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  1. Props to Big Q though. He’s already building a foundation for a decade plus of dominance that I can see leading to the HoF. Just hope he stays healthy. He’s fun to watch.
  2. Clowney has 37 tackles and 8 sacks. Leonard has 146 tackles and 7 sacks. How in the * can they even begin to justify that crap. And I didn’t even mention all of Leonard’s other stats. And then the headline of the snubs reads that LVE is the biggest snub. What a joke.
  3. Clowney doesn’t deserve to go over Leonard regardless.
  4. That’s shameful. It’s this kind of crap that makes me lose respect for the league & the entire process. These guys put too much on the line for blatant disrespect like this.
  5. Actually they won’t because we’re going to the Super Bowl. I hope the Maniac & Luck use this as motivation to set the record straight. Notice that they put Derwin James in... They might actually try to rob the Maniac of the DROY award. It’s been posted that Kuechly had one of the greatest rookie season ever and won the award & Leonard’s numbers are better than his and he missed a game. Poppycock.
  7. Don’t sleep on Anthony Lynn of the Chargers winning coach of the year. That 2 point conversion to win the game was HUGE. It garnered a lot of attention. I can see Lynn or Nagy 1 or 2 depending on how the Chargers finish & Frank probably 3rd. Ballard should have the GM award sowed up. The Bears GM should be 2nd.
  8. Smoke317

    Andrew Luck

    Luck has been a BEAST since he arrived in the league. Only injuries & incompetent coaches & a GM slowed him down. Imagine if this was year 7 under an offensive mind like Frank... The command he would have of this offense. I think we would have been in a Super Bowl despite Grigson’s failures. I truly expect us to get to some under CB & Frank. And I’m not ruling us out this season if we can get in.
  9. I only said take them out because a generational QB the likes of Luck & Manning trump all. Just getting one of those guys makes your draft excellent. I personally think Peyton’s draft was meh. But we got 18 & we saw what that did for football in the state of Indiana... Luck’s class was definitely deeper and had a lot of key contributors on a playoff team that season. I hope this year’s class has more longevity than Luck’s (not including Luck & TY) but also key contributors on a playoff team.
  10. I know we don't know their long term impact yet. I was more seeking comparisons on their first year production and contributions. Also, as meh as most of us thought last year's draft was, we have come out of it with our starting free safety, starting middle linebacker, our 3rd & 4th cornerback, and our 3rd string (about to be 2nd string with the Woods injury) NT. That's not looking that bad in hindsight.
  11. Does this mean Ridgeway will finally get some snaps or will Stewart get those reps?
  12. It sure feels like it. But we got a lot of contribution from Luck's class with Luck, TY, Fleener, Allen, and maybe Ballard as well? Take away Luck and that's still a nice class but this one has been outstanding at so many different positions on both sides of the ball.
  13. If we take out the Peyton & Andrew draft classes because of them having once in a generation quarterbacks, is this the best draft class in Colts' history just factoring their first year? Serious question? What other draft classes compare? Throw in the Luck & Manning drafts and let's compare their depth not counting the QB's. Be interesting to see what you guy can come up with. We can even factor in the Baltimore era. It can all be included. Thoughts?
  14. RCA dome was louder but that 4th and 2 New England game was up there. I swear the Luc was shaking that night. I truly think Manning getting on a roll and the crowd noise scrambled Belichick's brain that night. I know mine was. I don't think the Luc has ever been as loud. Probably only the AFC Championship game vs the Pats was louder.
  15. I love me some Kay Adams. I think Kyle Brandt has been pushing hard for the Colts on there too. I like the show and all the hosts chemistry.
  16. I think it was the right idea but the wrong time. He should have went for it on our first possession. I think we had like 4th and 4 from around the 30 or something. We settled for the field goal. Once we did that we should have settled for the tie later on as well because TY was hurt. Frank hadn't yet hit his groove as a play caller nor had Luck developed the chemistry with his other receivers. Though there was a receiver coming open to his left, Luck rushed the throw to Rogers on the right. Hindsight is 20/20 but I think we should have punted. Guys have muffed punts before. Watson has fumbled and thrown interceptions. There's more than one way to skin a cat. Like later in the Jags game, Frank needed to learn that there's 3 phases to the game and sometimes you've got to let your defense and special teams win you a game.
