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  1. Anyone else excited?

    no. this is the least excited I've been since the 1980s. Ballard has churned the roster, but outside of maybe our first two draft picks, I don't see any above average NFL players on defense. Offense? without Luck, no offense. And I think it may be a long time before we see Luck. They're not even letting him see the practice field.
  2. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    Tough letting a guy who can actually rush the passer (McGill) go on a team that has so little pass rush. Still, Stewart has much more talent to mold. I hope that Jhaustin Thomas gets signed to the practice squad. I think he could be a good pass rusher in time.
  3. Who is our 6th receiver??

    Not really sure it makes much difference at this point. No Luck and Tolzein and Morris were bad in PRESEASON. Imagine how bad they're going to luck in real action. we may be limited to OT right and OT left for the first several games
  4. Luck is #51 on Top-100....

    Ranking him 51 is a joke --- like there are 50 other players in the NFL you'd rather have than Luck. There seems to be sort of an anti-Luck backlash going on in the sports media right now. Stephen A Smith arguing Luck hasn't "lived up to the hype," and other articles suggesting similar things. I actually saw David Carr on the NFL network last night arguing that he would take Jamis Winston over Luck right now --- C'mon! Please!!! Luck took the Colts to an AFC championship game with not a LOT of talent with him. I think there have been only 8 quarterbacks in the HISTORY of the NFL to throw for 40 or more TDs in a season. Luck is one of them --- and he's only been in the league for 5 years. If we can just keep him from being Bert Jones II, he'll be one of the best ever.
  5. uhhhhhh, anybody seein a trend here? Greaaaaat defensive draft, but everyone is picking offensive players bread, meet butter, ross now off and I think watson's next
  6. cool. my point is we need to buttress our STRENGTH ---- the offense, or else our strength won't be strong enough to compete in our division. already, both of the top 2 WR'S are off the board!!
  7. With Fournette in the division, we can't pick enough defenders to counter that. we need to counter with a young stud running back AND defenders
  8. from watching the tape, one really big difference between mccaffrey and samuel is that mccaffrey can make much quicker, sharper cuts. Samuel is much more straight linish, in fact, it makes it look like he plays slower than the 4.3 time he ran at the combine. Mccaffrey's feet are unreal.
  9. OK, so I'm an old dude and been a draft junky for waaaaay too long. i have one prediction --- get ready to be confused by guys drafted. You know when people talk about how they think they lived previous lives ---- and ALL of the people they were in previous lives were famous, or rich, or powerful people we all remember? they're never "Joe, the blacksmith that no one ever heard of?" well, the draft is kind of like that. We've all memorized the draft lists from the pundits. we know who we want. But every year, once the first round is over, the picks start looking weird. they have names of guys who we THOUGHT were ranked really low, or lower than that. Never fails. Take Ballard. last year in Kansas City, they're choices were: Round 2, Pick 6 (37) (From 49ers) Chris Jones DT 6'6" 310 Mississippi St. 6.2 Pick Analysis: "Keep in mind, Dontari Poe is in the fifth and final year of his rookie contract. They just re-signed Jay Howard. Smith has a lot of upside and potential, but is inconsistent, both with technique and motor. Coach Andy Reid is going to have to get it out of him." -- Mike Mayock Round 3, Pick 11 (74) (From Buccaneers) KeiVarae Russell CB 5'11" 192 Notre Dame 5.5 Pick Analysis: "He was a corner at Notre Dame, but a lot of teams have evaluated him as a safety. He played the entire 2015 season with a fracture, and missed the entire 2014 season with an academic issue that would have been a one-game suspension at most other schools." -- Mike Mayock Round 4, Pick 7 (105) (From 49ers) Parker Ehinger OG 6'6" 310 Cincinnati 5.1 Pick Analysis: The Chiefs could use some competition in their interior. Ehinger was a 3-year starter at tackle but he likely gets moved inside at this level. He'll add some versatility to a unit that has allowed the 