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  1. No, Ballard only drafts colt-ture guys. So by default they have to be smart and hard working right? (he doesn't worry about being athletic or tough, interviews are where wins happen.)
  2. Looks like Ballard drafts wd and qb about as well as he drafts defensive ends. Lol But he drafted Pit... Hitting on 1 in 10 ain't so bad, right?
  3. Interesting, I thought a draft bust was a wasted draft pick, which Campbell clearly was. Also the term busted seems to fit Campbell well since he literally always has a busted body part. Like literally. Next year, while we wait for him to get hurt again, practice squad seems like a good idea for Campbell. Any colts coach that takes snaps away from a healthy wd to give to Campbell is nuts.
  4. I also think it's misleading to think beating Houston without Watson, the jets, and the jags means the colts are an above average team. At this point they have nearly half a season worth of games of losing to other above average teams.
  5. I think the main point is the argument can be made the colts very often do not beat above average teams. Although arguing what a playoff team means would be interesting. I wish the colts whole season was just the jags, jets, and Houston. Well Houston without Watson.
  6. KB is where it is at. But I do like JMV. I work at a computer most of the day and have The Fan normally as background noise. I am thinking they are counting: -Titans 45-26 -Steelers 28-24 -Bills 27-24 -Seahawks 28-16 -Rams 27-24 -Titans 25-16 -Ravens 31-25 That makes 0-7 against playoff teams. -
  7. I agree with you. I will be happy to watch 9 wins and a playoff game. Hopefully next year we get healthy and get back into form. I think Wentz is gonna be the main positive take away from this season, good or bad. But, that's huge. QB is so important in the NFL. Ballard and Frank get Wentz right, they can redo and make right any other mistakes. (like Ballard drafting DE)
  8. KB and JMV have been vomiting that number on that radio non stop since the losing started.
  9. Prolly scared of you and your team spirit........
  10. So, that would be zero teams other than maybe the Titans. Which means best case the colts are 1-7 against playoffs teams? I am not sure how much we will know about this team after week 8 compared to what we know now. They can beat bad teams. That seems apparent.
  11. After 8 weeks how many playoff teams will the colts have beaten?
  12. I honestly don't know which one I would want. I feel like I would prefer better defensive numbers that T.O. Out-earning his contract now...interesting.
  13. I am one of those who questions paying him so much money, especially considering his ankle history. (I wish some smart fella like @EastStreet would post some PFF info that compares linebackers this season. I am curious how Darius is stacking up to his peers currently? Is he getting takeovers, but a liability in other areas such as run stopping etc?) Anyways, he is forcing turnovers and making me regret my open negativity of him and his massive contract. The turnovers, along with the way Wentz is playing, could make the colts more dangerous. And it seems like no matter what PFF grades him out as, the turnovers alone are worth his contract.
  14. I am stunned TY played so much and so well today. I will also admit that I was wrong.
  15. I think some fans are tired of always waiting for the colts to play sub par teams for a win. It would be nice to see the colts beat playoff level teams. (they are currently 0-7 in that department) Backing into the playoffs only to get bounced out by the first above average team seems to be the about the best results fans can expect yearly.
  16. The only thing I would ask Andrew Luck advice for is how to pull out of commitments last minute. But, I do remember the o-line in those days and they were brutal to watch. During my rant, I hadn't considered how many sacks Smith gave up last year honestly. But your right, even against a poor schedule 1 or 2 sacks is awesome. And, his overall injury record is good. I will admit defeat on that. However, Kelly is well paid, and too often banged up. And Nelsons back, and the overall impact of a guard worry me when considering what it will cost to resign him.
  17. I guess...Smith did. He has been healthy most of his time as a Colt at least. Colts strength of schedule: 2017-32 (easiest) 2018-22 2019-7 2020-32 (easiest) I hope the colts weak schedule hasn't gotten some average lineman overpaid/overvalued.
  18. This is epic. Very much appreciate you taking the time and energy to post it.
  19. I think the linebackers inability to cover the middle of the field killed us, just as bad as the secondary did. Broke ankle and O'Idontcaretosay couldn't cover Mark Andrews if their lives depended on it.
  20. He played well, or at least I personally think so. I wonder how Reed would have done though, for a lot less money? Nelson is a great player, and a good guy by all accounts. I have nothing against him. I just wonder if its smart to invest so much in a guard with limited impact on the game, who also has chronic back problems Kelly's high price tag and injury history worries me. I fear a return of the 2017 and 2018 Kelly. Branden appears to be following in his footsteps. I don't think its unreasonable to fear that the colts have invested too much in a low quality o line and a broke ankle linebacker, when other teams have smartly invested in skill players that fit a modern pass centric league better. But what do I know, I confused pro bowl and all pro voting. lol. Here for the chicks
  21. The problem is who was contributing for that o-line on Monday? (Not the guys the Colts are looking to sink a fortune into) Nelson and Smith were out. Nelson was replaced by a U.D.F.A, without much notice, and has chronic back issues. Smith just got a big contract he hasn't lived up to. And Fisher, who played badly, may move on to another team for more money if he regains his pre injury form...or gets cut if he continues to play poorly for the rest of the season. Also, the o-line's core (Nelson, Kelly, Smith) so called "elite" period can be called into question by the lack of quality teams in their schedule the last couple of years. (look it up)
  22. I am like that.... It frustrating to those around me as well. Lol. Seriously though.... Can Ty play cb. Cause colts defense is trash.
  23. I like Pittman. I troll Ballard a lot, but he got Pit right... Not sure he is a #1 though.... No offense to him. But I want a Metcalf on the colts so Pit can feast on that single coverage. If only one of ballards many de picks had been a stud wd instead... .
  24. Holy Cow... Death threats over a kids hobby / activity to gamble over/ entertainment is pretty nuts. People need to learn to exercise those colts fan demons on the forums. Colts get their throats slashed by the Ravens... I come here and rant.... Like the stupid fanatical fan I am.
  25. Do you think lack of practice/game reps etc will hurt their performance?
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