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  1. Derrick Henry is a different style all together. Henry just knocks people over. JT is a more young Frank Gore like runner.
  2. If I’m not mistaken, it also is the most yards of ANY Colts RB going back to like 1956 or something like that, according to the radio guys post game
  3. Had a couple bad plays but looked best at T than anyone else we’ve tried not named Smith, Nelson or Castanzo.
  4. Neither have we. im praying for a swirling blizzard
  5. We already have a Taylor praise thread... hell his name is in the dang title
  6. So can we cut him now? I mean he’s for sure a bust.
  7. Oh well. Odds are we’d have to face them anyway. Gotta beat the best to be the best. I think we can go toe to toe with anyone so here’s to the playoffs!
  8. So they fumbled.... just in a difference sense
  9. Boom baby!! Granted it was the Jags but what a game! And finally, Frank stuck with him all game. With an average over 8 yards per carry
  10. Playoffs baby!! Come on Texans, I want the Ravens!
  11. I think this year will be the most wildcard year we’ve seen as far as what moves Ballard may make. Today I think affects that greatly.
  12. That’s like saying the sun will rise. He’s done that every year. But I think he’ll be compelled to stay out this year. Gut feeling
  13. He really hasn’t drafted many DL, a couple DEs but there’s not been a real high investment of draft capital in the DL outside of Buckner. Rock I think is the high D player drafted and he was in the 2nd. if we don’t go T or QB in round 1, I really hope we take a shot at a corner, one that’s worthy of course.
  14. Yep.... that game made me nervous for weeks going into it. So does this one, I’m hoping for a better result
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