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  1. Haha, I would man, but I play drums too! No use for two drummers
  2. He rins more like lesean mccoy imo
  3. So freaking stupid, I am over this organization, Irsay is running it into the ground. Go green bay packers!!
  4. I think the smartest thing they can do is find a good coach, that is also a GM, that way he knows exactly what players fit his scheme. I like the way the patriots use billichik, now I also know it has been done before, and billichik may be the exception to the rule, but I say we try it. A couple people I could see successfully doing that would be Gruden and or Manning. Both have knowledge of the game. And both know talent when they see it.
  5. We should have kept that morris kid, i thought he played better than tolzien, but no use crying over spilled milk i suppose!
  6. Thats no excuse! The rest of the colts are not in game shape, but they still play! Lol
  7. Im with you!
  8. I hope we go 0-16 this season that will force irsay to make decisions and cut his losses.
  9. I am just sick and tired of the dang missed tackles, how many times did we have theo riddick in the backfield only to try and upper body hug him for the tackle?! For the love of all that is holy, WRAP UP!
  10. Atleast i have golden tate on my fantasy team! Lol
  11. Yes this game brought back flashes of last years team and worse, but im feeling pretty optamistic still (even though i am one of the more pessamistic people on this forum), Only because i think the eagles are playing their absolute best in this preseason. I mean look what they did to the steelers last week? 17-0 we all know that the steelers are not a bad football team. What i think is happening is the colts are being as basic as they can be in the preaseason for a reason. They will come out week one on fire with very good playcalling that they never showed in preseason they are being vanilla for a purpose I feel. Here is to hoping mewhort is okay!
  12. Yeah southwest I like all of those actioned packed fight scenes and everything else that Michael bay brings ( except the cheesy humor and the girls ). I was a huge fan of all the previous transformers and loved watching them over and over again BUT age of extinction SUCKED, stupid one liners throughout the entire movie and the fight scenes were not near as good as the others in any of the 3 previous transformers.. They were way... WAY to forced and disjoynted. And when referring to mark wahlbergs acting that was on him. He just seemed on edge\uncomfortable all movie long!. He should just stick with military type movies that's what he's good at. He sucked in this movie as well as pain and gain... JMO
  13. Agreed MTC I saw it as well and it seemed like it was forced and the fight scenes were choppy at best... And I am a huge mark wahlburg fan but he just straight sucked it up this movie

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