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  1. I think they like Okereke a lot and I think he remains the starter. But I think the Sweat idea has merit and is worth investigating.
  2. I think we are in a great position either way with the Jets. If they want to trade the pick I think we are in a great position to get first dibs and the same goes for Darnold if they want to move on. Trading up for the QB and then let him sit behind Rivers for a year is not a bad idea. Use FA to get at least a ER and WR and see what happens and go for it.
  3. I would be open to Darnold over Wentz. Considering he was a high pick and only 23 with a lot of playing experience on a very bad team I would not have a problem with bringing him over. No reason to think he couldn't succeed in the right circumstances like Tannehill did. He would be my option 3.
  4. This is just about where I am as well. Forgetting about Watson Stafford would be far and away my 1st choice and with a chance of it happening. Though I am a little worried the Patriots would also be in play for Stafford . The picks you suggested should get it done and would be fair IMO. 2nd would be to resign Rivers to a cheaper deal like you suggest. 20M is a good number for him now. I would try to get an ER in FA along with resigning TY, Rhodes and a veteran G to replace Q as I think there is a strong possibility that they move him to T.
  5. This 30 day window on Rivers is really telling. It strikes me as an evaluation period more so for the Colts. We tried one year at 25M does it make sense to do it again with him one year older? The bar has been set as a playoff team. What are the odds he can do it again? If we fall short after investing another year in an older QB it will not be perceived as a good decision. I am starting to think the Colts will use this time to gather information on the veteran marketplace. Detroit just hired their new GM and Philly won't be too far behind. I'm thinking we will know the availability of
  6. One thing for certain Eason will not be the starting QB next season. Anyone expecting that can forget about it. He said the right thing about wanting Rivers back but the 30 day window will afford the opportunity for a lot of different scenarios to develop. I get the impression that if he could find a longer term option that he liked he would prefer that option. I also got the impression he would like to bring TY back but not as a No. 1. and I could see Houston back as well. I think he would like to bring back Rhodes but as usual he will not get into a bidding war. He mentioned that the C
  7. I have read reports from Detroit where she has said she will leave the decision on the QB up to the new GM and coach. I guess it depends on if they hire a GM and coach who want to rebuild around Stafford or a pair that wants to rebuild with a new QB. What we don't know is where Stafford stands on remaining in Detroit.
  8. How he handles the Phillip Rivers questions. Will he come right out and say he would like him to return for another year. I want him to say we will evaluate all of our options and will not commit one way or the other at this time.
  9. Absolutely. He would be our guy for many years to come.
  10. Move Q to LT sign Thuney in FA to replace him.
  11. Curious. What picks did they trade for Wentz or Stafford in your 1st scenario?
  12. Agree. i'm sure they had plans to play him in preseason and get much more work in during training camp and practice. He couldn't even get reps in during practice. Pretty much a lost year. Not entirely of course but at his position and the circumstances it pretty much was. Right now it looks good for Eason. I would not expect us to draft a QB this year.
  13. Versus Rivers at most likely $25m for 2021. I sure hope they go for a rebuild and make him available.
  14. Haag is history. He had his chance and couldn't make this team as a backup.
  15. This is not as dire as people are making it out to be. We just picked up 16m in cap space. Q moves over to LT. Easiest, cost effective and smartest move. We could still sign sign a G in FA. Thuney would be perfect and we have the extra cap to do it. If not Thuney there are other choices. Ballard found Glow and that worked out. So I'm not worried at all. And of course you have the draft to draft a G and or T as well. We still have Q on a rookie deal so this retirement worked out in our favor as we move him over. If I were Q I would ask to move over. That's where the money is. But I t
  16. Definitely! They have already tested this move and talked about it. It is the easiest fix and we would have the LT spot secured for a decade. A much more important position than guard. They are going to have to give Q a big contract regardless might as well pay him as a LT. This is a no brainer. Easier to replace a guard.
  17. Reich did say he would like Rivers to come back and talked him up. Probably posturing a little but it would be extremely risky on the Colts part to start next year with a 4th string QB who has not taken a snap yet. Look what that 1st loss to the Jags did to our season last year. And now we are going to turn this team over to Eason and significantly increase the risk of missing the playoffs. I can't see that scenario at all. A veteran will lead this team next year.
  18. Wishful thinking but I think he will cost a 1st.
  19. FA is going to be flooded with many high quality veteran players after teams struggle to get to the new cap. We will have no problem signing any of our FA's that we want to sign. More FA players than dollars to go around in the league next year. We will be viewed as SB contenders and players will want to come here. We are in a great position cap wise. I'm expecting TY to sign for sure and very team friendly. Autry and Rhodes as well. But I think we will also sign a new WR1. and a new ER. This is the year to find those two missing pieces in FA and I think we will. If they want Rivers b
  20. Prediction; Pederson will move to the Jets as HC by the end of the week.
  21. To hard to move him financially as well. Having a lower cap next year amplifies the problem even more. They, the owner, invested a ton in Wentz. I think he's staying put.
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