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  1. What would it take to get a Geno Atkins? 4th rounder? I'd be looking at a guy like him if we're going for it this year.
  2. Love struggling may be perfect for us. He may drop to where we can move up into the end of the first and get him. Then he can sit and learn 1 year. Very similar to Mahomes & Smith. I'd hate to spend a high first on a QB though. I'm just not as sold on Fromm, Herbert, or Tua as others seem to be. Need to watch more of Burrow but I wouldn't mind getting a kid like Hurts later in the draft.
  3. I think it was a lack of execution on both sides of the ball. We were in the red zone or at least on their half of the field twice before half. We had some terrible penalties & drops. The Glow penalty on 3rd & short negated a first down throw to Hines that would have kept the drive going. Ended up settling for the long field goal miss. Then we had more penalties & the Campbell fumble when we got back down there again. Or vice versa with those 2 drives. Coming away with nothing on those 2 possessions would ultimately cost us the game. Throw in the drops & JB's pick 6 & we dug too deep a hole to climb out of... As far as the vanilla play calling, I think the lack of execution played a big factor in that. I'd have liked to have seen Doyle get more targets once it was clear Ebron didn't have it that day. Plus what happened to the Cain back shoulder throw? JB & Cain should be practicing that repeatedly. Then start developing some counters off of it. And like Supe said, Wilkins needs more carries (especially if we want a healthy Mack at season's end) & more Hines angle routes.
  4. He’s getting suspended for the rest of the year.
  5. Could we make a move for a Geno Atkins or someone like that?
  6. Frank said some of those plays were run/pass options & JB made the right calls (like the pass to Doyle to end the game. What I loved is how we started attacking with the pass on first down. Getting 6-7 yards on first down is perfect for us. Keeps us on schedule. Excellent game planning & play calling by Frank & near perfect execution by JB. I’m loving the way they’re working & growing together
  7. We gotta get both more involved. Need to figure out what each can excel at right now & start there & then build off of it. Cain needs more than just 1 target/catch a game. I’d like to see us use Campbell out of the slot how the Jags did last night with their slots. When we get press man send him on go routes or more deep & shallow crosses. I understand they want to get TY some easy catches but I’d like to see Campbell on those screens on 3rd & long. Frank could be saving some of this stuff for the high powered offenses we’re gonna face this season too? It’d be nice though to get Cain & Parris up to speed sooner rather than later. I know we want to run it but we’ve gotta get more productivity from our young receivers because theirs gonna come a time when one or both may have to carry the load & help lead us to a win. Maybe this “home” was game against the Falcons will be a great opportunity for them. Plus they get a chance to measure themselves vs Jones & Ridley. I hope they’re viewing this as a chance to announce their presence. Hopefully, Frank dials up a few more opportunities for them.
  8. How many wins did those superior numbers get him? His defense got him the win tonight. & he scored 12 points last week. With his superior numbers he must be scoring 30 a game right? I’m more concerned with wins these days. Those are the superior numbers I want.
  9. Yeah but they did have the advantage of playing at home. Mariota has always been easy to sack. Factor in the Jags D at home & you get a game like this. Ironically, we looked even worse vs them last year considering we had Luck at QB.
  10. Superior numbers? He scored 2 td’s in garbage time vs KC’s prevent defense. Then he scored 12 points last week. It’s more than just being about numbers. A QB is not a receiver. Regardless, he’s not looking bad for a rookie. I’m sure he’ll get better with time. Or D Coordinators will adjust & he’ll regress some like most QB’s do when there’s more film of them.
  11. Maybe our blueprint made them ordinary & Jax just followed suit?
  12. Jags coach dumb as a box of rocks. Why go for it right there? Kick the field goal & go up 16... 9 sacks.
  13. Maybe. I think it’s deeper with some than just JB not being a gunslinger. That’s just the reasoning some hide behind. And I think Minshew looks solid for a rookie. He’s definitely got some moxie.
  14. I think this may be the night that cost Mariota his job... He better show something or Tannehill will be starting next week.
  15. People on here praising Minshew & saying he’s better than JB. He’s playing at home & I just checked the game log & the Jags have already punted 5 times in the first half. We only punted 5 times total last game. This JB hate ain’t about football. Because facts alone would lessen the hate. Yet it continues. Any & every QB is better than JB... Let them tell it.
  16. Jags always give us a tough game. Whether it was the Manning or Luck era... I bet if we did some research, they have the best record vs us since the AFC South was formed. Sad to see the Kelly Fan Club is still at it. I said in another topic that if CK was released & signed by say the Steelers, these CK fans would cheer for CK & the Steelers & not JB & the Colts...
  17. Well to be fair, a lot of the posts on here are about JB too & he is our starting QB. And they can’t uplift CK without tearing down JB. Lord knows we wouldn’t have had 21 pages praising CK’s skills and all that he’s accomplished in his career... And that old saying of “the backup QB is the most popular guy in town. Until he has to play...
