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  1. uh, maureen..... that aint a troll on your award.....its a pickadilly. you know the difference????? where is his right index finger??? unfortunately i have the set of three on my porch.
  2. thanks for the flowers lm. hope to type with you on the forum some time....
  3. i am wondering if i can put some cold hard numbers on what 'cant miss' means. odds of success if you will. i see two ways to do this, and a data set to check it on...maybe. suppose i look at the nfl and nba drafts in the past-- 1) how many 'cant miss' guys were annointed as such, and how did they do? 2) how many under the radar guys that became superstars are there? i know this still has 'squishy' part to it-- taking the familiar example of leaf and manning for example: do i call them both cant miss? or were there enough doubters on manning to say he was a suprise, not a cant miss? i think for
  4. ok, heavy is the head that wears the crown. internal doubt about 'am i doing the right thing' is making me sweat.... 'cant miss' verses riding my hall of famer QB into the sunset, whats the right thing?? already in imaginary gm world there is tension and friction-- bob kravitz has just wrote a column saying i am ruining the franchise, and have dandruff too. grrrrrr. i want to scream at him for not knowing what the heck he is talking about..... peyton is 'rehabbing' in my office in a titans jersey, jeff fisher just called-- not ME, but peyton. manning shows me a text from that weasel saying '
  5. maureen, sorry, but i am old and not too computer savvy...and have never blogged before (unless it came out when i sneezed)... did i manage to tag it right? i
  6. that's fear, uncertainty and doubt, a term used in stock picking circles about trying to extract something useful from what someone (say a competitor to your fave stock) says on record. 'its got warts' might be what the competitor says about your product-- when he cant compete on performance or price. all sorts of verbage out here from manning, irsay, polian for example-- is it all just hot air, or are there nuggets we can use? since i dont have real insider info, i have to sift all the stuff said by insiders (not reporters) for input. a real gm would be watching manning rehab, all i get is
  7. ok, so i am the new gm of the colts.....bet this pays better than the old job does!! first, some boilerplate-- i dont have access to real game film, or true insider info. i will use (for now) cbs sportline as my database for my evaluation of potential players, because 1) i already read a lot there, and 2) the colts play on cbs. i have followed a lot of the conversations in the forum for a few years. certain posters have a lot of credibility in my view, and i wiil shamelessly steal from them every chance i get. i see the world thru fan-colored glasses. my experience with 'management' over the y
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