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  1. I think the biggest thing all of his signings have done is give him the flexibility of being able to pick almost ANY position --- offense or defense (except QB) --- to get the best player. A potential star, wherever they play. Games are won by stars. We still are woefully short at CB and he loves to pick CBs (look at KCs recent drafts) but I think it could mean the best WR or RB, CB, DL, even OL.
  2. In no order. Guys I think are likely to be there and who could potentially give us a star. Hassan Reddick OJ Howard Dalvin Cook Taco Charlton Garreon Conley And now, guys who remind me of people that KC has picked in recent years that could be sleepers for first or second round Malik McDowell --- reminds me of Chris Jones who KC picked last year Christian McCaffrey --- souped up version of Tyreek Hill, but can also be starting RB Curtis Samuel --- another souped up version of Tyreek Hill.
  3. well, i just watched the video. it was not pretty. he hit her full force, just like he was assaulting a guy. and while she shoved him, she did so after he feinted in her direction as if he were going to attack her. man. that was not good. I don't know how he didn't face charges.
  4. absolutely. happy birthday to the man. i miss watching him play
  5. signed form the Canadian League before Grigson was let go. He's a 230 pound edge-rushing linebacker.
  6. No offense to all the guards out there but if we were going to go OL, I'd rather go Bolles or Ramzych --- OT. If we're going to draft a OL high, I would think it would make more sense to draft a LT and then switch Castonzo over to RT ---- that fixes the OL because then you can use the other guys to fill the guard spots.
  7. not sure about that. there was a reason Ballard took a shot at signing Alshon Jefferey. but who knows?
  8. Honestly, now that we've signed some folks and Sidney Jones got hurt, unless someone like Reddick or Foster is there, I'd be tempted to go for an offensive player like Mike Williams, Corey Davis, OJ Howard or Dalvin Cook. Then go edge or CB in second and third rounds.
  9. It will be real interesting to see if we get any real production out of Mingo and Margus Hunt. I thought Hunt would turn into a pretty good player a couple of years ago, but it never happened in Cincy
  10. I'm just thinking of guys who SHOULD actually be there at 15. Now, I know that Todd McShay got flayed for suggesting Corey Davis to us today; but Davis is one of a couple of guys that actually, I think, have the most potential to be pro-bowl players, So, love Corey Davis; Love the idea of OJ Howard; really like Dalvin Cook. Defense --- Love Reddick, Taco Charlton. Like Malik McDowell. Really liked Sidney Jones, feel bad for that guy. Budda Baker, Charles Harris.
  11. Yes, we don't have Dallas' line. But we were running the ball better near the end of the year. the line was playing better all the way around. I was just saying --- you put a stud RB in our offense, it makes us better
  12. look what a really good --- not a fourth rounder --- running back helped them do in Dallas last year.
  13. Well, you know what? They should be in a win-now mode. We were 8-8 last year. One more win and we're in the playoffs. We were 37 seconds away from winning the opening game in Detroit. 37 seconds and we're in the playoffs. Right now, the strength of our team --- the one we should hone --- is our offense. I'm pretty sure that's one reason Ballard was rumored to be interested in Alshon Jeffereys. Now, because we traded Allen, we have to pick another TE --- so that pick we got? pretty much seems to be targeted for TE. We started the week with 7 draft picks. We now have 7 draft picks (because we had to give NE our 6th rounder WITH Allen to get NE's 4th. Meanwhile, really good teams DO take big swings. Look at what New England (Grrrrrr) has done. They lose Martellus Bennett. They pick up Dwayne Allen (50 catches, 6 TDS). They sign Stephon Gilmore, one of the "bigger" free agents. They trade their 1st for Brandin Cooks! No Slouch. Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to watch and wait. but I really hate the idea that we have "tear down" what's here. We have Andrew Luck. This is not rebuilding. It's tweaking I know, I'm tweaking.
  14. So far we've weakened our offense and our defense. We traded production --- whatever you thought of Allen, that was 50 catches and 6 TDs --- for a 4th round pick. (Go back and look at last year's 4th round; outside of Dak Prescott, there's not a lot there) And we've let everyone who was a free agent on defense, and then some, go. Jabaal Sheard had 5 sacks last year; Simon 3 1/2, Mingo 0. That's 2 1/2 less than Erik Walden --- who we didn't re-sign. And geez, go look at the CBs on the roster. Outside of Vontae Davis, there's no one! Especially now that we've let Butler walk away.
  15. One last thought. if there's a guy you think really could be an all-pro at 15, wouldn't you want that guy --- regardless of position? OJ Howard could be there. I haven't seen too many mocks with him picked before 15. think of him as a safety blanket for Luck, and our offense

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