  18. Just read this last page. The Kelly Fan Club can continue to dream. They were “this” close to abandoning the Colt’s ship though... Now they can continue to pretend to be Colt’s fans while calling for Kelly to be given the QB1 job. I bet if CK had gone to Pittsburgh & won the job they would have cheered for the Steelers over the Colts... Notice how they gloss over the fact CK didn’t get picked up or twist the truth to fit their narrative. I’m glad Frank & CB want to bring him along slowly though. Like someone said upthread, we “might” have a diamond in the rough.
  19. I heard Kravitz say that on JMV but I couldn’t decide what Peyton thought. Did he think it was weak of Luck to walk away that young & close to the start of the season? Or did he think it was good of Luck because the organization saddled him with Grigson & Pagano & got him slaughtered for 5 seasons? Which do you think? Or bits of both?
  20. The Jets & Steelers were the only two possibilities. But with either he’d be behind in getting to know their playbooks. With the Jets, they have their young starting QB. So no real starting future there. They still could double back in a week or two but I think it was a situation that Kelly would have struggled in & possibly been his last opportunity after failing. The Steelers would have had the same playbook problems as the Jets but Ben is definitely out for a year & Rudolph may not be the answer. A much better opportunity in my opinion. Still would have been hard for Kelly to beat Rudolph out with no TC though. The best thing for CK is to stay on our practice squad & learn & master the playbook. Pick JB & Hoyer’s brains. Keep working. My biggest fear with CK isn’t his talent but his off field choices. Even if he was the starter now I can see either success or failure causing him to mess up. He needs a year of learning & maturing. Then come out next year lighting things up. Show Frank & CB he’s ready for the QB1 or QB2 job. Putting up good numbers vs 2nd, 3rd, or no string players (running vanilla defenses) wasn’t proof enough. A year learning & maturing is just what he needs. Glad we got to keep him.
  21. By showing me the stats you would actually be proving me right. Because despite Peyton’s great stats we still didn’t win. So like I said great stats don’t guarantee Super Bowls. And the reason I call Peyton’s playoff performances underwhelming is because of the statistical marvel he showed us he was capable of being. Just couldn’t get over the hump or out the gate more often than not in the playoffs. Now it wasn’t all his fault but let’s not make excuses either. How many home field playoff openers did we lose under Peyton? Here is our point totals in playoff losses under Peyton starting with his 2nd season: 16 points, 17 points, 0 points, 14 points, 3 points, 18 points, 24 points, 17 points, & 16 points. So the greatest statistical QB of all time (according to me anyway) could only reach 20 points once in these games that ended our season & it wasn’t on him? Not fully but he deserves a large large portion of the blame because could roll out the bed and score 20 points 90% of the time. But I’m not trying to bash Peyton. I’m just saying stats aren’t everything. We’ve tried the Peyton approach. Get the Super QB & build around him. We had good statistical success but probably didn’t reach our potential. I’d like to try the Patriots approach now. Build a great team and let the QB grow with the team. We don’t need it to be all about the QB (yet). I’m sure those games are coming though. We’ll see if JB has the chops to be clutch in crucial moments. If not, we’ll get somebody in here who does. But even then I hope it’s not all about them either but still more team focused. And I hope CK clears waivers and makes it onto the practice squad. He needs to stay here and learn & master our system. Then come back next year and secure the no. 2 spot or even challenge JB for his job. He doesn’t need to go try to learn some new system & be behind all of the guys already there & maybe struggle if given a rushed opportunity. Then he may not get another chance.
  22. I’d have to give some serious thought to trading for Ramsey. It’s looking like the AFC may have to go through KC or New England. I’d like to have Ramsey to put on one of those top flight receivers. Plus we’d get to put him on Hopkins twice & Michael Thomas. Too bad he won’t be here in time for Julio... Are there any other good corners out there we may be looking at? Peterson? Is his suspension done?
  23. Darnold wasn’t beating out Brady or Luck. So he “earned” his spot over McCown... Big deal.
  24. I don’t know why all these other QB’s get excuses made for them... Rosen is another example where it’s the team’s fault. Yet the guy can’t stop throwing interceptions. But at least he tried though right? Look at Baker looking like he’s regressed tremendously. They both played the Titans. JB clearly outplayed Baker going against them & in their building. Yet some people on here are quick to say JB hasn’t played anyone. But I bet they’ll praise Baker’s “stats” going against the hapless Jets last night never minding the fact that he actually looked terrible again for the most part. Time to stop giving guys credit like they’ve made it because they have potential & credit guys that are actually winning games this season.
  25. I actually see it as the weather conditions made it easy for the Chiefs to duplicate that Jags blueprint & our offense could never get on track. Each game in a season is who you are. Us at our worst reared it’s ugly head in the playoffs. I think that’s why Frank wants to be so run oriented. He wants us to have the mentality that we’re running it down your throat regardless of quarter, field position, weather conditions, it doesn’t matter. We had a chance (which was honestly a miracle) to get back into the KC game after Leonard caused the fumble. Instead of pounding the rock & imposing our will we turned it right back over. This year will be different.
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