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  1. It’s looking like the team that got shut out by the jags is just as much who we are as the one who went on this run... Would have been nice to run the ball after that turnover. We’re playing into their hands dropping back every time.
  2. Hopefully, only if Luck gets to play Brady & Mahomes plays Manning...
  3. Next time take a shot at the end zone or just throw it out of bounds and let Vinny try a 60 yarder.
  4. The guy is 3rd in NFL history for most passing td’s over his first 16 starts. Behind only Marino & Kurt Warner. Maybe 4th now after the season that Mahomes just had. I for one hope the Texans give up on him because with him they’ve looked like playoff contenders his first 2 years...
  5. TY with the psychological warfare. The fact that he came out feasting on them boys from the get go just put them immediately on the back foot. Gotta give him props for calling his shot and then following through.
  6. We’re gonna need a similar performance against KC to help limit that offense. I personally see us running the ball all the way to the Super Bowl.
  7. Smoke317


    If Desir is gonna put Hopkins on lock like these last 2 games, there’s no way Ballard doesn’t bring him back.
  8. Smoke317


    Desir BALLED OUT!!!! Amazing performance.
  9. I think he was a little tired. Our offense didn’t sustain many drives in the 2nd half and we played a lot of bend don’t break.
  10. Now on top of all those rookies playing, add in all the 2nd year players (Hooker, Walker, Mack, Wilson, Stewart, & Hairston) & we’ve got a lot of young guys playing and getting experience.
  11. Not only late and low but almost took out Leonard’s knee... My heart nearly stopped. I was so happy to see Leonard still on the field the next play. Then a play or 2 later Odum took Desir’s interception away. He was terrible on that drive. And Adams gets eaten alive on misdirection. Looking like another Morrison out there. Maybe it’s something with those linebackers with numbers in the 40’s...?
  12. Don’t forget Wilkins, who I think will play a big role for us in the playoffs when we need to put teams away with the running game. And don’t sleep on Cain becoming our “Inman” next season. Definitely has potential to be our best draft class ever. Like when Jimmy Johnson fleeced the Vikings in the Herschel Walker trade and built the Cowboys of the 90’s dynasty.
  13. Shhhh.... In 2014 Pep Hamilton was our OC and we can’t give Pep credit for any success we had... Don’t get me wrong, Pep is no Frank Reich but going to Chud after Pep wasn’t the answer. I’d like to have seen what Pep could have done with a back like Gore rather than a fraud like Richardson. He found ways to scheme us to the AFC title game and Luck to 40 td’s & near 5K yards with lackluster offensive weapons... Not too bad. I think this season is Luck’s best season though because his command in the pocket (always great) has improved. Plus his accuracy on his short to intermediate throws is excellent. He’s just gripping and ripping and it’s beautiful. No more aiming his throws. Frank has clearly had a profound impact on Luck. Also how many interceptions can you take off of Luck’s stats just from drops? Who knows how many more td’s he’d have had this year without those drive killing plays?
  14. What I remember most about that 2014 playoff team is that in our biggest game of the year (AFC Championship Game), That year’s number 1 pick (T. Richardson) and the prior year’s number 1 pick (B. Woerner) were both inactive for that game. And not for injury reasons... I assure you that has never happened in NFL history where two consecutive number 1 picks weren’t even good enough to be active. That should have told Mr. Irsay all he needed to know about Grigson.
  15. It really is impossible to pick one over the other which is a testament to how amazing this draft class has been. Two high character culture changers on both sides of the ball in the same draft... They say you build your team from the inside out. The last 2 drafts we have a stud Guard, stud Will Linebacker, and a stud Free Safety. Keep up the great work CB. You've got my complete trust.
  16. And there's nothing wrong with feeling that way at all. There are core guys that have to get paid eventually (Kelly, Nelson, Leonard, & Hooker). If we can bring in a high price free agent or trade for a player and absorb their contract and not jeopardize resigning any of that core 4, then I'm ok with it. But if bringing in anyone could risk keeping any of those 4, then I'd prefer to just keep building through the draft.
