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  1. Geathers has went through a lot of pain and rehab for the Colts. Dude has a lot of heart. I hope the Colts treat him well if they decide to part ways with him.
  2. I said they had no chance last night. I was wrong. Gotta eat some crow today.
  3. Ratking

    Ty to play

    Not sure how I feel about him playing. I was hoping they would rest him... Colts have little to no chance of winning tonight... I would hate to see Ty hurt himself more seriously by rushing to return to a game in which the Colts are going to get destroyed in anyways. I was hoping Ty would play after the bye week so he could heal up more.
  4. I wish it was a 1pm game... Hate that the Colts are going to get dismantled on prime time TV in front of the whole nation. Lol.
  5. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2856073-hopeless-bengals-need-to-trade-aj-green-in-lost-season-but-who-could-be-buyers Anyone think the Colts and AJ Green would be a good fit?
  6. Was hoping to forgot about Luck today..... Hoping Lt. JACOBY doesn't take off...
  7. Brady = Goat LUCK = Joke
  8. In hindsight I think keeping manning and hoping for a super or two would have been better than drafting luck. Luck did nothing then retired.
  9. 3-13 Gonna be a lot of bad seasons coming up for many years. Time to start worrying about irsay moving his franchise once people stop coming to Lucas to watch terrible teams.
  10. Burning my luck jersey tonight. What a quitter.
  11. Colts arent going to the superbowl... The chiefs playoff game last year showed that.
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