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  1. unless the other two running backs are also considered top 15 picks. uhhhh, which a lot of people have predicted
  2. It doesn't matter if you only run him 10-15 times a game. You'd also use him to split out in the slot. He'd be a matchup nightmare. And I do think people are shortchanging his running ability. They ran him ALL the time at Stanford. And mostly between the tackles.
  3. Geez. If Fournette is still there at 15, you HAVE to take him --- unless his legs fall off the day before. And I can EASILY see them taking McDowell if he's still here in the second --- he's almost a carbon copy (maybe more talented) of Chris Jones, the Mississippi State DT the Chiefs picked last year. I don't know about the OL guy. But you couldn't be too upset with THIS. I mean, C'mon. Most people think Fournette is a once-every-10-years type of player. Anyone remember Peyton and Edge --- before Edge got hurt?
  4. One last thing. I have seen film of Charlton playing up --- out of a 2 point stance --- and doing it well. I think one of the reasons people were disappointed in his times at the combine was because he moves so well for a big guy on game tape. He's pretty agile and quick.
  5. I like Charlton a lot. He's big, plays fast and has been improving each year. I know that everyone thinks we run just a 3-4 and that Charlton wouldn't be a typical OLB in that system. But I think we run more hybrid. And frankly, if you can get a pass rush out of your four up front lineman and let LB's be part of the coverage and/or pass rush --- you're ahead of the game. Lots of folks see Justin Tuck in Charlton
  6. It's not bad. Thomas unlikely as others said. But you could put Tak McKinley or Taco Charlton, Charles Harris, Reddick --- any number of others in there at 15.
  7. If you look over the roster right now, we don't have any pro-bowl, or "impact" players on the defense at all --- with the possible exception of Vontae Davis. We don't have any singular run stopper, pass rusher, linebacker --- anything. We have gotten younger and maybe some of our younger guys, the safeties in particular, will rise up. But it looks bleak. we got rid of all the guys who were ONCE "star" players, Adams, Jones, DQ, Mathis, etc. Not saying we shouldn't have, but the roster is bleak Let's hope we get a defender or two with potential in the draft.
  8. We draft offense in the first round ---- a WR! and the board will melt
  9. this is a terrific post! thanks for dong all that work. It will be REALLY interesting to see what happens.
  10. I watched a bunch of his highlights, It looks like they run some sort of "read" run game that is like what Leveon Bell does with Pittsburgh. Foreman kind of shuffles in the backfield looking for a hole and I think that makes him look slower. But watch when he breaks open. I saw a bunch of long runs where no one catches him. He's pretty fast and he has very quick for a big guy.
  11. I love the guy. Boosts the run game AND the passing game. He's Faulk-like By the way, both Marshall Faulk and LaDanian Tomlinson gushed about the guy during the combine/path to the draft discussions.
  12. it was a woman. he approached her with bad intentions. she wasn't pursuing him. I'm surprised he never got charged with anything. Period
  13. I think the biggest thing all of his signings have done is give him the flexibility of being able to pick almost ANY position --- offense or defense (except QB) --- to get the best player. A potential star, wherever they play. Games are won by stars. We still are woefully short at CB and he loves to pick CBs (look at KCs recent drafts) but I think it could mean the best WR or RB, CB, DL, even OL.
  14. In no order. Guys I think are likely to be there and who could potentially give us a star. Hassan Reddick OJ Howard Dalvin Cook Taco Charlton Garreon Conley And now, guys who remind me of people that KC has picked in recent years that could be sleepers for first or second round Malik McDowell --- reminds me of Chris Jones who KC picked last year Christian McCaffrey --- souped up version of Tyreek Hill, but can also be starting RB Curtis Samuel --- another souped up version of Tyreek Hill.
  15. well, i just watched the video. it was not pretty. he hit her full force, just like he was assaulting a guy. and while she shoved him, she did so after he feinted in her direction as if he were going to attack her. man. that was not good. I don't know how he didn't face charges.

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