Manning, our offense was always, rightly, going to be our strength. And so, he drafted Edge, Dallas, Reggie, Addai, etc. we should also recognize that if Luck is healthy, offense should be our strength. that doesn't mean ignore defense, it means project and protect your strength.