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  1. Fromm just got exposed. Threw it 51 times. 3 interceptions & only 17 points scored. Tells me when it's all placed on him, he can't lift a team & put it on his back. Say what you will about Tua but he throws with tremendous anticipation. Seems very natural. He could be the next Russell Wilson.
  2. QB DE LT WR DT CB FS Strictly Indy Colts for this season: Manning Freeney Harrison Nelson James Castonzo Leonard Frank would definitely get us a Lombardi if we had that 7 in their prime as our core. Could easily switch Leonard for a Mathis or Wayne or Hilton or Saturday or Sanders first out of them all if he could stay healthy.
  3. At times but you've got to contain a lot too. Sometimes those stunts & twists gets guys out of their lanes or they lose that edge & he's gone and he'll hurt us. I think we've got to play a lot of press man on 3rd downs to force tough throws to Hopkins. Because he will be looking there more often than not. Our handoffs are going to have to be sharp because I watched how they diced up KC's corners with stacks & bunches. This would be a beautiful time for Big Q & the boys to establish their dominance on JJ Watt & the texans from this point forward...
  4. This thread is here we go again... Name another 3 & 2 team's fans that'll dedicate 6 pages to the 3rd string QB that's on the practice squad? CK needs to mature some. Sit back & be a sponge. Sure, he's humble now because he's coming off of suspension. What I worry about with CK is how he handles success. I'm sure Frank & CB feel the same. If he can grow up some and master Frank's system in the QB room, I can see him coming out 'next' year competing for the number one spot. That's all depending on what JB does this year. I'm not counting this season's team out of anything. I like the way they compete week in and week out. We haven't been dominated by anyone. Big game with Texans upcoming. We win that and we can hit a nice stride. Let's let it play out.
  5. I see that one of Chad Kelly's * accounts (Rebel) trying to do anything to keep his name alive. CK ain't seeing no action barring injury. Deal with it or not. Just a shame y'all gave the 3rd string QB 6 pages of comments. Get a grip on reality. And oh yeah, just like all the other QB's y'all are quick to anoint as better than JB, CK could fall on his face just like them. Look at Baker. Look at Rosen. Look at Minshew today. Look at Goff & his 78 yards passing. Y'all JB haters would slob all over those guys but crap on JB... I wonder what the real reason they keep getting your praise & faith while JB gets your scorn??? It clearly has nothing to do with winning.
  6. I don't fear the Pats. I respect what they can do but I think we've built a team to compete with them. And I assure you that JB will be extra motivated. Some people talking about what the Hoody will do to JB? Will it be similar to the way he's dismantled Luck every time we've played them? I'm not counting JB or this team out against anybody. I love our chances against anybody because we're built to play 60 minutes of smash mouthed football
  7. The only way Luck comes back to football is if his wife gives him the blessing after the baby get settled in & acclimated.
  8. It's not just about beating the Chiefs. It's about the style of football we play. Grind on you for 60 minutes. Our record says 3-2 but nobody has owned us. Both losses were 1 possession games. O.T. Loss to Chargers in a game we should have been kneeling out the win if not for missed kicks. In the Raiders game we had the ball with 2 plus minutes with a chance to go down & tie. We're looking like a team that's gonna compete every Sunday. Once Frank & JB catch their stride with the offense, we'll be even tougher to deal with... Frank has us prepared every week. I'm really enjoying this journey with this team.
  9. He said with our run game, if we can hit a groove with our D, we can beat anybody. He said he likes Frank & Jacoby. He said we look like a playoff team because we're playing "playoff" style football. A style that travels well. Which is exactly what I've been seeing this yeat... It felt good to finally get some recognition from somebody from ESPN. I wish I could have recorded it. Seems like we got a believer out there y'all. Go Colts!!!!
  10. Our D was injured. Their O was "very" injured. What's with all the hate East??? You still upset Luck left? You mad that JB is our QB & hasn't lead us to 0-5 so that Kelly can get a shot? What motivates you to hate your own?
  11. JB doesn't wilt under pressure. He was far from perfect. Still needs a dependable number 2 receiver. But he really does remind me of Brady his first year. Just win baby. We're a physical football team that is built for playoff kind of football. We're looking to impose our will regardless of who our opponent is... Oh yeah & JB's QB sneaks have been money. Frank & JB gotta work on blitz beating hot routes because I think he's gonna start getting that every 3rd & long going forward.
  12. We're gonna have to get some D-Line help by the trade deadline.
  13. I really wanted Lev Bell but I'll be danged if Mack isn't looking just like him.
  14. Whoever missed that tackle needs a stern talking to... Odum saved us.
  15. What a joke. That was no P.I. Should have been a safety.
  16. The Andrew who wet the bed against KC last year?
  17. Refs gonna start trying to do us in... No way was that P.I. He looked back at the QB.
  18. Frank gotta put in some blitz beating hot routes. Receivers can't run long routes VS zero blitzes.
  19. Kelce false started. Refs missed it of course. Thank goodness for the incompletion.
  20. Frank gotta start calling some blitz beating hot routes.
  21. All Ebron had to do was turn around. He had a walk in TD. Didn't know whether to block or run a route. Of course he did neither...
  22. This team has such an amazing culture. I'm loving their fight.
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