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  1. I don't blame Ballard for the injuries... But that's not a great group of receivers to roll into a season with Luck or can't hit the side of a barn Jacoby. Ty is literally the only name on that list that has much of an elite record in the NFL. Funchess had like one good season, and even local media like Kevin Bowen thought we over paid for funchess if I remember right. (yes I know we can afford to overpay funchess cause Ballard hoards cap money like a kid does candy). But, outside of the Colts forum echo chamber I don't think many people looked at our receiver group (outside of Ty) and thought
  2. I am not sure what proven receiver we had besides TY to start the season. I for one was disappointed with the Funchess signing and before the year started I worried injuries (ty is starting to have a lot of lower body injuries) would limit the Colts passing game. I do think it's a worry when our best offensive player is a lineman. I am not sure how much impact a lineman has on the game compared to about any skill position.
  3. Your meme is making my meme look bad.
  4. Nelson is a fine player. So is Darius. Drafting two good players doesn't mean we should forget about Ballard's inability to sign or draft impact skill position players. The NFL is a throwing /scoring league. Fountain, Cain, Campbell, funchess type guys aren't going to cut it.
  5. This.... Also if he doesn't stay healthy I would say he is a 50-100 pick. My opinion is hooker has that osu curse... Injury bug gonna eat his NFL career up.
  6. I wonder if Ballard saw a weed related offense as irrelevant when judging Cain's character... Like most of us would. It's weed. Stealing.. Assault... Drunk driving... Those are character issues.
  7. I do agree with you that the Colts can just move on. They refuse to spend their cap money on free agents anyways. So, why not toss handfuls of it to character guys instead of athletes. At this rate the Colts will be "moving on" and rebuilding their roster for the next decade. 2030 super bowl here we come!!!! (yes I am a still upset about last night's smack down lol.. Can you tell)
  8. When Ballard talks about paying his own guys, and not spending in free agency, I hope Desir, Hunt, and Glow are good reminders of the failure of that strategy for him. Ballard's high character but expensive and non talented player template failed last night. His high character guys laid down.
  9. My friend and I talked about the same thing last night. The red rocket is much more serviceable than JB. If the Colts plan is to stack picks and money endlessly we might as well.
  10. My thoughts too. Ballard will just stack picks and money and keep putting a trash team on the field year in and out. Colts are done as an organization. Here comes a decade of trash.
  11. I think hooker is good. Really good. Maybe elite. But... He can't stay healthy. So, who cares how talented a guy who stands on the sideline is?
  12. Thank you... Thank you... Thank you. People been bashing my boy Franky... But they don't realize any coach would have trouble calling offense plays for the flaming trash pile of "skill" position players we have.
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