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  1. I think this team will thrive when we become less TY dependent. Other players need the reps and catches to increase their confidence. I personally would love to see TY lead us in yards, Rogers in catches, and Cain in TD’s with all 3 having good production across the board. The less predictable and TY dependent our offense is the more successful we’ll be.
  2. Damn it feels good to have Luck back in the fold. Just to hear him speak so positively and confidently. You can really tell he’s happy to have Reich as his coach. I truly feel Luck is gonna pick back up where he left off before the injury. In fact, I think he’s gonna be even better than ever. And I can’t wait...
  3. I noticed that Doyel said, in his article about Luck & the coaching staff, that Haeg has been slotted in as 4th string... Is that good (we’ve got a lot of great young talent on the OL) or bad (Haeg has regressed and is/was never that good to begin with)? Do you guys think he’ll make the final roster and how do you guys feel if he doesn’t?
  4. I’ve noticed some people knocking McDaniels for having Brady as a QB on this site and some others. But Toub is viewed as the “greatest special teams coach ever” when he had Devin Hester. I’m sorry but I think Hester has shown himself to be great at returns with or without Toub. Matter of fact, give McMahon (our Special Teams coach) Hester along with McAfee and Vinny and he should be considered the greatest... So why isn’t McMahon getting HC consideration?
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