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  1. We will still be a good team am Shure of that , but super bowl? not his year.
  2. Now that most people have vented, maybe it's time to move forward, and really think about solving the problem of our future QB for the near future , with our team being developed.
  3. John Unitas legs although not the best, was hampered buy an Achilles he got playing table tennis in the off season.
  4. Yes , wasn't it a rotator cuff that shortened Jones career, in the end?
  5. The only time that is a good time to retire is after you win the Super bowl Right?
  6. Very well said Coltsfan66!
  7. Let's face it, it was more than a calf injury, It involved the bone , and extensive rehab injury, that Luck did not want to take off another season to rehab, an maybe even surgery. Can you blame the man after what he just went through, with his shoulder ? Put your self in his place. If you have one once of compassion , give him a break. You know that this was not a decision taken lightly.
  8. I don't agree with tanking. I still think we can have a pretty good year with our team, but the concern is having the right QB, that can advance us in the future.
  9. Good thing we kept Jacoby for now, to help this team this year. The main question is what is our QB for the future? Is it from the draft, FA or what? We need to get over the shock of losing Luck, and look to the future, Does anyone think that Brissett, will be our future or do we need to look elsewhere? We still have been building a good foundation for a future franchise QB to come here. so analytically. we are a good fit for any future QB of any substance to have success here. We need to move forward especially now, and get the right fit for our future QB.
  10. People calm down! , this is a tough pill swallow, at this stage, to say the least, just let this settle down, and except this for what it is. Shocking but don't say things that you might later regret from passion. Andrew is not a quitter. Don't past judgment yet until the dust settles.
  11. Yea I suspect that Luck plans a comeback at 35? Not
  12. oh blow it out you Kester. show some compassion! He must have had hope he could play , Mortimer!
  13. Before everyone chastises him, I'm sure this decision, did not come lightly, The injuries that he has had, plus his on going problem, I am sure he did not take lightly. It must have been hard to come to terms with his announcement., being the competitive player he is. Please give the man the benefit of the doubt. He knows his body, and I know that if he could he would play, Now is not the time to throw stones at him, and call him a quitter . Show some compassion . Let him know how much you care. I know he's hurting, and feels bad about it, so show some sympathy , to the guy! I wish Andrew Luck all well wishes in his endeavors outside of football. I want to thank him for his effort, he has shown, in the past, We thank you Andrew for effort in trying to bring back the level of excellence we have had in the past. and wish you well in the future.
  14. In a perfect world , the coaches would love to have the veterans involved with mentoring the rookies in their transition to the NFL. But in reality the veterans would rather avoid injuries, by, working out on their own and being ready for the season. Being this is a business, I can understand the veteran's point of view. They feel that you already know what they can do so why risk the chance for injury. From a coaches point of view they see this a chance to elevate the rookies, leaning curve. This is the quagmire of the game unfortunately. That is why we really need to change the pre season concept that we use to have, to evolve into a more modern solution for the future. Bottom line is the pre season of the past needs to evolve to fit the needs of todays format.
  15. We really need to come to terms for what preseason is really about. 

    1. southwest1


      I assume you are referring to which rookies make their rosters & who gets released or cut to maybe be brought in by another team.


      Secure a spot on Special Teams & that's a foothold into the league to bigger & better things down the road normally. 


      Or perhaps, you simply mean that preseason games are just a revenue generator for owners & nothing more. 

  16. We need to come to terms with Preseason for what it is really about. 

  17. With what has happened in the past couple of years at running back, I am so glad that we have gone the platooning, competent, players, instead of having a primary diva, as our main running back. This just goes to show, that we don't need a running back, that is going to hold the rest of the team hostage, holding out.
  18. Folks ! it's pre season, don't over analyze everything. The A game is never going to materialize in the preseason, if it did then I would be concerned, lol
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