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  1. I don't trust Vinny to hit extra points. Seriously
  2. Ratking

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    Yea, I don't know who is more responsible for tipped balls... The qb or oline. But so many tips yesterday. It was depressing.
  3. Ratking

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    I am sure the oline having a bad day didn't help Andrew. Also, I think Luck started to get nervous with the 3 and outs to start the game, and the way the game got away from the Colts. I am not trying to troll Colts fans and say Luck "choked".... But....
  4. Ratking


    Time to move on from Big V.
  5. Andrew luck is trash today.
  6. Dude game is over. Luck looks totally over matched and helpless.
  7. Ratking

    Hooker OUT

    I agree. It's hookers job to lose. He is super talented, and I really think he is a good teammate. Plus he is on a Rookie contract, so no reason not to keep him around. He just needs to stay healthy to stay relevant.
  8. Ratking

    Hooker OUT

    I agree. It's definitely starting to look like Hooker is too soft for the nfl.
  9. Ratking

    Mariota not expected to start tonight

    I agree with ya. It's gonna be raining during the game. I expect Gabbert will be handing off to Henry a ton.
  10. Ratking

    Mariota not expected to start tonight

    I am worried with the rain they are suppose to get in Nashville at game time, qb may not factor as much into the games outcome. I expect with rain both teams will be more inclined to lean on the run game and their defense.
  11. Colts remaining games are winnable for sure. They have 5 of the next 8 games at home, including 3 upcoming home games in a row. Their 3 remaining away games are all division opponents, Texans, titans, jags.... Texans still have away games at Broncos, redskins, jets, and eagles.
  12. Ratking

    Rick Venturi on the OL yesterday.

    According to Wikipedia Rick's record is: 1–31–1 (College) 2–17 (NFL) Not sure how sharp of an eye he really has for football.
  13. Ratking

    Glad we didn’t go for Norwell

    Totally agree. Jags are looking at cap issues for likely a 8-8 season. Hopefully Luck will blow Ramsey up twice this year as well... Lol
  14. Ratking

    Colts vs. Chiefs

    No chance Colts D hangs with Kansas City. Zero....
  15. Ratking

    The Bills are not a cupcake team

    Bills average 12.6 points per game. Colts average 25.3 points per game. I know Andrew and the offense will give up at least a turnover and a pick 6.... But I still can't imagine luck can't outscore a backup bills qb. Colts put up 34 points on Houston. Bills put up 13 points on Houston. I know people love hating the Colts right now, but I think Lucks ability to throw up points is something the bills can't match.