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    I never saw the need for Instant Messaging Myself. Instant gratification through a keyboard or texting is overrated in my humble opinion.
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    Enough questions already. I feel like I'm being interrogated man. Big Brother is watching you too. Just Kidding!!! Add Alfred Hitchcock suspense music here.
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    What is this? A Torn Calf Muscle or Something?
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    Asking people sarcastic questions like this one:
    Do you know why adults always ask little kids what do you wanna be when they grow up? They are looking for ideas about possible career choices themselves. HA! HA!
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    Some things must remain private these days.
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    Yeah, I have been known to get longwinded sometimes. Just Kidding!!!
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    Sounds like a parachute free fall base jump to me. Now do I pull the red chord first or the yellow one? Decisions, decisions, decisions...Hmmm

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  1. I was listening to 101.5 WIBA FM yesterday driving home & the DJ on duty was talking about buying a ranch home with a 2nd story tower on it with his wife. He said he goes up in 1 room in there & blares Dio music which according to him "can lure & summon dragons to his residence." LOL!

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    2. southwest1


      That's what makes you bond with people when they go off script & share with your audience bizarre stuff that makes you tick & humanizes you, especially on radio when the intimacy of the very platform feels 1 on 1 with countless listeners like 2 good friends laughing on the front porch over hot dogs, brats, & burgers etc. etc.

    3. The Fish

      The Fish

      The only important thing here is that Dio kicks ***

    4. radiogirl


      The best jocks are the ones that bond with their listeners. You would make a great one SW! However, I have learned after 30 years in radio...they are all at least a little insane.

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