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  1. Props to Big Q though. He’s already building a foundation for a decade plus of dominance that I can see leading to the HoF. Just hope he stays healthy. He’s fun to watch.
  2. Clowney has 37 tackles and 8 sacks. Leonard has 146 tackles and 7 sacks. How in the * can they even begin to justify that crap. And I didn’t even mention all of Leonard’s other stats. And then the headline of the snubs reads that LVE is the biggest snub. What a joke.
  3. Clowney doesn’t deserve to go over Leonard regardless.
  4. That’s shameful. It’s this kind of crap that makes me lose respect for the league & the entire process. These guys put too much on the line for blatant disrespect like this.
  5. Actually they won’t because we’re going to the Super Bowl. I hope the Maniac & Luck use this as motivation to set the record straight. Notice that they put Derwin James in... They might actually try to rob the Maniac of the DROY award. It’s been posted that Kuechly had one of the greatest rookie season ever and won the award & Leonard’s numbers are better than his and he missed a game. Poppycock.
  7. Does this mean Ridgeway will finally get some snaps or will Stewart get those reps?
  8. Because you're the Giants and do dumb stuff like that??? I personally would rather he not played. Gives Eli one less target. I'm expecting Leonard & Walker to get a lot of work dealing with Saquon & Eli's checkdowns.
  9. I think Caldwell is a good coach. Not great. But better than Pagano in my opinion. I actually wonder if we would have been better with him as our HC during the early Pagano years??? We’ll never know. It’s hard for me to forgive him for the 2 Jets blunders. The timeout was clearly his fault and the lesser of the 2 sins. The sabotaging of the perfect season was worse but wreaked of Polian. But it showed me that Caldwell was a company “yes man” who let his boss take away his chance to cement his legacy that no one could ever take from how. What a cowardly move. I lost all respect for Polian & Caldwell as I left the stadium that night. I’ve since slightly forgiven Caldwell. Slightly. I’ll never forgive the power drunk Polian. Never.
  10. loved em. need to be permanently put into our home uniform rotation.
  11. The color rush jerseys are sick. Glad they’re bringing them back. I’d like to see em make more appearances.
  12. I’ve noticed some people knocking McDaniels for having Brady as a QB on this site and some others. But Toub is viewed as the “greatest special teams coach ever” when he had Devin Hester. I’m sorry but I think Hester has shown himself to be great at returns with or without Toub. Matter of fact, give McMahon (our Special Teams coach) Hester along with McAfee and Vinny and he should be considered the greatest... So why isn’t McMahon getting HC consideration?
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