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  1. LT. I think he can switch. Trading makes the most sense and it shouldn't be hard to get a nice pick. I'm saving my 1st for Stafford though. But if that falls through.....well....
  2. He's human. He can see himself out there and falling apart. Don't kid yourself. It's not the game that will effect him. It's the possibility of performing like Brees did tonight. A year down the road. Does he want to risk going out like that? I would be taking a hard look in the mirror.
  3. If I'm Rivers and I watched Brees tonight I think his performance would convince me to go out now instead of risking the same fate for himself next year. Retire when you can leave good memories behind.
  4. Now Mahomes is in concussion protocol. Will Allen be far behind? He better sign his extension this off season before he's next. Give me the classic pocket QB by far. It's risk vs. reward. Watch the Ravens pay Jackson a boatload of money. Glad it's not us.
  5. If Rivers does wind up coming back he could do this to get his future QB to sit behind Rivers for a year ,like Mahomes did, and still keep his picks and avoid paying a big new contract for Leonard down the road. I don't think it's entirely out of the realm of possibility.
  6. We got Buckner for the 13th straight up. No other picks involved. Ballard loves his picks. I don't think you can rule it out. But I would still rather trade for Stafford though.
  7. If I'm Ballard and want to move up to get a certain QB I would consider offering Leonard as part of a trade package. Especially to an NFC team. We would still have playmakers like Buckner and Moore on defense and possibly Blackmon and Willis as well. His trade value would be very high now and it's one less big contract we would avoid paying. He's a great player no doubt but if by trading him we get the guy Ballard thinks is our future I would bring him up as part of the discussion.
  8. True. People underestimate how important the ability to read defenses is. It was instrumental in our's and River's success this year. Mistakes cost us. Such a shame.
  9. I remember a number of designed runs by Allen against us. And they worked. They have designed runs for him in the playbook. They consider him a running QB. They reined in him a little more this year but it's in his DNA and they know it. It's just a matter of time for him. They better win one this year. He might not get another chance.
  10. So true. I'll take an easy pass on a running mobile QB. Allen won't have a long career either. I'll take the Brady's, Rogers, Brees, Rivers all the time for my franchise QB.
  11. I'll take the classic pocket QB all the time. It's just a matter of time when these mobile running QB's get hurt. Allen won't last long either. I'll take the Rivers, Brady's, Brees , Rogers QB's all the time every day of the week.
  12. I think this is Houston's Hail Mary to try and keep Watson from pushing for a trade..
  13. McDaniels is going to be the Eagles head coach.
  14. That's why he has a chance. No one else really wants it.
  15. As the world turns. Heard that earlier about Wentz. Reich that's a new one.
  16. He has discovered talent alright. That's why he was drafted No. 3 overall. I watch Colt's games not Jet's games. But I have seen plenty of wow moment highlights from him over the last three years on post game highlights. So he has the talent and the move to a good team with a good OL and a good coach could be a great situation for him. That's where the Colts come into play. That said It looks like his new coach is going to keep him and build the team around him. So I'm expecting they pull a "Ballard" and trade back in the 1st. round.
  17. It's starting to look like Watson wants out of Houston and the Texans might feel the need to move him after all. If I'm the Texans the only way I would be tempted to trade him to us would be if we included a star pro bowler on our roster as part of the package. That player being Leonard. Adding Leonard would help with the justification to trade inside the division as they would get an immediate impact playmaker to help them in the rebuild and weaken us in their minds. We give up a 1st and 2nd this year and a 1st next year and maybe a another mid rounder next year and it has a chance of hap
  18. I think there is a possibility depending on what happens with the other veteran QB's that we think could be available. I think Wentz and Darnold now stay with their teams. If the new group in Detroit decides to rebuild around Stafford then the possibility of a trade up increases depending on what Rivers decides he wants to do. The price would be very expensive to go to 2 and I find it hard to believe Ballard would give up that many picks. If he really loved the guy he could get at No. 2 then I could see him trading a player and picks. Maybe two No 1's and Leonard. Something like that. I
  19. Overall I like it with the exception of Wentz. I am of the opinion Wentz will stay in Philly. I think they chose him over Pederson and they give him another year with that contract. I think Godwin is a great choice at WR. Robinson is going to demand the attention and money and Godwin I think makes more sense. Trying to get Williams from Buffalo won't be easy. I think they will do what it takes to keep him. So I would focus on Villunave(sp) from Pittsburgh. I also like the idea of Thuney from the Pats at G and moving Q to tackle. I could see Q's agent pushing this move for obvious reas
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