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  1. Yes that sounds right. I think that's a win win for both sides.
  2. I could see that with the whole trade going down at the start of FA. That was the day we traded back with the Jets. That gives all the teams involved a brand new fixed starting point for the new season.
  3. Possibly but I believe the Lions only have 5 total picks in this years draft. We know they have their 1st but I don't know which two they're missing on picks 2-7. That's why I think they will want a couple of picks from this years draft not just a team's 1st.
  4. Sure he has and I bet this is already in motion. My guess is he will approach Mrs. Ford and she will understand his reasons and will get the trade in motion with her new GM. I think that is their plan anyway. Rebuild. She will help him go where he wants to go. I don't think they will wait for the draft. They will receive our 1st pick at least. They are already at 7 and they won't be getting Lawrence so if they need to use our picks to move up they can. Ballard will not want to wait until the draft to get a QB. That is asking for a disaster IMO.
  5. Yes it can. Right at the start of FA. Just like the two previous trades of our No 1's. Agreed to before. Consummated on the start of FA.
  6. Yes I do. These guys have connections. Bradshaw predicted Rivers retirement as well. This is a great sign for us regarding Stafford.
  7. I think teams realize we are in a bind. That's because we are and everybody knows it. But desperate No. Houston is praying they can keep Watson happy and heaven forbid he decides to force a trade to us. The same for Stafford. He could force a trade as well. Dalton, Winston, JB, are just a few QB's that will be out there if preferred choices fail to materialize. I think we will be the preferred destination for all of the FA QB's and all of the veteran QB's under contract that have a chance of being traded from their current teams and those teams know it. I expect our QB search will move
  8. Ballard traded our 1st pick twice since his arrival. To the Jets and to San Francisco last year. Both trades were made at the start of FA. March 16th and 17th of those years. Not during the draft but well before. Other picks were traded during the draft. It certainly looks like this is done by design with the 1st pick. So given his prior history I would think it's reasonable to expect he will do it again this year with the target being our new QB. So the good news is I think there is a good chance we will know the plan for our future QB by the start of FA this year.
  9. He should come back even if we sign one of those guys.
  10. That's who I was thinking of at first. Or possibly Turay. I could see them wanting a young rotational starter on the DL.
  11. Holmes said the same thing in his presser about sitting down with Campbell. To me this sounds like he is available. He didn't come out and say he's our QB. Now is the time for Stafford to start the ball rolling for a trade to the Colts. And he has leverage.
  12. A 3rd rounder for Stafford. I can't believe you think that. It's going to take a lot more than that. For sure a 1st and then more. They only have five picks this year. They are not going to give him away for a 3rd. Not happening!
  13. Possibly. I don't concern myself with the compensation. Ballard knows how important the position is and he will pay what is necessary if he feels he is the missing piece.
  14. I think that Stafford will ask for a trade especially now that Phillip has retired earlier than expected. Remember he also has a lot of say to where he goes. The Lions just signed a rookie HC to a six year contract. That smells REBUILD all over it. Six years to get your new team in place. I don't know how the Saints can afford Stafford and Jerry loves Dak and wants to show everybody how smart he was in drafting him. Not to mention they are both in the same conference. I think Stafford will now get the ball rolling with his agent to get him traded to the Colts. We have the OL and the te
  15. Thanks Phil. I for one really enjoyed watching you play for us even if it was only for one year. Watching you lead and direct our offense was priceless. Your leadership, talent and experience showed Colt's fans that we have a great team now and all we were missing is a talented veteran QB like yourself to lead us to the SB. Unfortunately it won't be you this year but fortunately you helped show all of us and Ballard that all we need is the right veteran to take your place. Thanks again for trying one last time as a Colt.
  16. I would trade it for Stafford first but if they decide to keep Stafford then yes Lattimore would be a great addition with that pick.
  17. If Lions are really after Fields then a trade of Stafford to Colts is really looking promising.
  18. I think Ballard's plan was to go all in this year and he made it to the playoffs and the team actually outplayed the Bills. Mistakes cost them. That's why he signed a 39 yr old QB for one year and traded for Buckner to fill the 3T hole. If he wanted to continue building last year he could have found a way to get a QB at 13 or even move up to get one. I think he thought he had a chance to win it with the moves he made. If anything this years success reinforces the thought that we can win it with this team. That's why I think he brings Rivers back again or acquires another veteran QB to be
  19. I'm still thinking McDaniels and surprised it took this long for Siranni to get an interview.
  20. I totally agree here. More potential downside than upside. Just look at Brees. I think he set some kind of completion record against us a few years ago. And look at him yesterday. This is the risk we would be taking. I'm just hoping Ballard finds us a new QB. But if he can't and Rivers wants to give it another go so be it. Another year of limbo.
  21. I read where he also has a clause where he doesn't have to report to the team therefore no threat of fines etc. That along with his no trade clause gives him a tremendous amount of leverage on where he goes. I guess he likes Flus which doesn't hurt either. I also just read where teams are starting to call. If he wants to use his leverage it might not that be far fetched if he wants to come here. He could force them actually or he won't play. This could get interesting.
  22. Four 1st rounders looks impressive but Houston doesn't have a 1st or 2nd this year. If I'm Houston I want more picks from this class to help replenish the roster. If I remember correctly Ditka gave up an entire draft class to move up and draft Ricky Williams. If a team wanted to get their attention that kind of offer would do it (all seven picks from this years class). You still might have to give up a player or future pick but who knows. A team like the Colts could afford that for one year. No draft class to pay would free up a little more money. We could fill any holes on the team thro
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