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  1. Daniel Jeremiah just published his latest mock draft after the Stafford announcement. Guess what? He projected a trade and he has the Lions taking Fields with pick 7 and he has them taking an ER with pick 21. He thinks we are the most likely team to acquire Stafford. I really think he is going to be a Colt too. And I think the trade will happen quickly. No need to drag this out four weeks or so. Detroit is already fielding offers so it won't take them long to get their best offers and to get it done. The teams will want it that way too. They will want to move on to plan B if they don'
  2. That's why they won't trade him there. In conference? What if he wins a SB there? The Lions fans and ownership will never live it down.
  3. I have read where she is very close to him. It happens when you are the owner and know someone and his family for 12 years and he's the face of your franchise. I don't think she will let her new people do him a wrong just to squeeze out another pick. I don't think he will go anywhere unless he agrees to go there. I would bet that is what the two sides greed too.
  4. I think the only people panicking here are the three or four people who don't want him because they're afraid he's going to cost too much. Everyone else is excited as heck at the possibility. If Ballard wasn't afraid to trade the 13th pick for a DT I don't think he will be afraid to trade the 21st pick for a 33 yr old starting franchise QB. And an excellent one at that.
  5. Did Dodds interview with the Lions for the GM job? I can't remember.
  6. I said to expect a trade by the start of FA. just sayin. lol
  7. If we get Stafford then we have a better chance of signing a true No.1 in FA. Robinson, Godwin even Gollaway. As long as they are not franchised of course.
  8. I said could. And how could you not jump to SB talk if he comes here. There will be smarter football people than me thinking and talking the same thing.
  9. We will pounce for sure. I think Ballard will get it done.
  10. I can't remember where I read it but I did read it. I'm sure it will resurface again. He has a say.
  11. Why? he's only one year older than Luck. I betcha Irsay is going crazy thinking about him playing for the Colts.
  12. Houston's current reputation? Watson is leaving for a reason. My guess is he would love to play for QB Reich.
  13. I'm sure Stafford has a say on where he goes. He also has a clause in his contract.
  14. We are even out of conference too. Even if we have to overpay this is the player to do it for. We could win multiple SB's with Stafford.
  15. This is so perfect for us. Ballard has to be one happy GM.
  16. Perfect! I thought this is where they were heading. Now Ballard needs to make it happen and we are Super Bowl contenders again.
  17. According to the Miami Herald's Armando Salguerlo Watson's preferred destination in a trade is the Jets because they hired Saleh as their coach whom he wanted the Texans to hire. Second on his list are the Dolphins. Per Rotoworld reports out of Houston say it's just a matter of time when he is traded. Personally I hope Darnold is not part of the package. He was my 2nd choice if we can't acquire Stafford. It looks like if Ballard has any serious interest in either one of them he better be involved in negotiations right now. An imminent Watson trade could change everything.
  18. Well they worked out Wednesday and now it's Saturday and they signed no one. It appears the ship has sailed for these guys. I was hoping they might give Nkemdiche a contract.
  19. Then why isn't Eichenberg projected to be a 1st rd pick? If he has I missed it. It's a premium position. The best LT's are drafted early. Could it be you have a little bias because he went to ND? I just have not seem him rated that high.
  20. Great analysis I do say. Out of all of the QB's you assigned a NO to the only ones I would be interested in for the Colts would be Tannehill and Darnold. No chance on Tannehill of course. The second team was the charm for him. Darnold YES. I believe he is truly a victim of his circumstances. Bad coaching and a bad team. Even with that albatross he as shown some flashes. That's why I would like him to be our QB if we don't get Stafford. Our team is trying to win a SB now. That was evident with the Rivers and Buckner acquisitions. We drafted our project QB last year with Eason. All r
  21. Yes that sounds right. I think that's a win win for both sides.
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