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  1. Good coverage but this is the NFL. More often than not it’s gonna be good coverage. Cain gotta catch those. And I believe he will next time. Just gotta learn to be a little more physical.
  2. I was worried about Nepotism with Kelly but after seeing Walker... Why not give the kid a try?
  3. Phillip Walker playing himself right off the team. Could have easily had 5 more completions if he was just looking at Cain. Guy’s been open at least 5 times and Walker ain’t even looking his way...
  4. We might not have a single O lineman in the top 20. I expect that to change next season & Nelson will lead the charge.
  5. I just realized that they did 20-11. So Kamara & Hopkins were on that list ahead of Luck. McCaffrey was lower. As was Kuechly & Ramsey. Saquon, Thomas, Hill, Watt, & Zeke also ahead of Luck. So that leaves Brady, Brees, Mahomes, Rogers, Mack, Donald, Brown, Julio, Gurley, and 1 other for top 10. Oh yeah Rivers made top 20 over Luck too. So Luck seen as the 6th best QB.
  6. Trying to think of the 19 names ahead of Luck. As mentioned upthread, Brady, Brees, Rogers, & Mahomes. Then Donald (could be first), K. Mack, Watt, Ramsey, Kuechly? Gurley? Zeke? Has Saquon been named? Is he the top rated rookie? Julio Jones? A. Brown? Tyreke Hill? Michael Thomas? That’s 15 potentials not including Barkley. Who am I forgetting? Some of the ones I mentioned been named already?
  7. I’d say 5-6 tops. Would owners take Brady without Belichick at this point in his career? Or Brees with no Payton? Of the youngsters I’d guess Mahomes (the Phenom) or maybe Mayfield before Luck. Then I’d expect Luck & Wentz to go next. Throw A-Rod in there somewhere and that’s about it for QB’s picked before or around Luck.
  8. Ballard is a shrewd guy. Maybe by contacting the Texans & making it public he’s “letting Clowney know” he’s got a fan of his game in CB & the Colts... I saw a stat that said his tackle for losses were up there with Aaron Donald. We need a guy like him who can wreak havoc in the backfield be it against the run or the pass. Don’t be surprised if Ballard gives him a good long look next year in free agency unless Texans are foolish enough to trade him within the division.
  9. Wouldn’t make it past 10. Guy has never had a losing season in any year he was healthy. What owner wouldn’t sign up for that?
  10. I remember both vividly. They both hurt real bad. In ‘05 I had 4 young Steelers fans sitting directly behind me. 2 guys and girls. And I promise you to this day I have never heard anybody scream that loud my entire life. Blood curdling screams the entire game. After sitting through all of that and us playing terrible to Bettis about to drive in the nail in our coffin to the fumble to Harper getting tackled to Vanderjagt shanking that field goal. The emotional swings were so dramatic. Then having to cram out the dome which felt like it took 45 minutes to leave. Ugh. Both very traumatic losses in 05 & 09. ‘05 was setup for what should have been an easy super bowl with Denver and the Seahawks in Detroit. Ouch.
  11. Us losing the Super Bowl was karma. The football gods punished us for turning our backs on immortality/perfect season. The entire sequence of events just wreaked of cowardice, hypocrisy, & Polian. If you’re gonna throw away perfection, you don’t do it in a home game for which your fans braved a near blizzard to attend. You do it the week prior on the road, short week, vs the Jags with nearly everybody injured (Freeney & Mathis and others). Home field was sown up. But no we go life and death with them in a shootout then come home the next week and pull the starters. Then we look like hypocrites when we put our starters out there to get records in the middle of a blizzard the meaningless last week of the season. But here’s how karma gets you. Us letting the Jets beat us helped them get in the playoffs. And they knock off some teams and give us an easy AFC championship game to the SB. But the football gods didn’t forget. Freeney gets injured towards the end of the game after the game was all but sealed and done. That injury would keep him out of the 2nd half of the SB and we lose to the Saints... Karma. Sure some will say that I’d rather go to the Bowl and lose than not go. But if I had to lose, I’d have rather lost going for perfection than to lose the Super Bowl. At least I lost going all out for what every team in every competitive sports start their season trying to do... Win. Every time you take the field or court or ice. Win every game or match. As you can tell, I’ve never forgiven Polian for this. Sometimes I wonder if the football gods have forgiven us for it...
