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  1. Rivers? Y'all can't be serious. Rivers is a turnover machine who is a statue in the pocket. When the pressure comes he's just throwing the ball up for grabs. JB may not be the answer but Rivers is definitely is not the answer. Hard Pass on Rivers.
  2. Did y'all see how Hoyer was going through his progressions so quickly & how he made our offense more explosive than JB could? No??? Me neither.
  3. He's got my vote. But us having JB should show us the importance of having a strong backup. Unless we're sure CK is ready for the number 2 spot, I don't mind spending a mid to late round pick on a QB. Or even bringing in a guy with some experience that maybe didn't pan out elsewhere to be our backup. Like a Mariota or Winston. Guys like Tannehill or Keenum could be good backups too. Now if you tell me I can get Justin Fields in 2 years... Everything changes.
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