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  1. The problems in Pittsburgh start with Big Ben... The way he threw Brown under the bus & has thrown other teammates and coaches under the bus every year just creates a culture of unaccountability. Has anyone seen the way Brown has sacrificed his mind and body taking kill shots for Big Ben and for that clown to blame him is ridiculous. Would Luck ever do that to TY? Would Peyton to Marv or Reggie? Montana to Rice? Brady to Gronk? Not a chance on any of them. Big Ben is a joke of a leader. And Tomlin has no way of saying anything to him because Big Ben is untouchable. I assure you that Tomlin wished he had retired this last offseason rather than being wishy washy on it.
  2. Luck had me at hello... I’ve never come into a season with him as our QB when I didn’t see 12 wins since his rookie season. If he’s healthy I can look at the schedule, and make an argument that we could win 75% of the games. It’s the NFL and there’s always a couple games you lose that you probably shouldn’t have and vice versa but I’ve trusted in Luck that much when he’s healthy. Now with CB, Frank, Big Q, & the Maniac on the team, I’ve no reason to go below 12 wins again. And I did think 10-12 wins for this season if Luck was healthy.
  3. There are times when Mack still looks to bounce outside when he should just take what’s there. It happened last night on a 2nd and 6 or so, Mack came through the line and instead of lowering his head and driving forward, he looked to bounce it and got swarmed. Left us in a 3rd and 2. Wilkins definitely would have lowered his head and took on the LB & Saftey. What you risk there though is getting stood up and the ball ripped out which often happens with Wilkins and any back when you do fight for those extra yards. I like all 3 of our backs. I think a guy like Bell would be unstoppable with our O-Line, I just don’t know if I could justify paying him when we have 3 solid guys with diverse skill sets on rookie deals...
  4. Big Q is more than just a great player. He’s a transformational player. His physicality, aggressiveness, effort, and just being a great teammate is on another level. Put those traits with a solid veteran in AC & an intelligent highly skilled center in Kelly and you’ve got the foundation for a dominant O-Line. It’s clear his traits have rubbed off on the others. They all want to pancake and maul guys. It’s beautiful. I had no idea he would be this good. The same goes for Leonard. His effort and energy is infectious. With a “no loaf” system emphasized by our DC, it helps when your best player brings it on every play. I’ll say it again, Ballard hit a grand slam this past draft. How many times do you land 2 transformational players in one draft??? My goodness does our future look bright. So bright that I like our chances this year. Imagine how unstoppable our young hungry studs will be if they get a taste of ultimate success this season?? Because they’re only gonna get better...
  5. Smoke317


    He’s definitely dependable. Catches with his hands. I like him. He’s gonna have to be big next week because Texans will sell out to stop TY, who’s still banged up. I trust Inman completely.
  6. Big Q & Leonard have changed the culture of our team. We’re a physical team now who can still go finesse when we want. Amazing rookie class. Simply Amazing.
  7. It sure sounded like he liked Luck to me. Finally we have some serious killers around him that makes us ferocious in Big Q & Leonard. We are finally a complete team. Luck begins his ascension to the mountain top this postseason.
  8. Clemson has been producing some pretty good wide receivers recently. Hopkins (Great), Watkins (decent), Bryant (decent), Williams (looking like a stud), & hopefully now Cain will the next breakout stud.
  9. Most likely putting the ball on the ground in practice & not as good in pass protection. I was watching the NFL Network & Brian Billick was breaking down Mack’s protection vs the Titans and their tricky overload blitzes & it was outstanding the way Mack picked up the delayed blitzing safety & linebacker. They showed similar blitzes vs the Jags & Fournette blew the assignments.
  10. Peyton struggled against 3-4 defenses. Chargers, Pats, Steelers, & Ravens were very talented on that side of the ball. They knew to collapse the pocket up the middle and press our receivers to throw Peyton’s timing off. Plus they’d stand up all of those big line backers & linemen and not let Peyton do what he does best & that’s analyze the defense pre snap and get us in the right call.
  11. Reggie like Marv could run the full route tree but I think the comeback was more of a Marv staple. Reggie’s go to was the dig route after Stoke or Dallas would clear out the middle.
  12. Hmmm. Interesting. I think having a HC who has played the position has really helped Luck mature into the leader he is becoming. Their growth together is gonna be a joy to watch for many years. Imagine, how unstoppable they’ll be together if they can scale that mountain top this season? I think winning the big one early helped Brady become so calm, cool, & collected. I can see the same happening for Luck & Frank.
  13. I’ve been to Tennessee a few times for games. In general, they’ve been respectful. I was in the lower bowl though. The higher you go, the more rowdy things get but that’s usually the case with any stadium. But, be prepared, this will basically be a playoff game. Much higher stakes with a later start (so more tailgating & intoxication). I can definitely see some disrespect being thrown Colts’ fans way. Especially if it starts going bad for them. Here’s a tip I use (praise their overall team & how talented it is & say they’re only missing a QB. They’ll usually reluctantly agree. They know how blessed we’ve been with Peyton & Luck. Just be gracious & don’t rub it in.).
  14. Smoke317

    Malik Hooker

    Once we can get quicker pressure from our front four, Hooker will be the ballhawking centerfielder he was last year. Hooker has had a hand on a couple other picks this year but teammates got in the way and knocked them away from him.
  15. We’ve got some real defeatist Colts fans on here. A few tough years (only 1 with a losing record) and it’s like they pray for our downfall... I guess embracing being a loser means you’ll never be disappointed huh? We’ve still got plenty of pathways to get in the dance. So let’s just take care of our business and let the chips fall where they may. Go Colts.
  16. Not birthright. He’s earned it. They all have had good seasons but Leonard’s season has been better. If all the awards are gonna be based on market size or prime time games over merit then the whole thing is a joke. Now they all merit consideration but Leonard deserves the win because of his play on the field.
  17. This is rare but I totally disagree with you Supe that LVE legitimately deserves DROY over Leonard. Leonard has the best linebacker stats in the ENTIRE LEAGUE. Not just out of all rookies. Please show me where those other 3 candidates have the best stats for their position when compared to the entire league. Only James is even close. He and Chubb have the benefit of playing with other all world defenders. Neither is even the best defender on their own team like Leonard is with us. I do agree that Reich isn’t gonna win over Lynn or Nagy. But Luck & CB should be front runners as well.
  18. Now compare Leonard’s stats to Clowney’s & the difference is even more glaring.
  19. Eli all day every day. And I don’t blame him. That’s his brother.
  20. I can see Brissett winning the starting QB job in New York (Giants), Tampa Bay, or Washington. Even Jacksonville but no way we trade him there. In my opinion any of those teams would be smart to give up a 3rd for him or even a 2nd before drafting one of the QB’s coming out that don’t look very impressive.
  21. This definitely sucks but the good news is Rodge & Grove should be fresh right? Also noticed that Logan Ryan & Jack Conklin went on IR too. If we get by the Giants, that Titans game is gonna come down to stopping Henry.
  22. I assure you Leonard wasn’t even initially on the list at all. It was updated 45 minutes later. This Shook guy who wrote the article and is clearly a Cowboy’s shill. He lists Leonard’s stats: 1st in tackles, 2nd among all rookies in sacks and all the other eye popping stats and then says he has more tackles through so many games than any rookie in NFL history but has the audacity to list him 5th... Guy is a clown & a hack.
  23. Thanks CD. Princess was a true Colts fan from day 1.
  24. I’m trying to put my newborn son to sleep. Can’t have me laughing hysterically like that.
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