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  1. I would too because I'm a Colts fan but I still think he is too much of a risk. Reich has to talk to Pederson to see what went wrong because Pederson and his staff obviously lost confidence in him. I would much rather have Rivers come back if it came to that and trade for Darnold to be our backup that is if we couldn't get Stafford.
  2. Only very recently in Webb's case and Holden not much longer. I would start Veldeer over either one of those two. I'm sure he kept himself in shape if he was intending to play this year just like Webb did. Webb wasn't out of shape he just played terrible.
  3. I think the Colts want to go in a different direction and maximize this window when they can. Rivers was great this year no doubt but I think going in another direction is more likely. I have my doubts that Rivers could improve on his performance from this year. I think that's why it was only a one year contract. To give them the out so they could move on if the opportunity presented itself. And I think that opportunity is Stafford. If that fails then there is a chance he could come back but again there will be other opportunities as well.
  4. I voted QB because I think we are going to trade for a QB, most likely Stafford maybe an outside shot at Carr because you never know with Gruden. I'm not worried about tackle now because I think they will move Nelson there. There has been enough signals and experimentation late in the season to see it coming.
  5. I just learned something this morning that I think could be said for Eason. Our paper this morning did a review on the Bills rookie class and what the said about Jake Fromm was interesting. He has been their designated COVID-19 emergency QB all year. I think that's where Eason falls with us. What it means is since the end of training camp he has not taken part in practice with the rest of his teammates. He's in on all socially distanced meetings, but his on-field work is limited to throwing sessions after practice as the Bills have tried to make sure if the virus ever swept through the QB
  6. Yes I would. Frank said he looked good at practice and kidded you can tell he's been around the block. He's an experienced long term starter who retired and now wants to come back. He has seen it all and I wouldn't have a problem starting him and leaving the rest of the line alone. If he struggles you could then move Q over.
  7. I would be more in favor of starting the veteran Veldeer at LT and seeing how he does. Reich said he showed well in practice and that way we don't have to disrupt the line more than necessary.
  8. Thanks! A great read indeed. Even Wilkens thinks Taylor is a bell cow running back who should rarely come off the field. If we make it in he could lead us to the promised land by helping us keep the ball away from the Mahomes and Allens of the league. Hopefully we get in and we get to see him turned lose in the playoffs. Fingers crossed.
  9. True but it could also be the year he goes South. I think there is more potential for him regressing than improving. Fortunately we have Ballard running the show and not Reich. If it was up to Reich he would stand a better chance of returning. Reich loves his players and is very loyal with Vinaterri being case in point. I have memories of Unitas and Title hanging on too long. Not pretty. Many of us are anticipating some other veteran QB's becoming available this off season. Possibly some real good ones too. So I'm hoping we make the playoffs and make a strong run. Who knows maybe win i
  10. Just read an article on BR saying he is highly coveted by the networks to be a color commemtor like Romo. They think he would be perfect and could command a big contract. Romo makes something like 18M annually. Maybe he could still keep his HS coaching job. I think the toe surgery puts him over the edge. Got a feeling he's retiring.
  11. You can say that again. He played for them in the playoffs last year. I'm sure he would have been their first choice.
  12. I'm not expecting Rivers to return next year. AC as well. I think he retires now. But all is not lost. The window is still wide open and Ballard will make the necessary moves to make us contenders again for next year and beyond. He has everything he needs. Cap space and draft picks. He has already traded our 1st pick twice. He loves to trade picks. I think he will continue to do so this year. I think he will trade a pick or picks for Stafford. He will work out a fair deal and our QB problem is solved for a long time. To me Stafford makes the most sense. I think he will address sta
  13. That's perfect. We could get him with our second. I think Ballard is going to trade our 1st again second year in a row.
  14. He looks broken, he's way too injury prone and not worth the risk or the money. I don't think even the QB whisperer Reich would want to risk his career with this guy. Especially after he talks to Pederson. A hard pass on Wentz.
  15. All things considered the choice IMO is Stafford. Only 32 with plenty of SB potential years ahead of him. I think the Lions will go into a rebuild mode as they bring in a new GM and coach. He's been their QB for 12 years now so I think they could possibly even let him have some input on where he would prefer to play. Having Reich as our coach along with our OL and the overall talent on our team I could see him seeing us as a nice fit and being out of conference would work for Detroit. He brings all of the personal and leadership traits that Phillip has. He's smart and tough and picking u
  16. Listening to him I get the feeling that he would have signed for two years instead of one if we wanted to go that way just like Brady and the Bucs. I think the Colts were the ones that did not want to commit to two. Ballard is shrewd. Rivers will be 39 going on 40 next year. Yes he had a good year but now Ballard has the flexibility to pursue another veteran QB that could become available and be more of a longer term solution. Reich is saying all of the right things but I think we are going bring in a new veteran starter next year.
  17. Interesting fact. The Bills drafted Josh Allen at pick 7 right after we picked Q at pick 6 in 2018. I live in WNY so I will pull for the Bills if we don't make it.
  18. I am really surprised they have not signed Veldheer. He is one year older than AC and is a solid LT. Either he is either really out of shape or wants too much money. Probably the latter. With this news I would be tempted to sign him for next year as well.
  19. Brady signed with the Bucs for two years showing his commitment and the teams commitment to winning a SB with him at QB. Rivers only signed for one year. Whose decision was that? Totally Rivers? Totally the Colts? Mutual? Did we want him for two? If we were not ready to commit for two it pretty much signals we are prepared to move on after this year IMO. You work for the team so I truly believe you know the answers. But of course you can always take the fifth. lol Thanks Andrew.
  20. Realistic is the key word in your reply. Neither one are. They just aren't. Rogers is probably the MVP and could win a SB this year. And they are going to trade him? Dak is staying where he is. He's young, has a couple of pro bowls already and Jerry loves him. He's their guy. The sports writers love to talk up the Reich connection with Wentz. The savior for Wentz. It's a lay up article for them. But out of all the choices he's the riskiest. And Ballard and Reich aren't being paid to try and hopefully resurrect a broken QB. They are being paid to try and win a SB now with a very strong
  21. No need to wait on Ballard's presser. Here's what he will say. Eason is everything we thought he was. He has all of the physical tools we saw when he drafted him. It's unfortunate we were unable to see him in real game action. But I will tell you he is working hard every day. He is one of the 1st players here in the morning and one of the last to leave, He has spent numerous hours with Phillp and Jacoby trying to absorb as much knowledge as he can from those two. Look it was a tough season. It's a shame he wasn't able to play. I have no doubt he will continue to work hard in the off se
  22. Easily worth a first. Best case for them the 18th pick. For a starting franchise QB in his prime. Not a high price to pay. The cost will depend on where the pick is in the 1st rd. If Ballard agrees to the price I'm all in.
  23. To me it's a no brainer if Stafford becomes available. He is only 32 with many years ahead of him. He could be the guy for the next six to eight years. We will make the playoffs this year or just miss it. Given those facts even if you like Eason turning the team over to him next year is too risky. Ballard is not a high risk taker and a calculating and prudent GM IMO. Going with Eason or trying to trade up for a rookie with this team is too fraught with risk. This team can win now with the right QB. To me Stafford is low risk high reward just like Rivers. Wentz is high risk. A rookie i
  24. Me too. That's why if we play them we have to control time of possession. If their offense is on the field too much we are in trouble.
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