  17. I notice that you always have a slightly negative slant to all of your posts. Are you just being contrarian (throwing bb's so to speak) in order to be different or are you really just this negative and would be happier if the Colts lost this weekend and LVE got DROY over Leonard?
  18. Leonard had more passes defensed. More tackles for loss. More fumbles forced (4-0) more fumble recoveries, more sacks (7-0), and more solo tackles. I will give LVE credit though he managed to have the "same" number of interceptions as Leonard. All of that and you want me to believe that LVE had a better season than Leonard??? Not a chance. The real rankings should be: (1) Leonard, (2) James, (3-4) LVE or Chubb, (5) Ward. Anything else is big city bias and straight politics. Call me a homer all you want. But if LVE had Leonard's numbers and Leonard had LVE's numbers, I wouldn't even dare to open my mouth and say Leonard would deserve it. Only James has a slight argument for his all around play but even that pales in comparison to what Leonard, who is top 10 among rookie defenders in every major stat (pass and rush), has done... Not only top 10 but leading or 2nd in most...
  19. Me too. If Ben had the right attitude, the Steelers wouldn't have these problems. And if they did, you dump those guys as quickly as you can. But their leader is a clown and everyone wants to outdo the others at being clowns. And Tomlin is stuck in a no win situation because he's probably scared to discipline Ben. In fact he's probably a clown too and encourages Ben's clown act which encourages Brown's clown act and the rest of the team treating Bell like crap and siding with management during a holdout. What a cluster. I hope they continue to spiral down the drain. Cleveland and Baltimore could be battling for division supremacy over the next few years if the Steelers don't get it together and it's looking like Ben will keep coming back and keep being selfish and the trend will continue. Tomlin is a fool though for trusting in Ben. Ben has shown his true colors. Instead of Tomlin putting his foot down with Ben (maybe even leading to Ben retiring) and him being able to establish a proper culture afterwards, Ben will stab him in the back and get him fired. Then the Steelers will get a new head coach and "then" Ben will retire and the new coach will get to establish a better culture. That might actually be just what Tomlin deserves for enabling the crap he has though. With him having a better winning percentage than Knoll and Cowher, I'd dump big Ben and take a chance starting a new culture. If he failed then, at least he went out on his own terms and not Ben's...
  20. Start out in the hurry up with a nice up pace tempo. Take some of the starch out of that defensive front and get out in front. By the 2nd half, their line will be winded and then we put the run game on em and break their spirit. Also be prepared for them to try to mimic the Jags gameplan, so have some counters for that scheme on the ready. And be prepared for them to have some counters to us blitzing our slot corner. We'll still have to use it to ensure we can get fast and immediate pressure on Watson but have to be selective with it and disguise it.
  21. Our coach would never let Luck publicly throw his teammates and fellow coaches under the bus either. Nor would Luck do such a classless thing anyway. Big Ben though? That's par for the course for him. Yet he never takes any accountability for anything... If Luck was a selfish prima donna, TY would feel entitled to be one. Ebron would be the same and unbearable. Throw in a few of our defenders and maybe even a few other skill positions and we'd have the same ruined chemistry that the Steelers have... Team chemistry and leadership starts at the top of the locker room and that's supposed to be the Coach and QB. So that's Tomlin and the untouchable Big Ben... Both Bell and Brown would be happy to have a leader like Luck who takes all the blame publicly and protects his soldiers. Especially fearless ones like Brown and Bell who have donated brain cells and body parts to help make their QB a Hall of Famer... Big Ben is a joke and the reason for the poor chemistry in that locker room. Cowher knew he didn't want to stay and deal with that selfish clown when the organization made it clear it was Ben's team...
  22. Don’t sell Ben short. He sexually assaulted two women.
  23. The key to any good season is to handle your business at home & go .500 on the road. By handling your business, I mean 8-0 or 7-1. Could even stretch to 6-2 (like we did this year by giving away Texans game). That will ensure you of 10-6 record to 12-4 record. Barring major injuries, I see no reason we can’t do that every year including next year.
  24. To some extent Big Ben??? Are you kidding me? How are you gonna let that clown off the hook? He’s the leader and the most selfish person on the team.
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