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  1. Brady was in his 2nd year & I’m sure no one thought he was ready. Yet he had a great team around him & he was able to ease his way into greatness. Maybe CK can do the same???
  2. Unfortunately, I think the 49ers might keep both of their backups. They both have looked pretty decent in regular season games. I think 9ers will only let one go via trade. Speaking of trades, I hear we traded Hairston to the Jets for a 6th round pick.
  3. I watched the Elite 11 (QB Competition with the top high school QB’s) a couple years ago. It had Trevor Lawrence in it. He was the projected favorite & played great. But he finished second to a kid named Justin Fields who looked absolutely flawless throwing the ball. Everyone there said it was one of the greatest performances in the history of the event (that has had players like Luck & most other top QB’s over the years). Fields went to Georgia but Fromm was firmly established & never faltered & gave up the job. Now he’s transferred to Ohio State. We just saw Haskins put up 50 TD’s in that system. I’m very interested in watching Fields this season. He’s seen Trevor get to play as a freshman & win a Chip. He should be hungry & motivated to do the same. If he can get settled in, I expect him to challenge Lawrence as the top QB in 2 years. If JB ends up not being the answer, I’ll take either one of these 2 kids over Tua, Fromm, or Herbert.
  4. Or Joe Flacco. Or Eli Manning. Or young Tom Brady. Or old Peyton Manning at the end. It’s been a lot of good QB’s carried to the top by a great defense. But just like those QB’s somewhere along the way JB or Kelly or whomever we ultimately go with will have to win big games. How many number 1 pick QB’s have won the Super Bowl? I bet it’s not many. We just need a good QB that can win us some games just don’t lose us a lot of em.
  5. He said he was currently in pain. I think he knew if he played this year with the ankle he’d definitely be looking at surgery next offseason. Plus dealing with the pain of it all year long... That’d be a lot of surgeries over what would be a 8 year career. A year and a half of it missed to injury. If he played this year, that’d be 2 full years played while seriously injured. That’s nearly half of his career dealing with injuries. Luck gave us everything he had. The injuries just started mounting. I’m disappointed but not mad at him.
  6. Why would we do that? I’d take JB or Kelly over present day Eli.
  7. I don’t know if JB is good enough to carry a bad team. He’s probably good enough to manage the game & get us some wins though. Maybe the best thing that can happen is that this becomes the Maniac’s team (ala Ray Lewis). That would mean we’d perennially have a top rated defense & JB won’t have the pressure to carry the load (kinda like a young Brady did early on & got 3 quick Super Bowls).
  8. The football gods can be cruel but they also give blessings in disguise. Bledsoe & Green had to go down before Brady & Warner could rise from the ashes. We were all saying Ballard was building a great “team”. Let’s see if JB or CK can step in & step up?
  9. Irsay took too long to bring in CB & Reich. Luck carried us for years saddled by Grison & Pagano. The guy has taken some serious damage for the Horseshoe. Finished a game with a lacerated kidney. He’s a genuine dude. I hate the timing but the guy has been a warrior for us. He’s got nothing but love & respect from me.
  10. He just said he heard the boos & they hurt.
  11. I heard the booing on the tv broadcast. Thought they were just booing the team.
  12. Luck has been radio silent for a couple weeks. It’s starting to seem like he told Irsay, CB, & Reich he was thinking about it. Reich probably said we need an answer by the end of the 3rd preseason game. Luck chose to quit. Mind blowing.
  13. Unfortunately I think the year after is the real QB year. I think Lawrence & Fields both have star potential.
  14. We gave the greatest QB prospect since Manning & Elway Grigson & Pagano to work with... If he is done that will be the legacy left...
  15. That’s not saying much. Stephen Morris 2 years ago was the better QB...
  16. I think so. He’s always had a problem with speed guys. A guy going around him & him pushing the defender in the back (right into his QB) is a normal occurrence.
  17. Walker knows it’s the end of the line. Kelly got the starter reps in the 3rd preseason game. Looks like he’s over thinking out there. No confidence.
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