  12. That makes sense. I remember watching him at Ole Miss. He should definitely be able to beat out Walker. And I’m fine with him making the team as long as he “earns” it.
  13. Yes. Love affair. Very seriously. He’s been talked about on this forum as if he’s a sure thing. The only thing sure about him has been his screw ups. I don’t mind kicking the tires on a player but this forum has already penciled him in as Brissett’s replacement. What other player with this many strikes would we give this chance? If he wasn’t the nephew of a Hall of Fame QB who just so happened to be former teammates of our current head coach would he be getting this opportunity? So like I said (and was very serious about) he needs to light it up this preseason because everything surrounding him being on the roster wreaks of nepotism. If it’s about his skills and talent I expect to see it on the field this preseason. So fine let’s explore it but I hope he has to earn a spot and not have one given to him because his last name is Kelly and he’s in good with the coach...
  14. I can’t wait to see Kelly to see what the love affair is with this guy. Everything I’ve seen screams knucklehead who’s screw ups have far surpassed his talent. Now nepotism is getting him another shot. Could be his last. So he better light it up this preseason.
  15. Doubtful. Never for baseball. Surrounded by too many other MLB teams. But maybe our soccer team could move up to MLS one day? I think they’re our best bet for another major sports franchise in Indy.
  16. Winston? Jameis? Top 10? You must be joking. Honestly, has he ever been top 10 in any year since he’s been drafted?
  17. Good job DougDew. You know how to spark up the conversation in the dog days of the offseason. Well played.
  18. One thing I’ll say about Bob though, his small size & Wolverine (comic book character) mentality made him a terror against the run. With him already being short, when he went submarine on a RB, they really risked their careers if their feet were planted when the Colonel was coming for them. He turned so many guys into tip toe bandits or sent them helicoptering into the air. No wonder our run defense was so stout. Usually only took 1 “meeting” with Bob in the hole, to put fear in the RB’s head the rest of the game... You had to know where he was at all times or kiss your knees goodbye.
  19. I have to disagree with the last sentence. I think Sean Taylor (The former Hurricane & Redskin safety) was and would have statistically been better than all 3 had he not been murdered. That dude was what you’d get if you created a cyborg safety. Big. Fast. Physical. And immaculate receiver level ball skills... I still love the other 3, especially the Colonel, but Taylor was on another level. A combination of all 3.
  20. I don’t mind the outsiders giving us some praise. It’s time we started getting some respect again. It’s when we start praising ourselves (ala Dwayne Allen) is when I’d rather not hear it.
  21. During ESPN’s NFL Live draft recap on today’s show, both McShay & Kiper picked the Colts as having the best draft in the league this year. Over the Pats, Cards, & Skins. On top of that Kiper said that with the talent that CB is assembling he’s picking us to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.
  22. Kiper isn’t alone. Todd McShay also said he loved our draft and thought we got great value with our picks. Either Ballard is becoming a media darling or the learned all legitimately feel like he knows what he’s doing? Maybe it’s both. Maybe he’s becoming a media darling because he knows his stuff.
  23. I like that Cain picked a number right next to Luck's. 11-12-13. Let's keep things tight knit.
  24. I’ve always thought (hoped) Luck would get 7 ( ). A couple back to backs and a 3peat (). But I’ll take a couple 1 offs, a back to back, and a 3peat to make up Luck’s Lucky 7(). 7 and Luck can still be the . I’m with Irsay. Go COLTS!!!
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