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  1. That’s Brady’s call. He’s got 2 options. He chose poorly. Probably had a swing pass in there too. The fact Burkhead was in & not Michel probably meant sneak or swing. Brady went run & got none.
  2. There’s the break KC needed. Burkhead... Lol. Where was Michel?
  3. McDaniels & Brady have mastered the swing to the running back with the built in rub route.
  4. Finally Andy Reid scheming guys open...
  5. KC gonna win this game. They’re a classic NFL franchise with a popular coach & young stud QB. NFL would like to reward that franchise and fan base. Plus that Chiefs/Rams game may have been the greatest regular season game ever... Why not run that back?
  6. Don’t discount what McDaniels, Brady , & the Pats offense is doing. 7 for 9 on 3rd down and 25 rushes for 99 yards in the first half with a 21 minute time of possession matters too. That’s the gameplan the Colts should have run. It’s freezing temperatures. You don’t try to win a shootout. You sustain drives and chew up clock. Perfect offensive gameplan so far. And I hate McDaniels but I recognize the guy exploits mismatches. You don’t think Brady was glad he stayed?
  7. Frank needs to be taking some notes. As much as we hate McDaniels, he schemes & calls a great game. I wonder if Frank would have done the same had we sustained that first drive?
  8. Patriots DB’s holding all over the secondary. Same gameplan they used to beat our high powered offense back in the day. And the refs ain’t calling crap.
  9. You don’t win a bad weather game against a high powered offense by throwing it all over the field... You grind it out by running it. Go back and check those 2 times we lost to the Pats in the snow. Ebron threw us off schedule when he dropped that first first down. We could never establish our ground game afterwards. That’s where we needed a sure handed Doyle. Oh well. We’ll be back stronger for it. The team & Frank.
  10. Doesn’t it feel like we’ve got a couple “Colts fans” happy we’re losing? Like they’ve been waiting for this day...
  11. Should be a 1 possession game. The goat is even tripping.
  12. This is what they should hav e done after that Leonard turnover.
  13. Got behind too early & abandoned the running game. Played right into their hands.
  14. It’s looking like the team that got shut out by the jags is just as much who we are as the one who went on this run... Would have been nice to run the ball after that turnover. We’re playing into their hands dropping back every time.
  15. Hopefully, only if Luck gets to play Brady & Mahomes plays Manning...
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