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Painter Will Start Monday At Tampa (Merge)


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I understand the problem of learning the offense, but they asked Collins to do it - so I'm not ultimately buying it as an excuse. If Colts asked and Garrard refused, fine. I'd like to be all behind Painter. He was at Purdue when my son was attending. He CAN be good ... but he has been historically erratic. I hope he brings his "A" game to the quarterback starting role!

But you have to admit that Purdue plays in the Big Ten and most games they are outmatched in talent. It could have contributed to Painter's struggles. I think our team is still a top team talent wise, but the QB spot has been our major ail. Painter hasa top 5 NFL offense around him. Add that to the fact we are running the ball better and our o-line play is already better than years past and guys are still gelling and improving.

My point is Painter stands a better chance to be successful with the Colt's offense around him vs NFL teams, than with Purdue's offense around him vs Big Ten teams. I could be way off, but I hope I'm right and Painter settles our back-up QB for the future talk.

I'm just praying for a Brady like situation to happen. Did anyone really think when Tom Brady came in as a 6th round pick who didn't even play for Michigan he would be a future MVP? I sure the heck didn't, and the same could be said for Painter. No one has ever seen the guy play a whole game with an NFL top 5 first team offense. Let's wait until Tuesday to say he isn't the answer because what he showed on that last drive against Pittsburgh says he very well could be the answer.

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