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  1. Wouldn't mind one of the younger old retreads like Rivers was (Stafford, Ryan). Can't go young QB with this team.
  2. I'm not gonna be bitter about all the bad today. I was definitely proud as we hung with what are considered the big dogs in the conference. Had some brutal breaks go against us tonight. The football gods wanted Buffalo to get some love today. I get it. How did that guy catch those 2 passes before halftime? I'm still like how the # did he keep his toes in? They (refs) also 'let them play' a bit much at times. There were several times our DLine got held hardcore and no calls. TY was also BLATANTLY held on 2 catches I remember off the top of the head.
  3. Everyone had a little blame. Literally one or two things go our way it's a W. We should've recovered that fumble by Allen. Should've made the FG. There were a few nice 3rd and longs where we did our 'bend and break the fanbase' cushions. Ugh, we almost had it, weren't good enough to beat the #2 having those things happen (plus more).
  4. I really thought it was gonna be an old man Rivers miracle we talk about for years. Sucks, football is over..
  5. Had PLEEEEENTY of time to that's what makes it more annoying.
  6. Terrible last drive with tons of time. Couldn't even get in fg range.
  7. In his defense.. Hot Rod could've had us tied also...ugh. tough loss
  8. We're winning this baby... Forget that turn off the lights on the season nonsense.. Sorry Bills Mafia old man.. You're going home a loser.
  9. I stuck up for him earlier but he was trying to be cute thinking we'll hold on for a one point win instead of OT at the end.
  10. Yeah baby.. Screw all that crying... Still alive..
  11. Who knows if he even makes the first one at this point.. Lol
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