5th most sacks since 2014. -Mark Dulgerian Round 4, Pick 8 (106) (From Buccaneers through Bears) Eric Murray CB 5'11" 199 Minnesota 5.4 Pick Analysis: Kansas City lost some key players in their secondary so going CB right after addressing their offense makes sense. DC Bob Sutton will value his aggressiveness in his press-man scheme but Murray likely earns a role as a subpackage corner early on. -Mark Dulgerian Round 4, Pick 28 (126) Demarcus Robinson WR 6'1" 203 Florida 5.4 Pick Analysis: If the offseason is any indication, the Chiefs are looking to graduate from their dink-and-dunk offense they sported last year. Robinson is the latest indicator, as he provides Alex Smith with a speedy field-stretcher. There's plenty of untapped potential here. --Mark Dulgerian Round 5, Pick 25 (162) (From Seahawks) Kevin Hogan QB 6'3" 218 Stanford 5.1 Pick Analysis: The Chiefs lost one of the best back up QBs in the NFL to free agency, so that spot is open for business. Similar to Chase Daniel coming out, Hogan led a big program to a ton of wins and he can lead a locker room from day 1. Hogan is limited as a passer, but he's comfortable managing and making plays in a pro style system. --Mark Dulgerian Round 5, Pick 28 (165) Tyreek Hill WR 5'10" 185 West Alabama 4.8 Pick Analysis: The former Oklahoma State Cowboy is a track star with big time explosiveness but only average football instincts. He can be an instant surge for their return game but has a ways to go as an NFL receiver. --Mark Dulgerian Round 6, Pick 3 (178) (From 49ers through Cowboys) D.J. White CB 5'11" 193 Georgia Tech 5.5 Pick Analysis: White lacks some baseline traits to ever compete for significant play time but he's a smart player who needs to earn his keep on special teams. --Mark Dulgerian Round 6, Pick 28 (203) Dadi Nicolas DE 6'3" 235 Virginia Tech 5.2 We all knew Jones, Russell (Who they ended up waiving) and Nicolas. We all know Hill now because he had a great year; but he wasn't even on a lot of draft boards ... the others? all MEH picks. just sayin, be prepared at the end of the day Saturday to be miffed, bewildered and surprised! all we can hope for is to hit in the first round ---- Polian was great at this ---- and hope to find nuggets like Hill in the bewilderment! DRAAAAAAFFFFFTTTTT!!!!!!!
  10. Here's another crazy thought. So, to get Mccaffrey, you'd have to move up to at least 7, because almost everyone thinks that Carolina is going to take him at 8. So then, Jonathon Allen falls because of stories about arhritic shoulders. THEN WHAT? Do you snag Jonathon Allen? hoo-dog
  11. I'm not crazy about giving up draft choices. BUT, I think people are getting a little defense-miopic here. Yes, our defense has been bad. Yes, we'd love to have it be better. But let's think about impact. If the defensive player you're looking at IS NOT a double-digit NFL sacker; if the corner or safety you're looking at doesn't increase turnovers, they're not going to have the same impact as a dude who scores more touchdowns and creates mismatches the offense can exploit. What's that old saying? "The best defense is a good offense." AND, there will be players to pick in the third and fourth rounds that could be just as good at sacking QBs ---- Bowswer, Hendrickson, Basham, Rivers, etc. Mccaffrey could be a chess piece. Mate
  12. Believe it or not, Reggie ran just under 4.6 when he came into the league. He could truck.
  13. What are we actually missing?

    I think Aiken signed a short-term contract and Moncreif is in the last year of his rookie deal, which means he could be let go if he doesn't rebound this year. (i like Moncrief) Add into that we were in play for Alshon Jeffrey --- who, by the way is a LOT like Mike Williams --- and a WR is a possible pick. just sayin
  14. What are we actually missing?

    honestly --- outside of making SURE the OL is set --- stars, impact players at ANY position. you win with stars. Right now, we've got Luck and TY. no other stars. that's why I wouldn't mind an offensive player at 15 ---- even a wideout.
  15. I have been liking the predictions of Harris to the Colts, but I'm changing my mind after listening to Polian talk about his 40 time benchmarks. Say what you want about Uncle Bill, but he had a pretty good record of finding pass rushers. He says 4.8 is too slow. that would take out both Harris and Bennett. i know there are exceptions, but ...