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smitto, tamme is cheap, and plays special teams. i dont think he is a starter, but you need cheap backups that can play!

saturday is a tough one, he is popular, which makes no diff in this sport, but i dont know about pollack. if he folds at center like he does at guard, whoever the QB is is gonna have treadmarks all over him. my hope would be that we could get him for one more year, if the price is right, for depth at least.

then again, maybe thats a draft position, whats his name konz?

tamme is pretty good on special teams, but Pollack was pretty good when he played at Guard this year... also he was considered a 1st round draft pick because of his play at the Center position.. that is his original spot.

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It seems to me that you start with the hardest positions to fill. Good wide receivers are hard to come by. Besides, unless Garcon steps it up some more, we still haven't got a solid deep threat. I think you have to keep Reggie. He's not a speed receiver he's a route runner that consistantly beats single coverage, no loss of talent due to age. You don't have to test his hands they're still some of the best in the league. He's a savvy verteran. He has shown to be very durable. This year he showed great heart. There just isn't a downside. Keep Wayne. Evaluate Garcon, but hunt for the deep threat opposite #87.

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