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  1. Nope. I don’t care if he wins 10 more rings with the Bucs. I don’t what that trash anywhere near this team.
  2. Wow I hope he can ride off into the sunset like Peyton did, with another ring. I met him once years ago when he was a sophomore at Purdue, all the kids were getting his autograph, I was like 15 I think, didn’t even know who he was. I just shook his hand and participated in the throwing drills he was putting on. I sucked. Man, what those autographs would be worth now a days.
  3. Teams probably aren’t and haven’t been making their choices solely off combine scores so I doubt it really hurts much. the thing that hurts more is the abbreviated college season
  4. Boil over generally means things are bad, blow over means things cooled off and are all forgiven. which do you mean
  5. They are a classy fan base, 100 percent. I was over on their board the Last couple weeks, very polite and welcoming bunch. Didn’t gloat or be jerks when the Bills beat us either. I’m rooting for them all the way. Mostly due to that
  6. I could see the Phins doing it. I could also see the Raiders doing a QB swap and some picks too. like I said, I don’t think it’ll happen. But stranger things have happened before too. So who knows
  7. All I know is, our D was pretty dang good this year but we left a lot on the table. flus is a good coach but I feel like he’s a bit overrated. We blitzed the least in the league, Bills just showed what happens when you blitz an opponent to death, especially with a young QB. So regardless of where he goes or stays, I hope we blitz more next year
  8. No. Look, Brady, Rodgers, Brees are all great in their own respects and their accomplishments confirm that. however, what Peyton Manning did and how he played changed the game. He beat teams not with sheer physical talents but mental as well. No one has had a bigger impact on the QB position that Peyton. Because of that, combined with the other things, Peyton is the GOAT. Similar to how Jeff Gordon changed NASCAR. Gordon’s impact and the resulting growth of NASCAR from the backwoods to 5th Avenue, is why Gordon is the greatest of all time there. Even though
  9. That last part is exactly true. And stinks heavily of the old “equal but separated” days.
  10. i think its crap. It promotes an atmosphere of elevating the promotion of someone based entirely on the color of their skin. As a black man, I feel this is a step BACKWARDS from what we ultimately want. We can't preach and in some cases beg for equality and NOT to be pre-judged based on the color of our skin and then do something like this where a team is rewarded if a man(or woman) of color gets promoted. This is why I've been against the Rooney rule forever and against those pre-employment questions where they ask you for your race/color/gender etc during the hiring process. People shoul
  11. We have the 2nd most capspace in the league with almost a dozen teams at or over the cap. This after suffering a 30 million dollar cap hit due to Covid that no one for saw coming just a year ago. id say we’ve done pretty well. Especially given that we carried Lucks salary thru 2019 of 25 million.
  12. Would you call Reggie Wayne an X receiver? Reggie looked putrid for 2, almost 3 seasons before he finally exploded. I say give Pitman time, because it’s too early to judge one way or the other. He could just be another guy, or he could explode into a force. Plus with the way Rivers plays, spreading it out and such, we may not truly know what we have in any of our WRs until Rivers is gone. Not saying rivers is bad or anything, he just spreads it around, ALOT
  13. Same reason crap shows like Murray and Springer were around so long
  14. With urban, part of me wonders if theyll do the most Jags thing ever, select Fields over Trevor
  15. Um by the draft, they will know whether or not Rivers is a colt so that doesn’t hold much water.
  16. Yep! Thanks. I was having a major brain fart
  17. Im drawing a blank to the guy's name, but the dude that was retired, that we signed, thats now playing for the Packers
  18. Sad part is, even the stats from 18, 19 and 20 aren't going to be able to tell us the full picture im afraid. 3 years, 3 different QBs. Each with a different play style. That's why I say I kind of want another year with Rivers, we just haven't seen the same QB under the same HC those years. and a side question, how many teams/coaches have had 3 different starting QBs in their first 3 years as HC? and actually have a .500 record?
  19. my question is, who's calling the plays? Is it Frank giving crap plays from the sidelines, or is it Rivers checking into those plays? or someone else? I don't see Frank going stupid from 2018 to now in the RZ. Unless he's really bought into that analytic percentages game i mentioned above since then, the only thing that's changed is the QB. Even with JB last year, we seemed to be better in the RZ than this year.
  20. in my opinion, we tried to get cute inside the RZ instead of going with what works. We relied too heavily on analytic percentages instead of simplicity. We barely used any of our TEs or even bigger WRs. When we did, they seemed to be draped all over by the D and/or the passes were off/dropped.
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