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  1. I gave my pessimist view, now here's one for the inner optimist. People always said he was the Jordan of football, well he could still come out of retirement if he gets his mind right like Jordan did. Especially if you see him at all the games active with the team still. Don't burn your bridges forever. People chill and have faith he changes his mind and gets healthy and regrets and comes back with a burning fire.
  2. He really screwed us with this. We could have signed Foles, a dude that's actually won a Super Bowl under our coach. Instead we have nothing, and our division rival has him. I'm just devastated as a fan.
  3. The chances of making the playoffs are only 38 percent to begin with. So not doomed, but concerned. For all we know the Bengals could be good this year. Lots of season left.
  4. To be fair to the line and both GMs, health and continuity is a major factor in a flourishing offensive line. I think if our line was healthy since day one things could be different. I think Kelly is playing hurt, and so was Mewhort until he got IR'd. AC has been doing decent like always, but the rest of the line has been a mess. You can't predict injuries and I think the NFL needs to seriously reevaluate their playing surfaces and use some modern technology on all fields if it's safer. Injuries are a league wide problem. But man we sure do seem to take the brunt of them ever since the Manning debacle. Injuries seem to do in our chances almost every year the past few. And obviously the draft isn't an overnight answer and free agency is a crap shoot. The key to this team's success is a healthy Luck and offensive line. You start shuffling guys on the fly every single Sunday, and we all see the result. So the real question should be, how do we stay healthy? Replacing decent prospects with even better ones will not work out if they can't stay healthy.
  5. We almost led the league in sacks under Manusky and it was a team affair. Grigson drafted Fleener. Yes Mathis and Wayne were here but they were past their primes, even though Mathis led the league in sacks, he did get caught doping around that time. I think the year he was suspended we almost led the league in sacks but I could be wrong. We let go of Grigson's OC and DC for Pagano's. Tell me how that's working for us? I'd say Manusky and Pep weren't the problems, and maybe Grigson wasn't either. This may all be starting to point towards Pagano.
  6. Oh wow an ad hominem attack. How original...Malik is burnt toast and his picks were more luck than skill. We have the worst coverage safeties in the league and it isn't even close. The stats don't lie. We couldn't stop Alabama out there.
  7. Yet somehow we still managed to put a more respectable team around Hasselback, than the highly esteemed JB and company.
  8. Ballard has given us our worse season since 2011 and heads rolled that year. He's the one who went into the season without a stop gap at QB. Grigson was horrible in the draft, but he did get us Vontae and players like Adams who were pro bowlers. Grigson gave us Hasselback who actually had a better record that year than Luck. He got canned for going 8-8 two years in a row and missing the big dance by 1 game. We were a flawed team getting blown out every few weeks then too, but Ballard hasn't given me much hope yet. His draft this year is already looking shaky. Injuries are a thing? How many of Grigson's picks busted because some players never can recover from what may seem like even a minor injury to a fan? If you lose even a fraction of a step in this game your career can be toast. Ballard's draft is already looking shaky. What if Hooker never recovers? Even Werner showed flashes. I was at a game he had two sacks and helped us seal the W against a tough Baltimore team. Did he get hurt and never recover or just get rich and lose his hunger? Possibly, but we won't ever know and Grigson gets a bust. What if the same thing happens to Hooker? 7 games of promise and nothing ever again. We gonna give Ballard a pass? Literally the only way I can even defend Ballard right now is that he is intentionally tanking. He put this roster together and it is a true bottom feeder, something Grigson never even accomplished with a 40 year old Hasselback running the show. I'm willing to give him time, but he's not off to a great start.
  9. LOL more impact than Grigson? Grigson took what every single expert and analyst said was a 3 win team and they went 11-5 those three years. Ballard met the analyst's expectations of us being horrid. We are a worse team than last year all around. Grigson won GM of the year his first year, Ballard is going to win us a top 5 pick and a general consensus we are a bottom feeder again, but this time they are right.
  10. JB is the most overrated QB to ever play here. He is not a starting quality player. He's proven to be a solid back up and nothing more. He can't make the touch throws and the timing routes. He just bullets it in there. If he was your starting QB, you'd be a perennial loser. He's not even that elusive with his legs either. He's just plain average at best. I'm not going to give him props for us squeaking past two winless teams. He's not consistent enough to put together long scoring drives that eats clock and lets our defense rest. He hasn't done anything in any second half this whole year. He's the opposite of clutch. Starts strong and slowly fades away as the opposing defense figures out his tendencies. No wonder our pass defense is trash, they have a false sense of being decent playing him in practice every week. Most of the sacks yesterday were him not getting rid of the ball. We won't win another game with him starting so this season is toast.
  11. Kelvin Hayden laid the biggest hit in Colt's history. Maybe I missed it, but I don't think I saw it on there. I think it was on a punt return. I remember when they had the big hit "jacked up" countdown on ESPN, he had like the number 1 or 2 hit of the year for the whole NFL. It was a monster hit!
  12. This is a legit thread. All Colts fans should be on board with this. Grigson has whiffed on too many first round picks and free agents so we are going to miss the playoffs again barring a miracle. The Irsay's should be doing everything they can to get Peyton Manning here to to be the GM, even if that means keeping on Grigson as the assistant GM while Peyton is the figure head with the final decision. Peyton made this franchise and only he can turn it around like Elway in Denver. So Peyton please come home and Irsay do the right thing! Let's make this happen. Luck and Peyton on commercials would be a marketing miracle for a league that is losing viewers at the moment. It would also be a way for Peyton to redeem himself here if he could win multiple rings with Luck at the helm of his masterpiece roster.
  13. What in the current regime's track record suggests we will collapse? Three 11-5 years and last year we finished 8-8 without Luck. Yes I'm still on my heels if we can make a true run or not, but it's possible. So if we go off of track records it seems inevitable we will finish better this year than last because of Luck. If we could somehow win the next 4 it would be huge! A short week for a Thursday Pittsburgh game after Tennessee scares me, but the Ravens laid the blueprint yesterday.
  14. Everyone is limiting a rookie and a 2nd year guy that hasn't gotten a chance yet to scrubs. Morrison is rough but he has some talent and is actually playing as a rookie and buried on the bench so that gives me hope. Jackson looks like he needs to start next to DQwell. I know what I saw and I saw a decent starter possibly. He might not be a pro bowler right now but could he be? Would you think Gary Bracket would have been when he was backing up Rob Morris and rated a 50 something on Madden? He has speed that competes with Bracket and his mentality appears to be that of Bob Sanders. Some of you are sleeping on the fact that this guy needs to play now. McNary is slow and good on special teams and as a back up. This guy could be a missing piece to the puzzle. You can tell he plays with a chip on his shoulder and that mentality spreads to more veteran players and inspires them like Bob Sanders did. We need guys with that hunger even if they end up only being situational players.
  15. Is this guy a potential diamond in the rough? He seems decent in coverage and is really young and plays fast and hits hard. For all the talk about our lack of talent, I feel we have some young talent that can be overlooked. I also think Akeem Ayers has some potential in this defense as well. Add in Morrison and are things as bleak at linebacker as people say in the young talent department? Sure another draft could help but I'm a homer fanatic lol.
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