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  1. TheBlueAndWhite

    Call me crazy...

    I believe they haven't ruled him out yet from a buisiness stand point, fans will buy more tickets because they still have hope that luck will play the first couple games of the season. If the colts come out and say he is out the first 4 games of the season. How many tickets would they sell for those games?
  2. TheBlueAndWhite

    Already tired of Pagano

    We are not "spoiled colts fans" for wanting this team to come out fast, aggressive and confident. Not laid back and slow. That falls on the head coach directly. I dont care if we win or lose preseason games, but what i do know is we should be coming out to play hard no matter what, do anything to win regardless if it counts or not, get guys confidence levels up that way we are ready for the regular season intensity. The way i look at preseason is 4 games to ramp uo your intensity, confidence and effort for regular season games. Not lull ourselves to sleep with coasting players.
  3. TheBlueAndWhite

    Colts @ Cowboys Preseason Game Night Thread

    I have said it for years, the problem is not our players, its the head coach All has been.