  17. Because you're the Giants and do dumb stuff like that??? I personally would rather he not played. Gives Eli one less target. I'm expecting Leonard & Walker to get a lot of work dealing with Saquon & Eli's checkdowns.
  18. The way the Patriots are looking, I don’t want them to have the luxury of the bye and a week to rest, heal up, & gameplan. Make them have to turn right around and play wildcard weekend. And if that has to be us, then so be it. We’ll never get a better chance to knock them off. Slay the dragon and let Luck go Claim the Throne in the Super Bowl. Time for the Luck Dynasty to begin and Brady era to end. Luck would gain so much confidence by finally vanquishing Belichick that I think he’d rip on through the rest of the playoffs to the Super Bowl.
  19. I’ve got no love for Deion Sanders anymore. He’s clearly a Colt hater. That fool picked us to lose to both the Cowboys & Giants at home & miss the playoffs. How stupid was that? Not even Skip Bayless would have said something so ignorant.
  20. I gotta give CB & Frank credit for sticking with Hines. In the preseason, it looked like he was gonna play himself off the roster with his special teams fumbles. But they clearly saw something in the kid and stuck with him and boy has he been a difference maker... Despite not having a dependable number 2 receiver, Frank is using Hines & Ebron to exploit mismatches all over the field. If we can add a big high pointing receiver in next year's draft of Cain can develop into that guy, this offense will be unstoppable.
  21. Sorry, but I find minimalizing Leonard’s numbers & impact in order to bring him down to his competitor’s level is politicking. One even said an LVE game where he had like 8 combined & 6 solos only was better than Leonard’s game of 19 combined, 15 solos, 1 sack & 1 pass defensed. Interesting though that some in Cowboys nation feel Leonard deserves the reward. Now imagine if the numbers were reversed & LVE was leading the league in tackles & had eye popping numbers across the board & impact like Leonard? That number saying Leonard deserves it would be less than zero... And this rookie class has been excellent on both offense & defense. And I think James, Chubb, & LVE have had wonderful seasons. But their numbers pale in comparison to Leonard’s. I think the Maniac has clearly separated himself from the pack & it would take an egregious robbery (I stand by that) to gift the reward to someone else.
  22. You’re correct. You did seek clarification initially. Then this time you kind of made an assumption. But I have no problem with being balanced and impartial. In fact I prefer that. I don’t think minimizing Leonard’s numbers is being balanced and impartial though.
  23. Well this was the BIG SHOWDOWN for Maniac & LVE. And the last few posts have been direct responses to posts directed towards me. I didn’t point out anyone in particular.
  24. You clearly didn’t read my post and just formed your own assumption. I said Leonard’s numbers backed up him being D-ROY. I’m not on here saying Autry is better than Donald or Sheard is better than Mack. Yet our fans constantly search for reasons to minimize our great players. I guess only Peyton gets diehard allegiance around here. So cheer for whomever you guys want. I’m ride or die with the Horseshoe.
  25. What’s stupid is the denial. I have no problem giving players credit for their accomplishments. In fact in all of my posts, I said that LVE was playing great. Leonard was just playing greater. And the numbers backed that up. So guys resorted to saying Leonard’s Numbers were hollow... And I stand by what I said about “so called” Colts fans. And that denial is the dumbest. Go on the Cowboys forum & show me where their fans were advocating for Leonard & downplaying LVE. Yet that happened here with our fans. I don’t know if it’s just small market self doubt, as people still say that LVE could have won just because of who Dallas is or Derwin James will win because of the LA market, as if that’s ok or would be justifiable. I wholeheartedly disagree with that premise. It may happen but it would be an egregious robbery. Leonard is leading the LEAGUE in tackles not just all rookies. Leading ALL Rookies in many more categories and was even 2nd to Chubb in sacks at a non pass rush position. And some fans around here seem unwilling to jump on board all in for Leonard. It’s mind boggling because if Leonard had the same numbers & impact in Dallas or LA, you wouldn’t find a single Cowboys or Chargers fan advocating for anyone else but him. But around here...
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