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  1. Took Taylor 8 minutes to hit 100.. Lol
  2. I agree he'd be way better than anyone including Mahomes.
  3. Lol... And they didn't call Carrie for a flag there.. I'm happy, but they're so inconsistent..
  4. From one scrub to another TD baby...yeeeah
  5. Taylor the slow scrub with a nice run baby..
  6. Excited to play a 1 win team.. This is awesome.. Lol
  7. Nice...just gotta win and then read all the doom and gloom about how we're gonna lose by 35 at Buffalo next week if Tenn wins.. Lol. Good times..
  8. So as long as we don't play like it's week one we're gold.. Lol
  9. Don't fold Buffalo... That td was quick by Mia... Crazy how minus Buffalo looks like we'd be out...
  10. Wow, Castonzo looks like a freak in that picture.. Lol. Jacked up.
  11. Happy New Year's to you all as well. Love the board we have here. Cheers to all posters, even the bad ones (joke).
  12. I'll just be happy as long as it isn't KC.
  13. If you're out of the playoffs like Hou is you play for pride and hope to end the season on a high. Most guys (QB) would want to play anyway. Sitting out talk is reserved for winning teams headed to the playoffs. Losing teams play everyone available. Let's go Watson...
  14. Anything can happen so I'm not predicting any losses on Wednesday. Even the bad teams will go all out because there's nothing left of the season so may as well play spoiler. Happens every year. I think at least one of the teams we need to lose will and we've just gotta handle our business. Hoping we can pull off the division with Houston's help.
  15. Well that ducking sucks.. ughh. A great all time underappreciated Colt.
  16. Yes please. And can we have the guy on the other side back please?
  17. Just gotta hope you bottom out at the right time if you know what I mean. Getting a top 10 pick in a crappy QB class happens all the time unfortunately. For now, I'm cool with retreads for a few years (Ryan,Stafford, Rivers types).
  18. He's definitely coming out. Can't pass up that kind of cash, although Jax makes it harder than it should be . Although I'd hate it if he's great because it hurts my team, it just makes us have to keep pace and draft well and develop guys too compete. If not then we become the Jags of the division.
  19. It's scary thinking back to him being on the Rams in a starting QB controversy with Marc Bulger for what seems like 50 years ago and he's still around and has had some brilliant games sprinkled in every place he's been.
  20. He'd thrive here being indoors as he's getting older, solid front office/coach. I think Indy is going to be an attractive potential landing spot because of that to QB's available.
  21. I agree 100%. Can't throw a young raw guy in there with this roster. Guys like Q, Buck, Leonard aren't going to be young forever. I honestly don't mind the top retread every year or two because at least you stay relevant in the playoff/championship race every year. Can't go 'all in' on a first rd rookie 'just because.' That's how you end up with a Ponder/Quinn type like the Browns/Bills/Jags did for the past decade. Totally different if it's an Andrew Luck, but those are rare. Ballard is past the honeymoon phase where he can have a few losing seasons with t
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