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    What I want to know is what’s up with MAC? I couldn’t watch today (was out of town) but from what I heard & saw week 1 Mo hasn’t been blocking well at all. Sounds like he’s still got a lot of improving to do.
  2. They said Kelly has to serve a 2 game suspension. With Luck's questionable health, can we risk going with Kelly on the 53? If Luck re-aggravates his injury, then you're stuck with just JB. I expect them to try to make it through the first 2 weeks with JB and Walker and then bring Kelly back to replace Walker.
  3. Am I missing something or looking at the wrong guy? I see Big Q hold his guy up on this play. The problem was JB was focused on his checkdown receiver to the right while the slot receiver crosses the linebacker's face right in front of JB and is wide open in the middle of the field.
  4. Kelly is definitely ahead at the moment. But he needs to work against 2’s for us to see what he can really do. It’s not like he can’t go out there and throw 3 interceptions vs the Brown’s 2’s but I’ve never been a fan of Walker. If he’s gotta play we’re toast. Might as well see what Kelly’s got.
  5. I just watched it again and his depth was definitely too shallow. He had Q underneath and when Q took a step forward, Hairston focused on Q’s receiver on the 2nd level and the deep man got behind him. Definitely too flat footed and not enough depth.
  6. Yeah they pulled the oke doke on him. I don’t think he ever expected the deep receiver to double back to the corner. Probably should have had more depth but I’ll have to rewatch the play because from what I remember the shallow receiver would have been even more open for the 6 if he had been any further back.
  7. That play was really a tricky play. The deep receiver started to go across the field. So Hairston let him go because a shallower receiver was running a cross in the opposite direction coming at Hairston. So he rightly picked him up. Unfortunately the first receiver pivoted and doubled back. So Hairston ended up on an island with both receivers high and low. Either way he was stuck. If he stayed with the deeper receiver on his cross the underneath had an easy touchdown. The question is where was the safety or his help?
  8. I think Fountain is ahead of Pascal as of now. I think it’ll be easier to find another Pascal. No way Fountain makes it to a practice squad. Dude looks like a physical freak and starting to make plays.
  9. Honestly, I don’t think we should have kept Walker over the kid we had from Miami a couple years ago. At least he would take some shots when he had 1 on 1 on the outside.
  10. Good to hear. Him and Collins could be battling for those last couple CB spots.
  11. Might as well start Phillip Walker and go for the first pick. Brissett will probably win us anywhere from 4-8 games and we’ll pick lower. Might as well roll with Walker and Kelly and win 1-3 and pick first. Then trade the pick for another draft haul.
  12. Hmmm. I really don’t remember seeing him. Don’t know if that’s good or bad.
  13. We’ve seen some preseason Hall of Famers before. Lol. Remember Rayford? And I really loved TY McGgill.
  14. Yeah. Because Rock is looking like another Ballard gem that’s gonna give immediate impact. Did Hairston play tonight?
  15. Interesting that they played Collins ALL game. Strictly evaluation purposes or could he be trade bait?
  16. Walker kept going to his 2nd read like an *. Cain was open all game. He clearly didn’t get the memo.
  17. We gotta remember that Kelly got to go against the 3’s today & maybe even more vanilla defense. Regardless, I definitely think Walker is on notice. Another performance like that and he’s outta here.
  18. Poor Cain had to play with Walker. He might have worked some magic with Kelly.
  19. Good coverage but this is the NFL. More often than not it’s gonna be good coverage. Cain gotta catch those. And I believe he will next time. Just gotta learn to be a little more physical.
  20. I was worried about Nepotism with Kelly but after seeing Walker... Why not give the kid a try?
  21. Phillip Walker playing himself right off the team. Could have easily had 5 more completions if he was just looking at Cain. Guy’s been open at least 5 times and Walker ain’t even looking his way...
  22. We might not have a single O lineman in the top 20. I expect that to change next season & Nelson will lead the charge.
  23. I just realized that they did 20-11. So Kamara & Hopkins were on that list ahead of Luck. McCaffrey was lower. As was Kuechly & Ramsey. Saquon, Thomas, Hill, Watt, & Zeke also ahead of Luck. So that leaves Brady, Brees, Mahomes, Rogers, Mack, Donald, Brown, Julio, Gurley, and 1 other for top 10. Oh yeah Rivers made top 20 over Luck too. So Luck seen as the 6th best QB.
  24. Trying to think of the 19 names ahead of Luck. As mentioned upthread, Brady, Brees, Rogers, & Mahomes. Then Donald (could be first), K. Mack, Watt, Ramsey, Kuechly? Gurley? Zeke? Has Saquon been named? Is he the top rated rookie? Julio Jones? A. Brown? Tyreke Hill? Michael Thomas? That’s 15 potentials not including Barkley. Who am I forgetting? Some of the ones I mentioned been named already?
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