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  1. I don’t know why all these other QB’s get excuses made for them... Rosen is another example where it’s the team’s fault. Yet the guy can’t stop throwing interceptions. But at least he tried though right? Look at Baker looking like he’s regressed tremendously. They both played the Titans. JB clearly outplayed Baker going against them & in their building. Yet some people on here are quick to say JB hasn’t played anyone. But I bet they’ll praise Baker’s “stats” going against the hapless Jets last night never minding the fact that he actually looked terrible again for the most part. Time to stop giving guys credit like they’ve made it because they have potential & credit guys that are actually winning games this season.
  2. I actually see it as the weather conditions made it easy for the Chiefs to duplicate that Jags blueprint & our offense could never get on track. Each game in a season is who you are. Us at our worst reared it’s ugly head in the playoffs. I think that’s why Frank wants to be so run oriented. He wants us to have the mentality that we’re running it down your throat regardless of quarter, field position, weather conditions, it doesn’t matter. We had a chance (which was honestly a miracle) to get back into the KC game after Leonard caused the fumble. Instead of pounding the rock & imposing our will we turned it right back over. This year will be different.
  3. I was glad to see Ridley’s name finally mentioned. He’s a serious scoring threat. I get the feeling that Rock & Kenny gonna have to try & deal with him. That’s gonna be the key matchup. And I think Hooker is gonna have to be the STAR of the game because the Falcons will take deep shots. He may have a chance at a couple.
  4. Would Hoyer bring more value in a trade than Kelly? I can see the Jets wanting Hoyer more because you have a veteran to mentor Darnold when he comes back rather than a potential rival... If Hoyer is more desirable what could we get from teams? Be it picks and/or player?
  5. You didn’t see the great preseason that Stidham had for the Pats? He’s why Hoyer was released. Wherever Kelly goes, he would be going to a system without knowing it. Your QB situation would have to be dire to give up a roster spot for Kelly and expect him to play soon. I only see the Jets & maybe the Steelers being in those dire of straits. Are there other teams that view him as their guaranteed number 2 regardless of hm knowing their system? Maybe Gruden & the Raiders? He loves QB’s.
  6. We actually ran it twice last year. Both times to Ebron. First time it worked. 2nd time was in the dreaded Jacksonville game & we were stuffed. Hopefully we make it count if we go back to it again this season.
  7. That’s because he “touched” Ryan down as soon as he intercepted the pass.
  8. Jets QB situation is dire. They’re probably the only team that would snatch him up off of waivers.
  9. This could make our matchup more interesting.
  10. Maybe it’s the anti JB fan clubbers who are becoming intolerable???
  11. The Lions beat the Patriots last year. Any given Sunday... Plus maybe Matt Patricia (former Pats D Coordinator) just knows how to neutralize Rivers?
  12. Baker has pro bowlers & first round talent all around him & only completing 50% of his throws tonight. The Jets ineptitude has him leading but he’s been struggling this season.
  13. I’m such a homer I do take it personally. I’m all for this team winning. By any means necessary. JB is 1-1 but has done enough to be 2-0 both road games. Yet he gets no credit with some. Sure he deserves criticism. Yeah it’s wise to stay cautious. But give Frank & JB the chance to grow together. If Frank feels we need to make a change, I trust his judgment. Regardless, I’m choosing to enjoy the ride.
  14. I think everyone knows Vinny is done. But give me the names of the guys who you know aren’t gonna miss kicks? Or have great faith in? Maybe there’s nobody “for sure” better out there? So they talked Vinny into 1 more week to try to find his mojo while they really do a thorough search on an adequate replacement. If he struggles again this Sunday, we put him on i.r. & move on.
  15. The problem is who can we bring in on this short of notice that we know can go out and make a clutch 40-50 yarder? I think we stick with AV & quietly start bringing guys in for workouts. This will give AV a chance to get over his yips. If he can’t, he’ll retire after another bad performance & we will have collected some data on some potential replacements.
  16. Never, he walked away from it. So all those losses were the team’s fault not Luck’s? Just like all of Peyton’s playoff flameouts were the team’s fault not his??? So those guys get all the credit for wins but not the losses? I bet it’ll be the exact opposite for JB. The wins will be because of the OLine, the running game, the defense... Anything but JB.
  17. Fair enough. And we’re definitely gonna have to put it up 30 plus times sometime this year. But there’s something in the way Frank is calling the games that has me thinking this is our identity & we’re gonna make teams play our kind of game. Then once they have enough film on us & think they know what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna hit them with early play action (like we did against Titans). But then we’re gonna run it down their throats the 2nd half like usual. Frank wants this OLine used to grinding for a full 4 quarters.
  18. How many times did Luck beat the Patriots or Mahomes? Over the course of his career not just last year? The answer is none. Zero. In fact, he often played terrible in those games. But I bet you think Luck was gonna get it done this year though right? Luck & all the other QB’s currently in the league putting up hollow stats (lots of yards, turnovers, & losses) get the benefit of the doubt but JB doesn’t even though he’s winning & playing effectively...
  19. No slack. But two guys easily considered top 10 put up these numbers yesterday: M. Ryan- 27-43 320yds 3td’s & 3 ints. C. Wentz 25-43 231yds 1td & 2 ints. With them throwing it 43 times each & putting up “stats”, they essentially scored the same amount of points as we did (in a dome). So the only thing those amazing stats did was lead to more turnovers. I just want to win. It sucked for a decade to cheer for our statistical marvel in Peyton & then see this 6th rounder with a better all around team get more success. Go check Brady’s stats for his first 3 rings. They were far from glamorous. Give JB a chance to grow with this team. If he flames out, I’m sure we’ll get him out of here & get someone in here that can get us to the mountain top. But I’d like to see if CB truly has the Midas touch & is building us a TEAM & culture that can win for a decade.
  20. I didn't know stats alone won championships. We had the greatest statistical QB of all times & he flamed out more often than not in the playoffs & the 2 he did win he was mostly carried to those 2 by a great running game & a great defense. We we should be 2-0 right now with both coming on the road vs AFC opponents. As long as we keep winning you can keep the stats (I do see 5 td’s to 1 int though). When the wins stop coming we can focus strictly on stats. We’ll see in a few weeks how we compete against one of the better teams in the league (K.C.). I know our last statistical marvel in Luck went in there and flamed out last post season. So maybe just maybe the stats alone don’t win championships but good teams do. And that’s what CB & Frank are building.
  21. I get the feeling people around here would rather see 350 yards passing 2 td’s & 3 ints in a loss rather than 146 yards passing 3 td’s & 1 int in a win.
  22. Frank said he wanted a top 10 rushing attack. He’s calling the game like he meant what he said. Our identity is gonna be that of a physical smash mouthed team. Winning games like this is getting us battle tested.
  23. We’re so used to Peyton & Andrew throwing it 30-50 times a game. That’s not gonna happen by design this season. Frank said from the get go that he wants a top 10 rushing attack. And he’s calling the game just like that. You guys better hope we don’t have a game where JB has to throw it 40 times or air it out a lot. Because that would mean some team has neutralized our run & built a big lead on us... I’m sure we will have games where we’re gonna have to open up. I’m interested to see how he does in those games. But until then I’m happy to just keep winning, keep gaining experience, & keep building our identity & culture. And last but not least, how many dead to rights sacks did JB save us from giving up today???
  24. I can't remember the last time our injury report had so few names on it 2 weeks in a row... When I first got the notification for last Wednesday and it had like no names on it, I thought my phone had frozen or the notification was taking too long to load. I would love for us to stay mostly healthy for a season for once.
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