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  1. After looking at a bunch of highlights, i'm thinking DT RJ Mcintosh from Miami. he's graded lower because they're saying he is still growing into a player. But if you watch him, he's super quick into gaps, got great movement skills. He looks like he'd be perfect for a 4-3. watch him vs Notre Dame. he was everywhere.
  2. hey, everyone wanted bold! I actually do believe he could be really really good. and the football gods say, "passers, and pass rushers." that said I'll be happy with Barkley, Chubb, Smith, Ward, Edmunds, even Nelson.
  3. It's not Roquan Smith and it's not Denzel Ward. It's not even Chubb or Edmunds. It's MARCUS DAVENPORT
  4. yeah, i really misunderstood that. but now I'm even more confused about why the Raiders would do that. I just don't see that.
  5. Gigc

    Dwight Freeney set to retire as Colt

    I don't think I ever saw another pass rusher get to the quarterback faster as often as he did. When Freeney beat guys he was an absolute blur. I think my favorite sack was in the New Orleans Super Bowl we lost. It was really ironic. As usual that year, we had pulled starters out of late season games to protect ourselves from gettin injured. Then, on one of the LAST freakin plays against the Jets in the AFC Championship game, Freeney hurt his ankle bad --- tore a ligament. We weren't sure, even with the 2 week rest, that he was going to be able to play in the Super Bowl. But he taped it up and played. Early in the game, Saints driving, Freeney just BULLRUSHES the OT in front of him and with one hand rips Brees down. I still think if Dwight had been healthy in that game, we would have gotten a couple more stops and won. Best Colt DE I've ever personally seen.
  6. why does Oakland want to trade up to 6? who's the player they would be after? I'm reading they like Roquan Smith
  7. I think that would be the only reason. Chubb had 10 sacks; that's great but it's not elite. For example, one of the players Chubb's been compared to is Terrell Suggs. But I went back to look at Sugg's college stats. He had 24!!!! sacks as a senior. Davenport might be that surprise player. but, in the end, I think we take one of those three if they're there.
  8. Gigc

    Colts host former Raiders OT Austin Howard

    He's started everywhere he's played over the years, including all 16 games for the Ravens last year. Man, if we could settle down at RT that would be AWESOME.
  9. Gigc

    5 Players to Watch

    I'm looking forward to see what happens with another of our basketball TE projects --- Mo Allie Cox I'm still hoping that Swoope can reach his potential, but I think Cox has a higher ceiling.
  10. Gigc

    Most impactful Colts' rookie over the past 20 years

    For all of those who are dead-set against the idea of drafting Saquan Barkley, it should be noted that two rookies over the past 20 years who had the most positive impact were running backs --- Edge and Marshal Faulk. by the way, Saquan is a little like Faulk.
  11. They're are a number of worthy players, but when you watch highlights you see the potential warts for each. I don't think Roquan could play anything but WILL linebacker. He just gets blown out by blockers. I think people are sleeping on Ward, who has incredible cover skills, at CB and Davenport, who could end up being the best pass rusher. With Nelson, I felt like he ended up doing a lot of double-team pass blocking; didn't see enough man on man. Out of all them, Edmonds looks to have the highest boom/bust factor. You worry about his instincts, but wow, physically he's all you want. And I think he could play all three LB positions and even some pass-rushing DE in a 4-3. Still hoping for a shot at Chubb/Barkley.
  12. i agree. the whole REASON why player A is ranked as the sixth best player in a draft and player B is ranked between 30 and 40 is because player A is supposed to be a LOT better prospect. Ballard needs, WE need, to hit on our first rounder. If one of those three guys --- barkley, chubb or nelson, is there at 6, i think you need to take him. the only one I waver on is Nelson, and that's because a lot of the video i've seen of him in pass protection has him getting double-team help from the tackle or center. And, because i think you can get a guard in the second round and swing for a pass rusher or playmaker on defense in round 1.
  13. the only way that trade happens without us getting the 11 pick is if they give us a player, or players. But I'm not sure they have anyone we would want. Do they have OL or a DL we'd be interested in?
  14. Gigc


    I think we should enter into trade talks with them --- then, with 15 seconds left on the clock, choose our guy. patriots ssssssuck