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  1. Honest question here, why is it always one extreme or the other with you? It’s like anything that might be negative means end of the world for you anymore?
  2. Yeah... somethings like that, you don’t it jinx’s us.
  3. Who cares, there’s very little they’re gonna learn from him that they couldn’t by watching film
  4. part of me is holding out hope that they've been saving that for the post season and they'll go blitz happy but.... I'm not banking on it
  5. i hadnt either until they were talking about it on the radio this morning. Not been able to confirm that either
  6. Mod Edit: To ensure there's no more Eason questions, I'll keep this non-question post up. "Walker: To be honest, I don't know what else you're expecting to hear about Jacob Eason at this point. As the No. 3 quarterback who is yet to be active for a game, let alone play in one, there's not much else to say other than he's doing a good job grasping the system and learning from those around him. He's had limited practice reps, too, so while coaches say the physical tools are clearly there, there's not much to go off of at this moment — especially for me or anybody else in the media
  7. they were talking this morning, i guess one of the sideline reporters caught them working on River's shoe during that series. They think it was just an equipment issue with River's shoes and the padding he's using for his foot injury.
  8. i think its more them trying to justify the whole keeping JB thing and his salary. Plus it does sometimes work as Rivers can't sneak it.
  9. yes please... because i think he'll flame out much as Saban did.
  10. B. Mainly for the 30 minute thing you’ve alluded told.
  11. With all the teams approaching the Colts for interviews of their front office and assistant coaches, do you feel this creates any type of distraction for the team during this time?
  12. i have mixed feelings about this. I hope he stays. honestly, I don't think teams should be allowed to even put requests in on playoffs teams until after the Superbowl. Period, too distracting
  13. According to the calculator on Overthecap dot com, if they cut him, they’ll have 59 million in dead cap, if they trade him, they would have 34 million in dead cap, so they would save about 20 million over just cutting him. If they waited and traded him after June 1, they would have a dead cap of 9.x million, saving them roughly 50 million in dead cap hit. cutting /designating him post June 1 results in nearly the same hit as a simple trade. Keeping him will cost them 35 million. odds are he’s being traded, but I’m not sure how a June 1 trade works out. If that’s a designati
  14. Well, it’s official, Taylor’s 253 is the most by any RB in Colts history, 2nd place is Edge at 219 yards. Impressive
  15. The young Gore did. Maybe not as fast but Combined with his vision, he was deadly.
  16. Here’s the sad part, the first 10- 12 games of the season, we were saying he needed to call and coach better in the first half of games... now it’s swung the other direction. Especially the last 5 games
  17. I wouldn’t mind Mack to play the Dominic Rhoades role. I get a feeling we’re going to see more Hines next week. A lot more Hines.
  18. More like 2/3rd but yeah, he definitely is a stud.
  19. all over the web, people are saying the Bills will crush the Colts, maybe they will, maybe they won’t. All I know is, I’m showing that stuff to the team every day, every hour, until game day. Let’s go in there and play some smash mouth ball.
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