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  1. We went from doom to potential division winner... My heart can't take this %...
  2. Please don't duck up royally here...I won't be able to take that.
  3. Why?? wth man... Way to close for comfort..
  4. That's where I'm at... You gotta be kidding me...
  5. Please no freak pick 6 just to be a sweet kick to the man sack..
  6. They better not make this 'interesting'..
  7. C'mon man. 49 harder?? He's definitely not a 50+ kicker. Not hating on him, but 50+ he's iffy.
  8. Don't be annoying guys... Please put this away in the third... Stop ducking around ..
  9. Sorry sweety, I'll be useless today.. You listening hunny, I'm buying a Ferrari on Amazon... No problem babe... Did you say something?
  10. Haha . That's great... I'm giving myself the day off, see you all later..
  11. She knew before she married you.. Mine knows Colts on, leave me alone..
  12. Wow.. Only 19 3 n outs all season. That's impressive as we've had times where we can't do anything on O.
  13. Just gotta get out injury free. Can't afford anyone getting hurt this week.
  14. Loved him..Phillips was a monster..rip. Loved him..Phillips was a monster..rip.
  15. Took Taylor 8 minutes to hit 100.. Lol
  16. I agree he'd be way better than anyone including Mahomes.
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