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My goodness, it is Laron Landry at it again, move over Bernard Pollard


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2010 season - Laron Landry in game 3 tackles Jermichael Finley, Finley out for season. Laron Landry in game 4 tackles Dallas Clark, Dallas Clark out for season

Fast forward, 2012 season - Laron Landry tackles Fred Jackson, Fred Jackson injured badly that he will be out for a while

Is it just me or is Laron Landry out to hurt someone if he tackles someone? At least Bernard Pollard was next to Wes Welker when it happened, more like in the vicinity and did not make the tackle. He did get Tom Brady good in the knee in game 1 of 2008 season, and Rob Gronkowski in the 2011 AFCCG though the tackle was made worse by Rob trying to get free, IMO. Only the Brady one really is Pollard's fault.

But Laron Landry, the Pats better watch out with their TEs while playing the Jets.

This guy changes the fantasy landscape totally while tackling RBs and TEs.

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