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  1. that is just to get the conversation going. nothing, just saying its a screwball time in history so never know
  2. In normal times, I would say this would never happen. But in the current times of Covid, and other historical events unfolding around us, combined with the fact that Watsons contract has a no trade clause that can only be voided by Watson if he wanted to go to a certain team, I’d say the odds are higher than never , still unlikely but I ain’t ruling anything out. watson, behind this line, with our running backs, would be instant contender. This is the LONE trade for a QB I’d be okay with. 3, number 1s, get it down Ballard
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/chicago-bears-defensive-coordinator-chuck-pagano-retiring good luck Chuck.
  4. Meh I’m not reading into this yet. I think we’ll bring him back
  5. It’s hard to say. That said, he wasn’t drafted to be a career backup. Ballard has or had a starting gig in mind for him at some point. We don’t have enough or any infrastructure to if he’s still on that plan or not. But my guess is we will have a general idea within the next 6 weeks. Ballard let him on the active roster for a reason and it wasn’t just to have 3 QBs
  6. Outside of those with expiring contracts, it’s anyone’s guess. Last I saw the Saints and Eagles don’t even have 50 players under contract for next season and are still way way over the cap. They were way over the cap even before the reduction so this really hurts them.
  7. That was me in another thread. I think there’s a possibility we will see a lot of players in 1 year deals.
  8. no matter which way Ballard goes, he will always know something about it we don't...
  9. It was announced a 33 million cut a couple weeks ago. The only debate was whether they would spread it out over 3 years
  10. If healthy, Bob Sanders, no home field bias here, would be easily top 3, if not the top of all safeties in his era. The game has changed a LOT since Sanders last played and his style now would like draw a lot of flags. His hits were vicious at times, clean, but vicious.
  11. yes, but there's also some ways to get more cap space if we needed it. Though i will say, the loss of that 30 million from the cap due to covid really stings. That said, given the sheer number of teams at or over the cap, the contracts are no way going to be as large as years passed. Maybe for a few exceptional players but most will end up taking less than their respective counterparts did just a year ago. Teams simply don't have the cash. Plus there's a lot of teams that will be having a fire sale just to get to the cap.
  12. im not doubting his arm strength. I'm doubting the play being completed. less than 10% of all Hail Mary's are completed, that includes end of the half and end of game, for end of game, that percent drops to less than 4%. The odds just aren't in our favor. Especially when you throw it to the shortest WR we have.
  13. Yep. Pagano benefited from Luck and Clyde Christen more than the Colts benefited from Pagano.
  14. Maybe, but let’s face it, even with JB, the odds aren’t in our favor on that play. Reich made the call to let his likely retiring QB have one last shot. I’m okay with that, really I am. Mainly because I don’t see or have faith JB makes throw and has it caught. Not with 6 defenders draped all over TY.
  15. I’m not against TY, I like TY. But I think the end is very near for the career of TY. We’d be better off to move on now than have another Reggie Wayne or Andre Johnson year. TY the last two years has resembled exactly what happened to both of those two HoF WRs their last years playing. Sadly, it is time to move on. And it’s smart to do so
  16. this times 1000000000000000^
  17. There's only two ways this can happen, we either trade Reich to Philly or we fire him. We're not firing him and we're not trading him unless Philly were to offer us their entire farm. Philly can't even request to interview him per league rules. They cant even contact him or his agent about it either. it's a lateral move. If it were a promotion to GM, then they could request it.
  18. What about last year or even the year before with Luck, where he’d disappear for games at a time? TY has been in a decline for a couple years now.
  19. Depends. He may not like the pressure or maybe he’s waiting for the perfect opportunity. Panthers are closer than arguably any of the other suitors but we also don’t know the full details of what his powers and limitations would be either
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